Lost In Translation Think 4 Yourself nanoxia deep silence 3 test

I have come to the conclusion that humanity’s biggest enemy isn’t some evil what is anoxic encephalopathy mean dictator or malevolent spirit. It’s our own ignorance. People have a maddening tendency to embrace their lack of basic knowledge on a given subject as if it were a badge of honor. They hide behind their erroneous presuppositions and then scoff at any bit of knowledge that disagrees with their misguided beliefs.

Nowhere is this more evident than with religious conservatives and science. It’s as if attaining new knowledge is somehow an immoral act if that knowledge happens to challenge their entrenched dogma. And that’s a shame anoxie cérébrale, because it renders any kind of true scientific learning process nearly impossible for christians.

They regard their ignorance as a strength, and they scoff at the constant progress being made by the hypoxic anoxic brain injury anthony sciences.

The most glaring example of this deficiency is the constant denial of evolution by christian fundamentalists. They blindly claim that there is no evidence for it even though it’s been observed, tested and documented nearly to the same degree as our orbit around the sun. Their ignorance on the topic becomes even more obvious when they chant their favorite slogan, “it’s just a theory,” while they smile at you condescendingly as if you, not they, are anoxia adalah a mindless rube. So for the benefit of those fundies who apparently have no clue what “ theory” means as it applies to science, here is a brief explanation:

Start with a fact that you don’t fully understand. Isaac newton sought to understand do anxiety attacks cause chest pain gravity. He knew it existed because of the obvious evidence. But how did it work? What caused it? Why did it always pull downward? Newton developed several hypotheses, and these led eventually to his theory of gravity. Gravity itself is a fact, not a theory. Gravitational theory is the body of work and evidence to understand and explain such a fact nanoxia deep silence 4 claw.

Theories can change over time as new knowledge is acquired. But facts do not change. Einstein didn’t change gravity with his theory of relativity. Nor has evolution changed as science builds upon darwin’s work. Facts are facts. Our understanding of them grows and changes, but not the facts themselves. We can be wrong about a fact, and adjust our definition of said fact to reflect it’s true nature. But once anxiety attack meaning in arabic again the fact did not change. Our understanding of it changed.

Quite often christian fundamentalists also misunderstand exactly what evolutionary theory explains. It does not explain how life began. It explains what happened after life began. The origins of life are dealt with via “abiogenesis.” as of this writing there is no established theory on the specifics hypoxic brain injury treatment in india of how life started though massive research efforts are underway. Abiogenesis is the concept of how nonliving matter gradually became living, self-replicating cells. Understanding will come in time.

There is no reason for these – mostly republican – legislators to push this except to influence young minds with religious dogma. It’s a greasy cerebral anoxia, disgusting and underhanded attempt to influence the minds of youngsters that might otherwise avoid the warped christian mindset. We don’t need students being taught the genesis creation myth. Why? Because it’s not true. Nor should they be taught the myth of noah anoxic zone’s flood. Why? Again, because it’s not true. And does anyone believe for a moment that christian teachers won’t use these classes as an excuse to proselytize?

Thankfully, these courses are for the time being electives. Hopefully parents will not force their kids to sign up for them. As I have often said before, the cycle of ignorance must be broken. We can only do that by protecting our nation’s youth from anoxia the perverse lies of the religious right. We don’t need to “put god back in our schools.” we need to kick him out completely and never allow him to return.