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Sabíem que necessitàveu l’última festa abans dels parcials. Però també enteníem que volíeu marxar a casa pel pont i que assistir a la festa us ho impediria. Ai la ressaca… És per això que aquest dimecres 30 d’octubre (sí, heu escoltat bé, dimecres universitari) us portem una de les festes més importants de medicina, la castanyada! Aquest any, de la forma més aterradora possible!

Disfressat amb nosaltres per halloween i busca al mateix temps la teva castanya. Us emparellarem, com es tradició, per números a l’atzar i el vostre objectiu aquella nit serà trobar la vostra parella.

Has desitjat alguna vegada lligar amb una zombi (sexy, per suposat)?Brain anoxia sempre has volgut que el comte dràcula et tregui la sang (i el que no és la sang)? O bé eres menys internacional i l’únic que vols es pegar-te la castanya de l’any?

La resposta és castanyada-halloween a la fàbrica. Te la perdràs?

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Nursing informatics can increase accurate communication, help create an environment of greater efficiency, and help reduce errors resulting in improved patient safety. In many ways, the backbone for these improvements is the electronic health record (EHR).

This program is the second in a three-part series that provides an overview of the essential elements of nursing informatics, and describes how EHR works with informatics to improve patient care.Brain anoxia

After viewing the program, the learner will be able to:

– list and explain the positive impacts of informatics in healthcare for the patient, facility, and personnel

– describe different examples of quality initiatives to better improve the function of the healthcare system

– discuss how technology has advanced the field of healthcare to make it more efficient

– explain how to use different forms of technology for better quality service in healthcare

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Duration: 19:30 minutes

brain anoxia

Year: 2017

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Caring for a child with cerebral palsy

It isn’t easy raising and caring for a child with cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t mean you are helpless. You can be your child’s best advocate in the months and years to come, ensuring that he or she gets the care that’s needed. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to help your child. This is particularly important in the case of cerebral palsy, which is a complex condition with a broad range of possible symptoms and complications. The good news is that there are now many options for children with cerebral palsy and their parents/caregivers in terms of medical and surgical treatments, practical help and social care support, as well as a wealth of information resources.Brain anoxia

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term for a group of neurological disorders that appear early in life. They permanently affect the individual’s ability to coordinate movement. Abnormalities in the brain cause cerebral palsy, although often, no specific cause can be found. Cerebral palsy is usually not progressive; that is, it does not tend to get worse with age.

Recent studies have found that most children with cerebral palsy are born with it, although doctors may not diagnose the condition until a child is a few years old.

These are other possible causes of cerebral palsy:

Genetic or metabolic abnormalities

Fetal injury

Maternal infection, such as rubella, during pregnancy

Birth complications

brain anoxia

Head injury within the first few months of life

Brain infections, such as bacterial meningitis or encephalitis

Although there has been considerable research into the condition, there is still much that is not known about cerebral palsy and its origins.

Signs of cerebral palsy

The signs of cerebral palsy usually develop before a child turns age 3. The parent of a child with cerebral palsy is usually the first to notice these signs, and to realize that the child is not developing normally. The signs of cerebral palsy vary widely and can range from mild to severe. Some people with the condition are intellectually impaired, but many have no mental deficits at all.

Early signs of cerebral palsy include:

brain anoxia

Developmental delay: an infant with cerebral palsy may not learn to sit or walk or reach other developmental milestones at the appropriate age.

Abnormal muscle tone: theinfant’s body typically seems very stiff, though it may appear overly relaxed and floppy.

Unusual posture or body position

Treatment for children with cerebral palsy

There is no cure for cerebral palsy, but early intervention can measurably improve your child’s ability to manage the condition.



MDhil med provides health series and interviews with top notch doctors and health experts to break down taboos and health myths. Topics we cover include bone health, cardiac care, lifestyle disease, dermatology, psychiatry, and more.Brain anoxia

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Test your own CT scan : https://profound.Zebra-med.Com/#/home#process

About zebra medical vision:

From research to reality and commercialization, zebra medical vision uses big data to deliver large scale clinical research platforms and next generation imaging analytics services to the healthcare industry. Its imaging analytics allow healthcare institutions to identify patients at risk of disease, and offer improved, preventative treatment pathways to improve patient care. The zebra research platform provides researchers the largest structured clinical data set globally, and makes it available for research, including a complete development, hosting, storage and computing environment, and follow-on regulatory and commercialization services.Brain anoxia headquartered in kibbutz shefayim israel, the company was founded in 2014 by co-founders eyal toledano, eyal gura, and elad benjamin and funded by ourcrowd, marc benioff, khosla ventures, and the intermountain healthcare innovation fund. For more information visit www.Zebra-med.Com.

Current algorithms on the profound platform – https://profound.Zebra-med.Com/#/home#process

Osteoporosis: low bone density that is often found in men and women above the age of 55, and is accompanied by higher susceptibility to hip or other bone fractures

Compression fractures: fractures in the vertebral arteries that indicate osteoporosis has already set in and should be examined more closely.

Fatty liver: A condition often associated with pre-diabetics, and a warning signal for some who may develop advanced liver disease.Brain anoxia

Coronary calcium: presence of calcium deposits in the coronary arteries are a strong predictor of cardiovascular events such as a heart attack or stroke.

Emphysema: the presence of trapped air in the lungs indicates more, by simply uploading their latest scans to the platform. The company will continue to add clinical capabilities on a regular basis with the goal of providing a comprehensive health analysis based on imaging data.

Aortic aneurysms: A bulge in the main blood vessel carrying blood from our heart to the rest of our body. If the aorta bursts, serious bleeding occurs, which can quickly lead to death.

Additional algorithms, such as analysis of mammograms, will be added in the near future

brain anoxia

L’operazione “terra mia” ha portato in carcere cinque persone con l’accusa di associazione a delinquere finalizzata al traffico di droga ed estorsioni. Coordinate dall’antimafia e condotte dalla squadra mobile di taranto, le indagini si sono concentrate su di un periodo di otto mesi, a cavallo tra il 2012 e il 2013. In manette sono finiti francesco vitale, antonio lacava, michele lillo, michele masella e roberto merico. Gli indagati, invece, sono 20. Tra di loro anche un ex carabiniere.

Grosse partite di hashish, cocaina e marjiuana venivano nascoste nelle campagne del versante orientale della provincia dove erano situate le basi logistiche dell’associazione. Da lì poi la droga veniva distribuita dai pusher nei vari paesi.Brain anoxia

Al centro degli affari, però, non solo spaccio di stupefacenti. Come ha spiegato in conferenza stampa il procuratore distrettuale antimafia cataldo motta, un ruolo fondamentale era svolto dalle estorsioni, quotidiane e mirate.

I malviventi rubavano il veicolo e lo custodivano fino a quando il malcapitato possessore non versava una somma di denaro e l’auto gli veniva così restituita. In caso contrario davano alle fiamme la vettura o ne rivendevano i vari pezzi.

Życie w mieście nie zawsze wpływa na utrzymywanie wszystkich partii mięśni i kręgosłupa we właściwej kondycji. Sporty zimowe – narciarstwo, czy snowboard powinny zastać nas przygotowanych do ekstremalnych wyczynów. Nawet doskonałe umiejętności narciarskie nie zmienią faktu, że mięśnie, stawy i więzadła należy odpowiednio przygotować się do jazdy po stoku.Brain anoxia jak przygotować nasze organizmy do spotkania z narciarstwem dowiesz się z kolejnego filmu medplaneta TV. Chcąc uchronić się przed kontuzjami w czasie uprawiania sportów zimowych na stoku, należy pamiętać o odpowiednim przygotowaniu organizmu, ćwiczeniach rozciągających i przygotowujących nasze ciało do zupełnie innych, niż zwykle obciążeń, odpowiednim ubiorze i sprzęcie, czyli adekwatnym do naszego wzrostu i umiejętności. Warto pamiętać, że narciarstwo służy do pracy z pacjentami dotkniętymi takimi chorobami, jak autyzm, porażenie mózgowe, zespół downa, jak też uszkodzeniami rdzenia kręgowego oraz upośledzeniami wzroku i słuchu .

Nagranie wykonane w centrum rehabilitacji, bemowo warszawa, ul.Brain anoxia powstańców śląskich 103 lok. 8; http://www.Rehabilitacja-bemowo.Pl

Serwis medyczny medplaneta.Pl: http://www.Medplaneta.Pl.

نسينا الاية الكريمه

﴿ فِي بُيُوتٍ أَذِنَ اللَّهُ أَنْ تُرْفَعَ وَيُذْكَرَ فِيهَا اسْمُهُ يُسَبِّحُ لَهُ فِيهَا بِالْغُدُوِّ وَالْآَصَالِ﴾ (سورة النور: الآية 35)

والاية الكريمه الاخرى

{وأن المساجد لله فلا تدعوا مع الله أحداً}

لكنا خالفنا شرع الله ونسبنا المساجد بتيارات مختلفه وهذا فيه من الشقاق والانقسام الشي الكبير والعظيم اذ انه اذا تم تفرقتنا من جانبنا الديني والعقائدي سهل تفرقتنا من الجانب السياسي والاجتماعي وبهذا سوف نكون امة تيارات ولسنا امة توحيد او امة واحده .

كثرة المساجد والتباهي ببناها لا اريد حكم متسرع او متهور عن ماسوف اقول اقراءو وتمعنو بالاول وبعدها لكم الحكم قد اكون مخطئ وهذا شي وارد بالتاكيد ولكني استغربت من اني كنت اعيش في عين مران ولاية الشلف وفي قطر لا يتجاوز اثنان كلم مربع توجد هناك اربعه او خمسة مساجد او اكثر لاتسعفني الذاكره الان ولكني ارى ان لاداعي لكل مثل هذه المساجد وكثرتها وان الفقراء هم احوج بالمال الذي صرف على كثرة المساجد فقد كان يكفي مسجد او مسجدين او ثلاثه بالكثير لمنطقه صغيره اخوتي ان الله يسره ان تطعم جائعاً او تكسي عارياً من ان تبني مسجداً وهذا رايي المتواظع لعلمنا برحمة الله ان من الاجدر ان كانت المنطقه لاتحتاج للمسجد ان بالمال الذي تم صرفه ان تكفل مشروع لااسر نال منهم الفقر وتربع عليهم وفي الاخير فكرو قبل تحكمو وفي الاخير كم عدد هولا الذي تم لهم بناء اكثر من اربعة مساجد كبيره ؟

brain anoxia

مع العلم ان عدد اصحاب الرسول كانو كما قال الحافظ أبو زرعة الرازي (شيخ الإمام مسلم) بأن عدد الصحابة (114000) مائة وأربعة عشر ألفاً . رواه عنه الخطيب البغدادي في الجامع (2/293) .

السوال كم كان عدد المساجد حينها ؟