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It is a variation of a question that has launched countless conversations, often in worried whispers, while sending a child to school, while crafting new laws in the Legislature, while catalyzing some school districts to start their own police departments. But on Tuesday, it was asked in an unexpected forum: a Boy Scout troop’s weekly meeting.

“I’m going to give you an honest answer: I’m not going to do that, but we can do that as a group,” said Sarasota County Schools Superintendent Todd Bowden in response to a student’s question. “… anxiety attack symptoms shortness of breath One officer can’t keep a campus safe. Two officers can’t keep a campus safe, but that community can look after itself.”

One wouldn’t have guessed that a group of middle and high school Boy Scouts would be sure to hold a superintendent’s and police chief’s feet to the fire, but that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday.

Bowden and Sarasota County Schools Police Chief Paul Grohowski were the guests at Boy Scout Troop 50’s weekly meeting at Pine Shores Presbyterian Church. nanoxia deep silence 3 manual Their presence was likely aided by the fact that one of the troop members happened to be the grandson of School Board Member Shirley Brown.

What the students had on their minds was clearly school security. They posed many of the same questions that fearful parents and community members might: How will we know the police officers will do their job? How effective is fencing around our campus? How would officers on campus respond during an attack?

“We run towards trouble. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy treatment We run towards gunfire. Our job, as hard as it may seem, as illogical as it may seem, is to go toward where the trouble is and stop it from happening,” Grohowski said. “That’s how we train. anxiety attack symptoms in child That’s what we prepare for. That’s what our duty is.”

The students’ questions, often tinged with anxiety, show just how close school shootings feel for many of these students, born after Columbine, growing up in an era marked by Sandy Hook. When Grohowski told students to “run or hide” in the event of a shooting, depending on how close you were to the attacker, some of the students seemed to wonder where they would run to or how they would know whether to run or to hide.

But the district is looking to harness students’ awareness of school security to encourage them to report any potential threats or unusual behavior they see. Last year, more than 50 percent of threats that came to the district’s attention were directed to them from students, according to the district’s head of security.

The district’s decision to move from school resource officers staffed by local police departments to an internal police force initially caused considerable controversy, especially given it was a significant shift from the security precedent. anxiety attack meaning But this school year, which brought internal police officers to the district’s 23 elementary schools, has gone smoothly, with parents and students appearing to be pleased with the police officers on campus.

“When you feel in your heart you are doing the right thing, you are going to stand up for it and go forward,” Brown said. “Boy, did we get a lot of heat about our police force. ‘You’re going to just ruin it, you’re not going to be able to hire anybody.’ We doubled down and made the decision to do it.”