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Ok, here’s what I bought (somewhat different from what I originally posted):

Mobo: asus x99-A = $269.99

Processor: i7 5820K = $299.99

CPU cooler: enermax ETS T40 white cluster = $49.99

RAM: 16GB (8×2) crucial DDR4 set = $219.99

SSD: samsung 250GB 850 EVO = $129.99 (after $10 rebate)

GPU: MSI GTX650 OC 2GB = $79.99 (after $30 rebate

PSU: corsair 750W CX modular = $74.99 (after $20 rebate)

Optical drive: asus 24X SATA DVD burner: $19.99

Chassis: nanoxia deep silence 1 = $109.99

Total b4 tax: $1254.91

Using windows 8 and my focusrite scarlett 8i/6. I sent the session out to my WD 4TB external HDD.

My first build, surprised nothing blew up or spontaneously imploded.

And I’m still alive (I think-I haven’t done much else for these past three days.) I did a dverb 2.0 test getting 215 with 10.3.9’s mono dverb.Anoxia adalah granted, all of the utilities programs from my GPU, CPU, and mobo, as well as my encryption tool, were running in the cache (failed to notice that till after). I haven’t optimized anything yet; this is just a first run.

Anyway, the case/fans are super quiet. That’s subjective, but I can say they are quieter than my hpdv6pavilion laptop when it goes through its little hell trying to run my sessions.

Doesn’t seem like a bad price for the improvement I’ve seen. I’ve installed my kontakt, ezdrummer2, and waves stuff so far, and it just powers right through them, no problem. It’s bitchin’ right through my collection of sessions, too.

I’m super-stoked! Works for me. It’s stress testing now, I’ll probably do another run tomorrow.Anoxia adalah glad I built instead of buying! Hehe.

Hi folks,

I’m wondering if you might be able to offer some advice – I’ve been on mac for many many many many many years, and am currently running a 2009 mac pro with PT11HDX, 64 analogue IO, and two UAD octo cards. I do a ton of heavy duty mixing and a lot of hybrid production, in other words, a lot of both acoustic recordings and programmed elements. I work (more than) full time in my studio, in other words, I’m a seriously heavy duty PT power user.

And here’s the thing; I’m really not feeling where apple is going and after a huge amount of research over the past couple of months I’m really seriously considering the switch to PC and building my own rigs for the future.Anoxia adalah

My biggest concern about this is the fact that I’m not seeing much literature or info online about people running HDX systems on PC, so I’m wondering how on my own I’ll be in this situation. On my mac, at least I’ve been able to find others with the same problems, or realize if (on the rare occasion) I need to do a totally clean install, etc.

One of the things that interests me the most about the PC as a platform is the possibility to, simply, build computers that kick the new mac pro’s arses. However I’ve had a hard time finding info or experience on anyone running dual processor xeon systems, which I’m thinking about simply because of the intense load I’ll be running my system under, for long hours, days, weeks, months, years at a time.Anoxia adalah

So, asides from an invitation for any suggestions about build directions or advice for a rig of this nature, I’m specifically interested in whether dual processor xeons are even worthy of consideration?

I have the budget to buy a decent mid/high level new mac pro, plus the additional expansion chassis and hard drive bays I’d need, but I just think it’s ridiculous to be looking at spending a couple of grand JUST for boxes to hold cards and drives in, especially when the pcie chassis will have more fans, etc.

In other words, I’m in a position to do a really heavy duty build, but wouldn’t want to feel that I’m just walking into the unknown world whereupon I’ll discover than nothing works.

The good thing about my situation is that I have a spare HD native card and omni interface, so I can slowly build and test my PC rig while still running my mac.Anoxia adalah

I’m keen to build the PC myself just so that I really learn and understand what goes into the system. I’m not at all shy of steep learning curves, infact, I love them!

If I’m going to be investing the time and money, I’d also love to build around the newer 2011-3 chipsets, but am I getting to this platform too early?

So – apologies for the long question here, but simply put – is the PC a valid platform for a top-end, heavy duty HDX rig, running a ton of plugins, IO, and vis?

Thanks in advance,


PS – obviously this is an i7 build thread, but it seems to be the best thread / resource I’ve found anywhere about PC building of any kind.