I hate my inlaws!!! in-laws stories anoxic birth injury

I met my husband in another town. We lived there for two years. Two of the best years. Nanoxia deep silence 3 review we moved back to his hometown. I was unaware of his parents behavior. His mother has falling outs with everyone, but she is “perfect”. She is a designer and thinks that she can design her children’s homes even though they are married!!!! I literally came home from work and my home was done!!! If you say anything, she says your ungrateful!! I say…DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!! Your son is married to a woman!!! You better ask her first!!! Oh oh and she made our bed our martial bed multiple times!!! WHO THINKS THAT OKAY!!!!! My husband and I go through fertility. They think it’s too expensive, but my husband’s brother pops out kids and neither of them have jobs….But, that’s okay!!!!!!

They suck!!!! His brother doesn’t do crap or SIL! His father has said things that NOBODY can take back. €œthank the lord she miscarried” etc. Etc. Etc. His father literally thinks it’s still the 50s. Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy prognosis he’s the biggest (imagine the worst word) in the world. My husband has been pretty good at standing up for me, but he seems to always cater to them. He never wants anything to go wrong. That’s just not fair in my eyes. Anxiety disorder definition I have had too many sleepless nights crying. Anxieux en anglais I have never been around more horrible manipulative controlling people in my life!!! By the way they have money and that’s why they act the way they do! New money! They were poor rednecks and now have money. They have thought their children’s bad habits. They don’t even speak to their daughter anymore…They say she’s crazy….I say there are always two sides to the story!!! She’s crazy because of how she was raised!!!! Oh my gosh I could go on and on and on!!!

So here we are again rushing to the accident site and once again going to save her dumb stupid ass. (by the way we haven’t been able to plan a date sense)! So we get there and of course the police where there, glass everywhere and, a totalled car was waiting for us when we got there. So I put on my FAKE concerned face talk to the police, take pictures, and call a tow truck! We finally get the car back home and DO I GET ONE FUCKING THANK YOU …. NO I DON’T …. I MEAN FIRST SHE RUINS MY DAYTIME DATE AND NOW THAT SHE DOESN’T HAVE A CAR I ALREADY KNOW I WOULD HAVE TO DRIVE HER AROUND NOT TO MENTION DEAL WITH THE INSURANCE COMPANY AND ALL THE OTHER CRAP YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH WHEN YOU GET INTO AN ACCIDENT!

So fast forward a couple of days. She has constantly asked her friends to take her here and there and now they have stopped helping her and now I have to do it! (husband was working). I absolutely hate with a passion driving this bitch around. I am so miserable I have no other thoughts besides how much I hate her going through my head. But I do it, cause i tell myself i do it for my husband not her. Anoxic brain damage recovery stories so fast forward again, the car is officially totalled and we go buy a new one, long story short after having it for a one week, NOW SHE WANTS A DIFFERENT COLOR!!!??? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!???