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Hello dear doctor! Thank you for your response popovodu application wintering factor in running xp. Chlamydial infection (c m rider, pyelonephritis, respiratory chlamydia as pneumonia and bronchitis, etc.). You said that it is desirable to use ‘therefore something hot’. Doctor, please most, I live on the periphery, in the village, tell me, what drugs are more effective than wintering factor? Klatsid? The fact that our doctors and they may know about. I of course agree with them these drugs. So tired of the sores… There are no other forces.

Help me please! Thank you very much in advance!

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nanoxia project s

Hello! My twins 5 months. Sick for three weeks (runny nose, cough, the temperature was up to 39), giving amoxicillin and symptomatic treatment. After cessation of treatment after 4 days the temperature has risen again to 38, first one, then the other. Doctor appointed macrofoams, drink 4 days from 27. 02. 09. Cough rare in the lungs – breathing harsh, no wheezing. The temperature is kept at the son – 37, 3, and daughter again today has risen to 38, 2. I fear complications such as pneumonia, can this have something hidden within. Doctor in the lungs can not hear nothing serious. Maybe we are not talking and macrofoams? In history we anemia (hemoglobin 110), are treated by a neurologist (perinatal encephalopathy).Nanoxia project s

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How do I explain to my husband that meyan pneumonia, and so on. Not from lack of movement?

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With some type of pneumonia can be lain two months in the hospital?

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Chlamydia and mycoplasma pneumonia. Question to the experts!

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Please! The lord went to the wise !!! Ever !!!

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How to cure pneumonia reb. 9 months ?. Drunk 3 kinds of antibiotics and nationalities. Means

Alebastra1 answered:

Ventricular septal defect is one of the most common congenital heart defects. With this vice in the septum between the left and right ventricle has a hole yacherez which blood from the left ventricle to the right is cleared.Nanoxia project s the amount of discharged blood depends on the size and location of the defect. Over time, the overload of the right ventricle (excess amount) can lead to complications such as increased pressure in the pulmonary artery (pulmonary hypertension), right ventricular heart failure. Therefore, surgery of this vice definitely shown. The only thing to consider also the possibility of self-closing the defect (small defects, often in the muscular septum). Therefore, with a slight discharge of blood possible for quite a long conservative management of the patient. Terms of operation and therefore the individual decision on the need for surgery takes heart surgeon. At the moment, there are non-invasive methods for closure of VSD occluder using, as far as I know in bakulev this operation is carried out only for a fee.Nanoxia project s and the condition of the baby monitor is definitely needed. Should pay attention to how the child develops physically (if the lag in physical development or not) pskhihomotrnoe development (often too can otstatvat) as a child eats (often interrupted, small portions, tired quickly or not), it is also desirable to control the heart rate and respiratory rate (at rest, whether there are age exceeding standards or not) – probably on your part is, perhaps, everything. And of course, the child should observe a cardiologist.

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A friend of mine three years ago otmalila husband and he was still alive, and the car rolled over three times falling under otko. Firstly, after the return of her husband, and while there was not a scratch on my friend, his wife felt death….Nanoxia project s she peresala mllitsya-she did not have the strength, and secondly, he did not come alone… All in the family began to see a woman, black, not russian.. Especially her daughter saw them.. And mt (my znaomaya) began to see the future, everything that she said came to pass… Third since her husband always gets in mortal danger: all the cars that were he porazbival… Grained or no reason at all on the way to china almost died because of rapid pneumonia, if not china, they are very quick to react rapidly and treated, he would have died, and not so long ago they were playing in the snow and he broke a rib… Not successfully dropped, my friend is afraid to touch him, as to the crystal delicate flower ala treat….Nanoxia project s now they have moved and now seems to be a woman next to them is not.. But the danger remains of her husband… As much as possible and how we can help? Sincerely, thank you in advance !!! Oh, forgot to say. A woman with whom he returned rposle turning-not a physical entity, but something like a cast or (I saw death, real death is not so, it is of course speculation, but can this self-inflicted death? Or an apparently?) posted 2 months ago with her husband general interesting happened. Before the road they went to church (she insisted), where his father blessed on the road, he (the husband) does not like it she made, he is not obedient !!! Then barely landed before the departure he resisted, she forced him to sit down and read a prayer for good luck on the road and on zschitu and spirit of the lord to him remained…Nanoxia project s and that’s what happened…. Most inteesnoe that she toko-onvyehal prayed incessantly, kk if something uvstvovala, and then suddenly things first floor fire !!! And she looked up from molitvyi caused fire and he was calling and it was at that moment, he turned over… Added 2 months ago without his wife freezes and it is bad.. Vzmozhno this essence zabirla his strength…. And when he and his wife were bad it was.. She lost (a) force with him… This entity can not bt blagsloveniem… This rnayazhenschina with a sharp nose and shook a black node volosmi, she is dressed in black, and when she stood beside the bed, his wife terribly nyo place the so-called third eye (gaymotrita it is not) they preehal and this woman is not idyat more.Nanoxia project s one more thing.. They called in a priest he consecrated tukvartiu apartment and crosses ktorov batyuschki draw with two kresot steket some liquid, and the third one only kakbud0to burnt cross normal… Added 2 months ago roman vasilyev you please-do not write, you do not like me !!