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I remember vividly the day I noticed with horror the fuzz all over the face of a woman friend who was 10 years older than I. anoxic encephalopathy pathophysiology Before that moment I had no idea that we grew fuzz all over our faces, and I shave mine now, after making sure there are no stray coarse black hairs under my chin which would need a prior plucking, of course. A hot shower and some creamy face moisturizer and I feel nice about myself.

Eyebrows are a fickle thing, after so much plucking the hair just doesn’t grow back. I will always have Farrah Fawcett/Charlie’s Angels eyebrows. Now, as women age, there is some strange alchemy which slowly turns our eyebrows essentially invisible*. There is a multitude of makeup products which can be used, one could even have them tattooed on, should one feel so inclined.

When I go out I make sure they match the level of eye makeup I am wearing, if I am out in the yard gardening I am sure that I am virtually eyebrow-less.

I am not currently married; when I was my husband’s preferences with regard to makeup (he was pro) was taken into account. As a fisherman’s wife, he was gone often enough that it was no hardship on me to wear makeup when he was home. He was kind in his expressing his preferences which made it easy to acquiesce to. anxiety attack treatment at home Without knowing all of the ins and outs of your marriage (and I don’t care to) I have no idea of how the two of you converse, but my gramma’s advice that one catches more flies with honey than vinegar has always done well by me.

While I agree that at the end her body her choice, this is a weird take. You presumably marry your husband or wife because you are attracted to them, and clearly this is doing the opposite of attraction. what is severe anoxic brain injury And after all, his wife doesn’t have the ability to look at herself without a mirror; on the other hand all he gets to look at is her. I think this makes it worth putting your partner’s opinion into consideration – she is in fact, "doing it to him" as he’s the one who has to see her every day. (and yes, I personally do consider my husband’s opinions about my appearance before making big changes because like I said, I’M not the one who has to look at me)

She clearly has some kind of issue, and the eyebrow damage may be irreversible, so harping on it only creates more and more anxiety in her about how ugly she might think she is. It’s a delicate situation. Personally I would take the approach that you’re worried about her health (her mental health) and see if you can open her up from there. Also, the idea of gifts for spa excursions with professionals may help, as it’s an opinion that’s not yours. diffuse hypoxic brain injury However, it may take some time before a professional broaches the subject that she’s wrecked her eyebrows too – or they may never. (The Customer Is Always Right kind of thing – after all, when you go to a hair salon you expect to get exactly what you ask for, and this may be no different).

Overall it sounds like she needs more love and encouragement. My best guess is she feels ugly and is overcompensating and fixating too much. Find other physical qualities about her to love and talk about so that she can be coaxed back to being more relaxed about herself. It does sound like an anxiety issue. anoxia It is common for people with unhealthy levels of anxiety to pull out hair, or even simply lose hair without any act of their own due to their stress levels.

Remember, you’re angry mostly that she isn’t talking, isn’t telling you why. And it frustrates you because you want her to be happy and beautiful, and she’s not able to communicate with you why she’s making choices you think are the opposite of that. So it’s really the communication breakdown as the core issue here – don’t frame it that you’re angry at her, personally, because that will only make her more defensive.