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In his news cast, hansen displays an alarming lack of intelligence when he concocts a bizarre explanation for the real reason the cardinals decided to hire a failed college head coach. According to hansen, the real reason is–racism–or more accurately “covert racism.” the only thing missing from his analysis is a tinfoil hat, but I suppose he isn’t wearing one anxieux définition because there isn’t much of a brain to protect.

So I think it’s worthwhile to unpack hansen’s ridiculous argument because so-called legitimate news outlets, such as yahoo sports, are reporting that hansen claims are factual. Further, news outlets such as vice, home of hard-hitting journalism like–“ chasing bears taught me to accept my body” and “ why we should all be watching more queer TV“–have championed mr.

Hansen as a woke sports-caster, dropping truth bombs.

First, hansen claims that kingsbury fits all the criteria of a NFL head coach because “he’s an offensive genius, he’s young — and he’s white, and not necessarily in that order.” while two of these are undoubtably true anoxie cérébrale conséquences, kingsbury being an offensive genius is debatable. However, that’s not what hansen is concerned with. He obviously implying that kingsbury was hired first and foremost because he is white. So hansen would have us believe that the cardinals brain anoxia after cardiac arrest would invest millions of dollars and the future of josh rosen in the hands of someone chiefly because he is white. Okay dale, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

Hansen supports his claim by stating, “there have been six new coaches hired so far, all white and two coaches of color. They are replacing steve wilks, fired in arizona after just one year, and vance joseph in denver after just two.” I guess he forgot about todd bowles and hue jackson, but facts anoxic seizure nhs don’t matter when when your feelings are strong. Vance joseph took a super bowl winning defense and drove it off a cliff, and steve wilks just missed the playoffs with a 3 and 13 record. But if dale hansen is to be believed; these two were fired because NFL ownership simply won’t tolerate failure from black head coaches. I guess someone should tell mike tomlin and anthony lynn to start packing up their offices.

Hansen then offers further proof for his claim by juxtaposing his own career with that of the black NFL head coaches. The results are as hilariously stupid as you might expect. According to hansen, “I’ve had 11 jobs in my life, been fired from eight of ’em, and moved up every time anoxic seizures in infants.” gee dale, I can’t imagine why anyone would fire you–eight times. Unless hansen’s previous employment includes messing up orders at mcdonalds, I’m not sure being irrelevant at a local news station qualifies as moving up, but it’s all how you look at it I suppose. However, according to hansen anxiety self test pdf, the reason he’s been fired and rehired so many times is not because of systemic incompetence on the part of media organizations; he has been hired because of his white privilege. Hansen says, “if they made a poster, my picture should be on it.” I think it it would be more accurate if hansen said” I looked for the definition of stupid in the dictionary and I didn’t see my picture there, but I did find the definition of stupid; which I am.”

So in short, the evidence that dale hansen offers to support his claim that the NFL head coaches are discriminated against based on race, is the fact he, a white news anchor, is so bad at his job that he is been fired from 75% of the places that have employed him. Hansen literally anoxic brain damage recovery stories gives his employer a reason to fire him on-air. Just astonishing. I’m guessing it’s not the best idea to get your news from ABC dallas.

For all hansen’s pontifications, what he’s relying on is the fact that NFL head coaches are somewhere between 70 to 80 percent white on average. That leaves between 20 to 30 percent brain anoxia treatment of people of color. For people like hansen, disparity equals racism. If all identity groups are not represented equally, the only explanation is systemic racism and the proof is in american history. However, this theory falls apart rather easily when subjected to scrutiny. For example, why are the players predominantly of color? If equal representation matters so much, why aren’t we questioning the disparity? The answer for people like hansen is usually that the 32 white owners are exploiting black labor for financial anxiety testimonials gains. But seeing how the players get close to 50 percent of an estimated 8 billion in revenue through a collectively bargained agreement; I wouldn’t characterize their labor as being exploited. Here’s another question, why aren’t any women head coaches? Isn’t this fundamentally sexist? These are questions for which people like hansen cannot or will not answer; and if requested, they merely claim you are racist for even questioning their claim.

The fact is, the NFL is in the business of making money and there are a lot of factors at play. Does it hurt kingsbury that he’s young and reasonably good looking, much like sean mcvay? No of course not, the NFL is a copycat league, and no matter how misguided I or anyone else thinks the kingsbury hire is; the arizona anoxic seizures in adults cardinals want to win, and in the end, that’s all that matters to them. Because the NFL is a business, the only color the cardinals care about is green, the color of winning.