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Seeing that tiny devil walking towards me, my body screams at me to run away. It’s not like the pressure she has been giving off has changed at all, but it is clear as day that her smiling is a red flag. I fight my legs to stay where I am as she grows closer and closer.

How did she instantly grasp my power? Most of the reason why this fight has had me so on edge is that I can only guess at how powerful this little girl really is. hypoxic ischemic brain injury treatment My only clue has been that everybody that’s seen her fight in the past is confident I will lose. Yet, she seems confident that she knows exactly how strong I am at only a glance. Even if she is using magic or some kind of skill what could she be measuring? Neither my stats nor my level has risen since the last time we met, they have probably gone down since then actually.

“What is that?! To think Mano was a master of the sword enough to even impress the Yuusha! Although we have seen her bring a sword to the last match we never got to see her in action! To think such a swordsman will be going up against the ‘Monster Slayer’!” The announcer reacts with surprise

great, now everybody is going to be paying attention to my horrible sword skills. Wait… maybe once the Yuusha sees that I’m just an amateur with a sword he will finally leave me alone. I wonder if it will be worth it though? I can already here Shishou’s mocking remarks after I embarrass myself out here.

While I have already set the preparation for my strategy, I’ve got to get a read on how she moves before I can spring it. How exactly is it that she attacks though? I’ve heard rumors of her wielding tremendous weapons, but she is currently unarmed. She was also unarmed when she lobbed off that massive orcs head, however, so I can’t let my guard down.

So apparently that can happen. When I told Kera about it she seemed just as flabbergasted as I was. It seems a contracted monster resisting a summoning attempt is completely unheard of. That only made me even more sure that the Wisp must have evolved on its own somehow. Even if I can’t handle the power inside of it yet, I have to absorb it back into me before it becomes a serious threat. Something with half my total power that refuses to obey me could become something truly fearsome, even for me.

Unfortunately, that will all have to wait, however. The subjugation force will move out in three days time to intercept the undead horde, whilst they wait for backup from nearby towns and cities to gather together. Undead are a weak and terribly unintelligent monster, but their strength lies in their number. In a group as large as this the threat is considered top class it seems. Though I have my suspicions that the delay’s true reason is to avoid interfering with the tournament. After all, most of the adventurers around are already in the city for the festivities.

With the daylight quickly fading, I spent what little time I had after registering for the quest training with the new ability I received from the headmaster. With the worry about the wisp still fresh and weighing heavily on my mind, I managed to do little but confirm that the ability worked before turning in for the night.

At this point, I’m just stalling. My confidence in my old strategy has been slowly falling since last night. anxiety attack test I’m untrained in magic, and completely new to this new ability. A lifetime of training isn’t going to fail just because I throw what amounts to a mere gimmick at her.

I don’t even care about winning, it’s just that the idea of losing here scares me. I’m not even facing the Yuusha yet. The monster I’m about to go out there and face is nothing but a small human child. Despite that, I can’t help but think it would take a miracle for me to go out there and win today.

Up to now, I had been thinking that my only real threat was the Yuusha, but slowly I’m coming to realize that there are those that could kill me any time they wanted to. With my enemies numbering so many, do I really have any chance of surviving all of this?

“You are strong. Stronger than any warrior I’ve ever trained, stronger than anybody I’ve ever known, and as much as I hate to admit it you are stronger than me. How could someone so much stronger than me give up on a fight before it’s even started?! How could you be content to believe you would lose before you are anything short of a bloody mess that has put forth everything you have to win?! Have I not managed to beat even a little sense into you yet?!” He says with a tone that starts softly, and ends with him all but screaming at me

“Who cares what I think?! You will always have people telling you that you can’t do something! I think your some sniveling brat who doesn’t deserve the power she’s been given. I think you’re going to waste it! It’s your job to prove me wrong! At the very least your not allowed to give up until you’re the strongest there is!” Shishou snaps back furiously

“During the entrance exam, one of the students magic went wild. She was only supposed to produce a small fireball but instead, she produced a military grade fire spell that almost wiped out the academy. Much of our student body is made up of the children of nobles, so some have taken to calling the incident a purposeful attack against the nobles.” The young instructor explains with a pained look

“We denied the student entry to the academy, but it seems the nobles wanted more of a punishment than that. Until a little while ago there was a huge rush among the nobles to track down the young girl, but it seems she ended up joining the Yuusha’s party before anybody found her. Now she is basically untouchable.” The boy continues

Is that loli-baba really that strong? I mean I know she had me on the ropes, but I’m still far from the strongest thing out there. Heck, I don’t even know if I’m the strongest thing fighting in this tournament. If someone like Afeuro attacked the academy would the dean really be able to beat her?

“Like I said before, they think that our punishment was far too light. They claim that less harsh punishment is a direct insult to the honor of the nobles. The more influential families have started boycotting the academy and forced even the more reasonable nobles to withdraw their children.” He explains as he clenches his hand in frustration

On Kera’s instructions, I rush to the adventurers guild, where a large group of what seem to be armed adventurers have assembled out front. I suppose it would be more accurate to say that there are so many of them, that they are pouring out onto the streets.

The flyer describes a large army of undead that has started moving as a group towards the capital. It seems the reason why this is such a big request is due to how quickly the undead gathered, and the fact that they seem to be moving with a purpose. anxiety meaning in hindi symptoms Undead are a rare occurrence, and they lack most forms of basic sentience. The signs point to something raising them and controlling them.

The young man leads me through the halls of the academy, which are somewhat barren. Although there are the occasional students and teacher that pass by, most of the classrooms are not in use. Nobody that is here seems to be focusing on magic or their studies either, they are simply talking to their friends. Did I arrive on an off day or something?

I don’t like that he dragged me to meet this person, and then told me to follow strict rules while doing so, but this might be my best chance of getting the skill I need to beat Afeuro. If I have to swallow my pride a bit, then that is just what I will do.

I almost don’t believe my eyes in regards to the source of the voice, however, as the only other person in this room is a dark-skinned young girl. If I didn’t know any better I would say she was no older than 8. She does not have the demeanor of a young child, however.

Is that faster than usual chant do to the “speed casting” skill he seemed to have? It cut down on the casting time by nearly half I would say… a chant that short would be a pretty significant advantage. I might start looking around for that skill if the one I am looking for isn’t here.

Much to my surprise, I can hardly see the barrier this time around, though the sudden quiet all around me assures me it is just as thick as it was before. Why did adding in more mana make the barrier more clear? I wonder how tough it is? If it doesn’t hinder my vision to use it at full strength then perhaps I can use this in my fight with Afuero.

Mid-thought a stream of fire engulfs the entirety of the barrier. nanoxia project s black The silence left by it before has been replaced by the loud sounds of the roaring flames, a sound only comparable to a jet engine. The world around me has become pure fire, and although the barrier seems to be holding up, the heat inside of it is rising rapidly. The heat quickly becomes so much that I can’t stay on my feet anymore, and I slump over as the hot air fills my lungs, making it harder to breathe.

There is no ventilation in the barrier it seems, and at this moment I am both grateful and cursing that fact as I would have certainly been scorched if there were any gaps at all in it, but having none also means I have to drop my barrier in the face of this monster.

“You really are interesting. Not only do you actually have better mana refinement than myself, but you also managed to survive being cooked alive in your overly perfect barrier…” The girl says as she looks down at my gasping for air with a curious look on her face

It is at this point that I notice that the room seems to be undamaged by the jet of flames she just produced. Neither the ground nor the walls around me have the faintest hint of scorch marks, and even the papers on her desk seem undisturbed.

“Fantastic. We have been needing someone like you. If you want we can hire you on as an instructor with a limited contract. If you want to enroll as a student, however, I am willing to wave the first year’s fee’s so long as you help in some ‘extra curricular activities’ for the sake of the school.” The girl begins to explain as she becomes far more serious and organizes some papers on the desk

In case my request is denied, I sneakily activate status while I ask. As far as I know, it shouldn’t be easily distinguished. Several menus pop up, including gained skills, but I quickly close them to not seem too distracted. I will need to check if I got the correct skill later.

Although I activated it in case my request was denied, I didn’t think it would be denied with such anger? The status skill is rather useless outside of learning the general strength of monsters for most, isn’t it? Is there any reason for her to get so angry?

Well… that’s a new one. I suppose it’s because Royal Mana is a higher tier version of that skill. Still, this boy is quite a bit stronger than his pears. Perhaps a different set of robes indicates different capabilities. Unfortunately this one no good too, he doesn’t have the skill I’m looking for either.

“Welcome to Teslgar’s official royal academy. I am Henry Orwell. I am an instructor here. Typically we don’t accept applications outside of a few specific periods throughout the year, but after an incident recently quite a few students withdrew so we are somewhat desperately looking for new students.” The young man explains with a jovial attitude after he leads me to the center of the courtyard

I forgot how dangerous it could be to let people know too much about how magic works for me. My body runs on auto-pilot when I select a skill from the list. hypoxic brain damage prognosis I don’t have to do half as many things as those around me do when it comes to casting.

I’m only here to try to mooch a few mage skills. Though, since spell construction uses the magical language it might be in my best interest to study here after the tournament is done. For now, however, my strategy for tomorrow relies on me finding this skill. I can’t afford to have someone else set the tempo.