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1. I have meditated a lot on it, and got to a pretty good understanding of who he was, who I am now, and the relation we have. I understand that these war memories are extremely violent, and to be honest for me too they haven’t disappeared, far from it. However, it is now part of a larger experience in my life, because it is not all about the war and the suffering. Whenever I see or feel anything from this past, which still occurs quite regularly, I always put it in perspective, along with the very positive things I have gained from it

2. I strongly believe that I remembered because of unresolved issues. I don’t claim that everyone’s case is the same, far from it, but I have a feeling that, on my path, I had to talk to his relatives and just tell them some things. When we were together for the first time (me and his grandson, who’s a truely great guy), I told them many things that I didn’t know before. anoxic brain damage prognosis It was like I had, inside me, things I wasn’t aware of but who were there and were waiting to be said. Once I did "resolve" this, it’s like a HUGE load was taken of my back, and it’s been lifechanging for me!

3. Time has passed. Surfing on a positive wave after undergoing this fantastic research, I actually made things in my current life that make me super happy. I am surrounded by people I love, I live an interesting life that is at the opposite of what I remembered from the previous experience, and I don’t feel like I have "bad karma" or any punishment associated. Now these sad memories don’t drag me down anymore, and it will be the same for you in a not-so-far future.

I think it’s a blessing, to be honest. We, for reason we do not yet remember, seem to remember a sad end (and imagine how many millions souls went through the same violent end), and we were allowed to do so – I don’t think it’s random or here to make you suffer more.

So remember that you received this gift, however hard it is to handle, to make you grow. I am sure it will make your life more rich in teachings, it will make you see a lot of beauty in this world, and in a few months or years, here you will come to tell you story and how it brought you peace.

And a small note regarding your health: if, like me, in the darkest moments, you forgot to take good care of your body balance, I would suggest to learn more about diet and balance as it has greatly helped me rebuild a very strong morale. nanoxia deep silence 60mm Don’t forget that, aside from your mind, you have a body that you need to take good care of, it’s your vessel in this life, and the more healthy you are in your body, the less you will suffer from anxiety or (like I experienced) depression related to the horror you remember.

PS: if you live around Paris, I know a very good clinical psychologist who remembers dying in the trenches of WW2. He’s a great person, a great therapist and has plenty of experience to lead you towards Peace (he was instrumental in my recovery).

Indeed, as KenJ mentioned it too, I think I have unresolved issues with this past life. The thing is that I clearly remember having written letters to my family. I promised them that I will come back home but I never did because I died. I already planned to travel to the village where this soldier used to live, and check around if I recognize some places.

I am on a genealogy website and I think that the tree of the soldier has been made by his brother’s descendants. nanoxia deep silence 120mm ultra quiet pc fan 1300 rpm It really touched me to discover that one member of the family survived. There were five children. three brothers out of four died in the war. I was one of them.

I would lie if I said that I woudn ‘t like to meet the descendants. But I woudn’t know what to say to them anyway. The simple knowledge of knowing that they’re outside, living their life, is enough for me. I’m happy with that. Benjamin, I think you’ve been very brave to contact the family of the soldier and share your story.

As for the therapist, No, I don’t live near Paris, but in the South of France. I found a list of PL therapists near my home but I still don’t know if I will see one. I fear charlatans. significado de anoxia Morever, apparently, the revival of the scenes are even more powerful under hypnosis and I don’t want to go through that.

It’s a pleasure to share with you. I know we’re both young, we’re both from France where, well… I mean it’s the country of René Descartes. We are taught how to sharpen our intellect and fit into a rational perspective at all times. So yeah, when all of a sudden you realize what is happening to you is very serious, it’s easy to lose balance.

– you need to be helped by someone who is trained to do so. It’s no easy thing you’re seeing, and I understand that you are legitimately scared of diving into it. A relationship with a good therapist will start with an assesment, you will explore what needs to be said before going into hypnosis. And once it’s time he/she will walk you through it and make it a learning experience, not a seance of torture (unless your goal is to catalog every round you shot, every body you saw, which I doubt )

-there are good networks in France, not so hard to find therapists. I would suggest, like I did, to contact the institute founded by Stéphane Allix, a former war reporter who remembered his former identity as a Waffen-SS officer aswell. Search for INREES. They are serious people, for deontology reasons they won’t give you a list of names but will help you find a trained therapist (remember that some of them can also use Skype).

Don’t get me wrong, but I draw a parallel with my own story: I had those unresolved issues and I did tell you that I told his family some informations, emotions and regrets. And you know, oddly enough, it’s not so much the fact of telling them that brought me peace, but more the realization that the last person that kept on carrying that weight was me. anoxic tank design They had made peace with it long time ago. I hope it helped them understanding more about him but overall they were already living happy lives, they had carried on. And those who passed, from his family, I am sure they forgave him for not being with with them when they grew old.

So all I’m saying is: meditate on this. Those unkept promises are a heavy burden to you, but try to ask those people if they’ve forgiven you. I am sure they already have and are just waiting for you to ackownledge it in your heart and mind. It’s called forgiveness and that’s what all our journeys in past lives are all about.

But one evening, as I was searching for the structure of the Totenkopf Division during March 1943, I stumbled upon a forum post from his grandson, I think he was asking, on a forum in a super old post (like 8 years old), about details of his relative’s death, and gave his email adress.

And so without thinking I sent him a long email, describing in details what I remembered, how I got to make the connection, among other things. And you know the feeling of doing something at the exact right moment? He responded in 5 minutes. And when he did read it, he was actually with his father, the first son of the identity I remember. It was such an eerie feeling.

I can only give you one advice: take your time. The memory you carry won’t fade away, it won’t disappear, and you are now on a process of research that (if it goes like me!) will take some time. You seem like a very sensitive person, engaged in what I’m sure is a life full of curiosity, so enjoy this gift of being young and keep on focusing on what you do now!

Also I share you surprise at remembering so many military details! I found it fascinating (but very useless) to be able to describe the interior of a PanzerIV precisely, to know its strengths and weaknesses, and also identify the weapons in my visions with ease.

Funny story: I was sharing with a historian (specialized in the Waffen-SS, he’s french, that’s useful) and asked him about a detail I thought got wrong (I was still trying to check all details): I was holding in many visions a soviet PPSh-41. brain anoxia I mean I was sure of it, I saw all itz details (the buttplate, the carbine handle, the lack of handguard, the odd straight magazine) and I remembered how we called it Pepesha or Papasha. It was a sturdy, sturdy gun. Well we had lots. Anywhy this kind historian told me that the Waffen-SS actually captured sooo many on the eastern front that they became standard and even had a nomenclature code!

Your words and your story greatly inspire me. I am sorry that you had to experience war many times, and I am glad to know that you survived afghanistan. I have a french friend who was deployed there a few times and it shook him. I certainly know that the chaos I remember from a past existence has not ceased, and our generation now also experiences it. I hope you are in peace with yourself now! If I may ask, were you aware of your past memories when you first joined? Thank you and have a nice day!

I actually gotten some WWII things that I just had to have and some members here know the should I, shouldn’t I debates I had with myself (full Class A uniform, tanker jacket, M42 and M43 jump pants), it might extend to some WWI and Vietnam stuff but only with things that are either usefull or must haves, I don’t fight my memories any more than that of Afghanistan or other events, they’re a part of me

I’m going to do a few Battlefield tours on my own in areas where I’ve fought, visited many of the sites before but always with a group and then you can’t really take the time you want or need or you might end up staying to long where you really don’t want to be so by going alone I can decide everything and am in charge

On one of the routes that I made is a museum that has an original Dakota that you can get into, I’ve jumped from them on quite a few commemoration jumps on original DZs but again, not having the time or able to allow the mind to wander back to 1944, so that should be interesting