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When I write a program for myself or for my clients or students normally I program get-ups at the beginning of the training session. The get-up is an exercise that contains multiple fundamental movement patterns, and moves through multiple planes of motion, therefore, I see get-ups as something that helps to warm-up the body and prep the central nervous system.

In addition, since the get-up requires a lot of brain power and coordination while holding a weight overhead, I also see the get-up as an exercise that requires skill. nanoxia deep silence 6 rev b review It’s not something I would normally want students or clients doing after conditioning.

HOWEVER, StrongFirst Simple & Sinister is set up so that you complete get-ups AFTER heavy 1 hand (1H) swings (i.e.

conditioning). anoxia perinatal definicion This is one of the challenges of Simple & Sinister, but also, there is a method to this madness, as the technique of maintaining a packed shoulder is required for both 1H swings and get-ups and the half kneeling windmill hinge in the get-up compliments the ballistic hinge of the 1H swing. Therefore the movements do pair well together.

Instead, over the course of a week, I follow the 80/20 or 90/10 rule. anoxia cerebral en el parto Where 80-90% of the time I regularly eat healthy, nutritious meals that fuel me for my daily activities & exercise. Then 10-20% of the time, if I want to have some ice cream, a Moscow Mule, a beer, or go out to dinner & not count macros then I do just that. 🍩

If you travel frequently for work then I understand that you need to be more mindful of macros & food choices when eating out, but if you eat out on occasion as a social activity & feel compelled to relentlessly count macros when you’re supposed to be out enjoying life, then you may want to re-evaluate your mindset around food.

Make it a habit to eat healthy, nutritious meals that fuel you for your daily activities & exercise. Then over the course of a week, allow yourself that 20% to enjoy dessert, alcohol, pizza, fries, cheeseburger, etc. anoxia tisular That way you never feel underfed or deprived & you don’t overeat to the point that you feel physically & mentally sick about over indulging.

Our internet & cable service was down all day yesterday so not only was I not able to do my regular online training work that I do on Fridays, but I wasn’t able to start my day off with my normal routine of tasks that helps me to get organized for the day, many of which require the internet.

Some people may have viewed this as a blessing, but yesterday I felt completely off kilter all day long. Yes, I filled my day with non internet activities like errands, reading, & indulged in some Super Mario Bros but I’m happy to be back online today & back to business.

I’m someone who operates well off routine & structure so when that gets interrupted it can be tough for me to make a new plan & for my mind to accept that new plan without having anxiety about the fact that the tasks per the original plan are not getting done because the original plan is no longer an option.

Daily rituals are so important – morning rituals so that you can feel organized to kick ass that day, evening rituals so that you can wind down & calm your mind & body before bedtime so that you have restful sleep, & even rituals before you exercise – fill your water bottle, put your hair up, select music that will motivate you, do your warm-up routine, etc.

These rituals, routines, or whatever you want to call them, get our mind & body right for what’s to come. hypoxic brain injury mri images When they get interrupted, yes we need to figure out how to adapt to the new plan, but at the same time, even if they get disrupted, it’s important that we have these regular rituals, (whether morning, evening, bedtime, nutrition, exercise, work, etc.) in place in order to be successful long term.