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While I wish Basic Med went a little further, I think it is actually substantially better than the 3rd class medical for pilots worried about their ability to continue getting the 3rd class, and is the best option for pilots who want to fly bigger, faster airplanes. Unless you develop certain mental or cardiac conditions, you never have to report anything to the feds again. You and your doctor get to decide if you’re fit to fly, which is as it should be.

I think the issue is that most pilots flying under sport pilot privileges are doing so to avoid medical certification, not because they want to fly sport planes. If you increase the LSA limits to include all the airplanes that 95% of what Private Pilots fly, it’s a strong indication that there is no need to segment out a specific type of airplane at all.

I hope they raise the limits so that people can do more of the flying they want to do, but I also think it’s a misguided approach. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy radiology ppt Greatly simplifying or eliminating the medical certification required to exercise Private Pilot privileges is the right answer. No stupid click-through training, No anal probe (which I understand many doctors don’t actually do before signing the checklist). Just have your family doc check your vision, make sure your limbs are attached, and that you still have some marbles rolling around in your skull every 5 years and call it good.

I am new here, and learning a lot reading through posts so thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge. I don’t want to be political but basic med is only really useful for the aging existing population and does nothing to help out with new pilots. I wish I had kept my medical up when I couldn’t afford to finish my pilots license 20 years ago, but I didn’t and I have a condition that isn’t related to what is actually banned but because AME’s are GP’s and the FAA to be honest has bigoted attitudes about some conditions and treatments it would be too risky for me to even try again.

It is harder for those who are being treated for mental health issues. For the vast majority of sufferers of mild depression and anxiety, for example. Treatment is successful in treating a condition that would still allow them to safely fly airplanes but by avoiding treatment will ruin other portions of their life.

It also most likely causes way more safety issues do allow this unscientific anti-mental health culture to live and produce a world of fear. Even if someone just needs counseling or some life coaching and it doesn’t rise to the level of requiring medical treatment they will avoid this. I know several commercial pilots who are even afraid to talk to a counselor.

As public comments on proposed regulation are not anonymous the people suffering from either medical or minor but treated mental challenges voices won’t be heard so consider being a voice for others. Maybe related to a loved one who suffers from social anxiety and up the dream to fly, or in my case a loved one who chose intentional controlled flight into terrain vs risk seeking help for depression.

That is an interesting read. I work in the medical field and I will tell you that Diagnosis of Depression is rampant. The diagnosis is placed in ones chart anytime someone seeks relief from the pains of divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of ones job etc. etc. etc. . Seriously, who has not lost sleep or quit eating during a time such as those. Diagnosis is placed and so from then on forward I suppose you would have to explain to the FAA that your safe to fly. nanoxia coolforce Of course some healing would need to take place. My point is, Depression is placed in the chart while it may be a temporary state (quit flying) but the recorded condition could be extremely difficult to get through when dealing with the government. Hell, you could be restricted from owning a firearm with that diagnosis on record. Maybe I’m being crazy but it certainly concerns me to see anyone regarding a stressful period of my life. I can see how people just "check out".

Our country is being "***** slapped" with the state of our mental health system since we went nuts with the closing of the psychiatric facilities in the 80’s. Seems we may be considering opening some back up. Im in California and if you have been watching the BS that’s going on here with the homeless you may understand. Psych is in a terrible position in this country. Patients of mine who are trying to get help while holding down a job, aren’t able because, shy of getting oneself admitted for several days, psych help seems to only operate during business hours. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy radiology Who can miss work frequently enough to talk with someone weekly about their problems. I certainly understand why a pilot would ride it out (or not).

I think the problem is not the depression diagnosis itself, but the stigma and havok the diagnosis can wreak in the rest of your life. Maybe I’m naive, but mental health should be treated more like physical health. Nobody is afraid to go to the doctor for a bacterial infection. You get antibiotics, you get better, and you get on with your life. Nobody, a year after the fact, is going to refuse to let you eat at the salad bar because you were ill a year ago. People should not fear getting treatment for mild mental illness associated with stressful life events. Like physical illnesses, these are often treatable, and people should not neglect their mental health for fear of what it could mean for their job, their liberties, or their medical certificate. I guess we’re a little off topic though

To Fred’s point: Don’t lose sight of why the Sport Pilot certificate exists. anxiety attack what it feels like It is to allow less stringent training and certification requirements for pilots who want to fly simple, light, easy-to-manage airplanes. It was not intended to be a mechanism used to avoid medical certification. I’m not against increasing or removing the weight limit, but when you start to grow the LSA definition to encompass almost every airplane Private Pilots fly, then what’s the point? To me it’s a strong clue that you’re just building an end-run around medical certification, and I think the better approach is to fix medical certification.

Warning, novel length post, but as policy maker and industry folks may read this I want to make my stance isn’t just about ducking medical rules, but as a result of the one shot lottery and potential for temporary or similar but not risky conditions forcing me into the sport pilot track. I would still self ground when there was a concern.

While there is an issue with statistics and rare events and these numbers do not cover E-LSA or EAB aircraft it is quite clear that the SuperCub and other S-LSAs that were adapted from too heavy designs with more robust construction have less issues and accidents. Kitfox will not be captured due to E-LSA or EAB.

Now there are a lot of factors that could cause this like training and usage and to be honest it could be noise it does show that the supercub sized and hotrod engined planes are actually much safer than the lower gross weight designed designs.

If you compare the Cessna 162 with the Carbon Cub numbers, which may be biased due to the Skycatcher being used in training, but also probably relates to safety compromises made by Cessna to meet the gross weight limitations it is pretty clear why the FAA is looking to increase the gross weight.

Obviously both have a big issue with people in landings and veering to the left from probably a need to use rudder to correct for the p-factor when pilots used flaperon/ailerons which were close to stall. But the lack of structural failures on the kitfox is encouraging.

While the numbers have serious issues, I am sure that the FAA sees that a Carbon Cub, which to be honest is probably almost always flown over gross weight has an accident rate way closer to that of a 172 while the Cessna 162 has a 500% higher rate with structural failures and injuries.

This added with the FAA’s apparent interest in encouraging technologies like angle of attack indicators which would be helpful for reducing a lot of these takeoff, spin, and accelerated stall accidents I would expect something more like super cub weights or formula that allow for safe airframe structures and not a general bump up to increase gross to legacy aircraft, although that may happen too.

As there are no STCs for S-LSA I do wonder if there will be an option for existing S-LSA or E-LSA to be bumped up but E-AB and a good DAR seems like it may be likely. Hopefully they will address the S-LSA or E-LSA issues so that those lucky people or those who can afford a carbon cub can avoid breaking the rules.

A: reserve power or thrustA 172 is a marginal 2 place airplane in my part of the world in the summer even well below supplemental O2 altitude at 2000′ AGL 2000′ from terrain. A J3-90, LSA legal Champ or a lot S-LSAs aren’t even safe solo after 10AM in the summer. If only I could talk my family into moving to Arizona or at least 100 miles to the west to lose 3500′.

• Carry additional food and shelter to allow for waiting out weather or other issues sometimes in areas that may require risky trips across mountain passes or risking scud running to an airport with services which can be 100’s of miles away in the west.

• At 6’2" and 180# avoid LSA eligible aircraft like the 8A which frankly suffer from internal dimensions that make them unsafe for me to fly and also have extremely restricted visibility for tall pilots. Also unable to equip with ADS-B due to a lack of electrical.

My desire is to fly slow and low and to try to keep search and rescue at their base and ready to respond to more critical needs by being equipped and prepared in the best way possible or to mitigate the urgency of an event by being prepared to invoke a far less resource intensive investigation if an unfortunate incident happens.

I only wish to be for being prepared for the worst case and perhaps sharing the experience with friends or family with a greater safety margin. anxiety disorder Sure I would love the ability to fly a SR22t or a Beaver, but I think that the current regs are only ~500# away from allowing far more safe engineering and safety equipment.

Let us not repeat the mistakes by copying number from the 150, which to be honest is also likely over gross weight with a student instructor and fuel but which is also at a design limit that makes it pretty soft and terrifying. Please consider ASTM Light Sport Aircraft Standards and almost a century of increase in knowledge. If the limitations are based on safety goals and engineering best practices it would be much easier for E-AB and LSA manufacturers to help improve the safety.

I am probably preaching to the choir here but gross weight may relate to kinetic energy, but the flight characteristics and energy dissipation matter more. Modern oleo struts and modern higher strength larger diameter tubing for crash cages can do a lot to help with a bad landing. But like EFI or single lever adjustable props they induce weight or go counter to regulations.

I am optimistic that the FAA is interested in working on these areas and the changes will be in the right direction. The complexity of modernizing the AME system is most likely a harder problem and unfortunately a typical GP isn’t a super human and will always need to be conservative for medicals.

But outside of pilot error issues the main problem seems to be people trying to produce useful aircraft which are safe. In theory tools like AOA will help out with a significant number of accidents if pilots take the time to understand them but basing the max weight based on factors like the G forces experienced during a poor landing and ensuring those forces are well below the structural limits of the airplane and within safe acceleration speeds for humans would help address the structural issues. Actual hydraulic shocks would reduce airframe and human loads by ~300% and make a bounce back into the air less likely as an example but add ~15lbs or more to a taildraggers main gear and ~30lbs or more to a nosewheel and thus spring gear are far more common. This is ancient knowledge and obvious to anyone has flown a champ and a J3. But the deluxe struts that actually work on the EC champ are also what kick it past the 1320 limit.