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By all means try the following before calling in professional help, however, if you are terribly fearful it is better to get assistance as fear is a powerful and delicious form of energy that directly empowers the gangster fringe element of the spirit world.

Entities who feast on consciousness itself and on our auric energies are parasites of strong spiritual light. anxiety disorder dsm 5 definition Thus beings of a low frequency, lost and often sinister, are attracted like moths to a flame to very devout people and to spiritual healers.

Spiritual Healers who work in other people’s auras need to be especially aware of this probability as entities will often hitchhike and ‘jump ship’ preferring the fresh and tasty energies of the healer to the tired and depleted energy of their original host.

An earthbound spirit is stuck and has not made it across to the spirit realms where it belongs. nanda nursing diagnosis for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy There are many reasons why the crossing may not have been made and they may have been stuck for a long time. life expectancy after anoxic brain injury Lifetime emotional trauma, an inner sense of driven unfinished business, and demonic attachments usually weigh down and encumber a soul’s transit.

Other common psychic bottom feeders include a tentacle prominent parasite that threads into the chakras to feed, a ‘slug like’ form that feeds primarily from one or more kundalini points and can grow huge, eventually draining much of the host’s vitality.

Garlic rubbed on the insoles and ankles(spirits make a beeline for your feet)acts as an effective herbal repellent; leaving freshly cut garlic in small pieces and placing them in small dishes near your bed and around the room acts very well to repel astral wildlife that seek attachments.

Camphor and other herbs help to shield you from these types of influences, although they have a strong smell. anoxia meaning Put a tiny dab of this over your heart area, and on your brow center, before bed, as well as on the feet to protect these areas, which are often targeted during sleep.

One must use slash/ cutting and burning of that image using an envisioned sword to sever connections between that image and its ropy connections to one’s layered psyche and then a blowtorch envisioned to burn the severed remnant stumps of vestigial connections.

Some demons crave embodiment, and so demon possession consists of demons inhabiting a human body. Mental diseases with their erratic or even insane behavior, along with physical diseases, often accompany demon-possession for demons perversely desire to destroy even the bodies that they inhabit.

Affirmations often work best when the actual problem you want to stop is worked around. For example, ‘my body and mind are happy and relaxed’ tells your higher self this message. The only way your higher self can bring this about, if you are demon troubled, is to remove the demon problem.

While holding a positive focus away from supernatural possibilities, sensible countermeasures should be applied, i.e., turning on light and music, slicing some garlic. anxiété définition médicale This should be done in a matter-of-fact way to avoid forming connections that might escalate problems.

It also makes the best possible use of one’s natural mental shielding. One may feel anxiety and trepidation on the inside, but one should never realize and express these feelings, mentally or vocally, during a direct psychic demonic attack. "

So, a prayer/affirmation to rid yourself of interfering entities of any nature would read something like; ‘I am clear and free of all negative influences’ or ‘I am full of light and love’ (visualizing yourself filling with light) or ‘I am happy and free’ or ‘thank you for my healing’ or ‘thank you for my liberation’

It is essential to our spiritual well-being to heed Paul’s warning in Ephesian 6:10-12 that our battles are against these creatures, and that demons are fighting tooth-and-toenail to hang on to what they believe is theirs by first-occupancy rights.