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"Being anxious and being nervous are a perfectly normal response beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf to an unusual situation. Some people show anxiety more than others. Some people look completely fine and some are shaking and beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf sweating. You just have to know your own kids," said dr. Timothy owens, a kent state sociology professor with an expertise in children beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf and youth transitions and mental health and co-editor of "society and mental health," a journal of the american sociology association.

Kristen pavelko, a licensed professional clinical counselor, explained that back-to-school nervousness and jitters cross the border into anxiety when beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf it begins to impede their daily function. Young children with back-to-school anxiety will start to have more meltdowns while older beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf children will complain about headaches, stomach aches and feeling nauseous.

"For parents, it’s understanding that it could be anxiety and not an beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf actual illness and making sure that we’re having those conversations with our kids and checking in. You see a huge spike when it’s a transition year, when they’re switching buildings. Even though it may not look like kids are anxious, still check in with them because they can respond with beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf a freeze — they become numb, they don’t want to talk and they can withdraw. Sometimes people think that’s depression, but it can be anxiety presenting as well," said pavelko, a school-based therapist with children’s advantage and aurora city schools.

According to the mental health and recovery board of portage beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf county, there are a number of ways parents can help alleviate beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf back-to-school stress and anxiety before the first day of class, including practicing and discussing the first day of school routine, organizing school supplies, planning lunches, attending open houses, and if it’s a new school, trying to meet a few children before the first day.

Streetsboro school counselors shimaa shendy, grades 3-5, and stephanie tutkovics, grades K-2, also recommended getting students’ eating schedules aligned with the school schedule before school starts beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf so that they’re not distracted by hunger in the morning. If a student is nervous about what to wear for beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf the first day of school, tutkovics recommended doing a mini fashion show before school begins. Pavelko — who has also worked in the crestwood, james A. Garfield, field and waterloo districts — said that many schools will also allow children who have beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf identified busing as a trigger to come to the bus beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf garage to see a bus or meet their bus driver.

"Do anything they want for 15 minutes, whether they want to sit, play games, watch TV or get fries from mcdonalds. Stay positive and let them say what they want to beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf do. You’re training them to be autonomous," he said, adding that being autonomous does not mean that they’re free to do whatever they want, but rather that they are trusted to make basic, age-appropriate decisions by themselves.

"They feel like they have the floor […] and you’re wanting to shrink [the time frame] over time. Sometimes, they’ll draw pictures or jot things down throughout the day beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf and by worry time, they realize it’s not even bothering them anymore, and then they start to develop autonomy on how they’re handling and coping with anxiety," pavelko said.

"Normal first-day jitters happen, but when you’re looking at it going on for the first month beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf of school, we have to figure something out. By then, a routine should be established, they should have met any specials teachers they’re switching to, and they should be more comfortable by then. If that’s still not happening, that’s when I would suggest more," pavelko said.