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Maryland childbirth and medical malpractice attorney marcus boston explains how fetal heart strips can help determine fetal distress.

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“mr. Boston my baby has suffered a brain injury after birth.”

“it was a vaginal delivery and right after we thought things just did not seem right.”

“our baby was blue in color and wasn’t breathing after birth.”

“the NICU team came in and took our baby.”

“we later learned that our child had suffered seizures right after birth.”

“now more than a year later our baby still can’t walk, sit up, or make sounds.”

“our doctors are telling us essentially that it’s a brain injury that is the cause of these things.”

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The above is some of the conversation a mother had with me regarding her child’s injury.

She was not sure if suing was the right way to go immediately but she did want more information regarding the childbirth injury process, namely what is one area of serious investigation in cases like this.

If you are in the same situation and have similar questions then this educational article and supporting video should shed some light on this process for you in maryland.

Get the medical records!!!

For those who have questions about their child’s injury at birth one of the best things that a family can do is request their medical records (note: there is more than likely going to be a fee for the records).

Even if you are not going to contact an attorney right away it may be a good idea to get the medical records.Nanoxia ncore

This is because the medical records can help you and your medical expert/second opinion doctor get a good idea as to what may have happened in your situation.

Maryland law requires that a medical expert(s) give an opinion as to whether the treating medical processional(s) fell below the standard of care prescribed to you and your child, causing the injury.

To be able to do this the experts will need to review the applicable medical records and charts.

Your attorney is going to make a request for the records too, but if you already have some of the records then an examination of the case can start faster.

On a side note, when requesting the records be sure to request not only your records as mom but the records for baby too.Nanoxia ncore

In addition, make sure that you also get copies of the fetal heart strips and not just the interpretations by the doctors.

Why are the fetal heart strips/tracings important?

In a potential childbirth injury case one of the most important areas of investigation will be the fetal heart strips.

This is because the strips can help you understand how well your child is tolerating labor and delivery.

One of the important benefits of the fetal heart monitor is that it can tell doctors where the baby’s heart rate is at a given time.

For example, a baby’s heart rate is going to be around 120-160.

When the child’s heart rate begins to either get higher than 160 or lower than 120 for an unsafe amount of time this may strongly suggest that the child is not tolerating a vaginal delivery well.Nanoxia ncore

If this is the case then doctors need to make sure that they are taking all the good and acceptable medical steps to protect the health of baby and mom.

Emergency C-sections are needed when a child is in distress and facing injury.

How can injuries occur when A baby is in distress?

One type of potential devastating injury to a child when he or she is in distress is an injury to the brain.

This is often due to the lack of oxygen getting to the baby during a vaginal delivery.

The term you may have seen in situations like this is hypoxia.

What hypoxia essentially means is a deprivation of oxygen.

For a baby going through the stress of delivery, a lack of oxygen can lead to an entire host of serious injuries.Nanoxia ncore

How can you get me to talk with you about your situation?

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