How to get rid of dark circles ( bruises ) under the eyes of women , men , child , causes, diseases – brain anoxia

Dark circles under the eyes are often a cause of concern of their respective owners.Since then, how was the fashion for anemic turgenev ladies and dramatic film heroine vera cold, dark podglazya no longer fit in with the image of an attractive young girls and women.This cosmetic defect can openly specify either native people, or the people you trust.In all other cases you will have to rely on their own care when placing myself in the mirror. Dark circles as a consequence

Lifestyle first consult your doctor about the black community or wear sunglasses, leaving home, think over what … What recently was typical for your lifestyle.

• sleep

First of all pay attention to the duration of sleep and change in sleep time.The medical community is already very seriously examined issues related to the disruption of normal sleep and the possible (and it is better in this case to say inevitable) consequences.One of the disappointing conclusion is the similarity of the effects of lack of sleep with the sy

brain anoxia

Mptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in herpes infection or heavy smokers.Besides circles under the eyes is a violation of the functions of memory, confusion, reduced physical and mental performance and labor including increased risk of premature stroke.

• computer and TV

Next possible reason for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes – it is the time spent in front of TV or monitor.Today, computer addiction is a real scourge for the young and middle-aged people.The phenomenon of mass depending on the so-called gadgets (which includes smartphones, tablets and netbooks) has found its reflection in a variety of ironic videos that can be viewed on the same infamous gadgets.

• movement

People little accentuate your attention to the reduced motor activity, and walks in the fresh air.All this is vital and necessary for a healthy lifestyle.For sure you pay attention to old women of the pack, marching briskly with ski poles on the sidewalks and lawns.Who-who, and so they know exactly how to prolong his life, and not accidentally chosen for this walk in the fresh air.Cardiologists are also of the opinion that in the week a person must receive at least 4 hours of aerobic exercise.Brain anoxia

Sleep with closed pane only in case of severe cold, and then you should be aired periodically bedroom.

• slimming

Weight reduction (especially sharp) radical methods (starvation, mono-diet, cleansing enemas, or diuretics) or long-term addiction to drugs vegetarian diet without correction of iron – a sure way to make circles.

• smoking

Smokers experience a chronic lack of oxygen due to constriction of capillaries and poisoning carboxyhemoglobin.Deprived of the granular layer thin skin on the periphery of the eye immediately turns blue or dark inhalation of combustion products of cigarettes and nicotine ingested, spazmiruyutsya vessels and preventing oxygen transport.

• cheap cosmetics

Women dark circles under the eyes caused poor-quality cosmetics and skin care.If overdue ink or shadows can simply crumble or spread on the skin, then care products that contain harmful impurities (read about the harmful substances in cosmetics), accumulate in the body.Many ladies do not even know what day is spread over quite a critical dose of nickel, lead, and even arsenic.Therefore it is necessary to carefully read the labels on the jars and tubes and occasionally interested in the details of production manufacturers have your cosmetics.Brain anoxia

• sun .A stay in the sun without protective eyewear stimulates the production of melanin (dark pigment) and pigmentation of the skin under the eyes.

• hormones .Hormonal contraceptives leads to areas of skin hyperpigmentation.A similar situation may occur during pregnancy.

• caffeine .Passion for coffee – an unfavorable factor contributing to the darkening of the orbits.

• fatfud .Special mention deserves the poor diet and getting bacterial toxins or nitrates in the human body.

• alcohol .Poison alcohol definitely leads to dark circles around the eyes.

• aging .With the aging of the skin under the eyes becomes thinner, droops, and creates the conditions for the appearance of dark circles by radiographic vessels.Brain anoxia

• cold .If you long to be at very low temperatures, in the blood begin to break down red blood cells and tissue around the eyes worse supplied with oxygen.

Dark circles under the eyes of men

Lifestyle modern men have strayed far from their ancestors, but all overpowering the internet and the global crisis.

All young people also spend the night to study or entertainment feasible, adding only an increasingly computer-gadzhetnuyu load on the central nervous system.But more often the cause circles under the eyes of young men are not only working at night, a romantic adventure or banal massacre, but also drugs of all kinds and varieties (of beer and cigarettes to SPICE, ecstasy and crocodile).

The share of adult men need falls hard for the extraction of resources, not only for themselves but also for their wives, children, lovers of long-term or temporary friends.Stress is removed tobacco, alcohol and other psychotropic available, including computer games, porn sites, social networks and forums, completely erased the line between homo sapiens and cheburashka.Twisted squad traders acquires under-eye circles well before leaving your last hard-earned numerous kitchen with advertising in each elevator.Brain anoxia

Small layer comprise professional and amateur level athletes, a large percentage of the working time on the development of their physical image (and how they feel health).Therefore, in the shadow of podglazyah, appearing in men in 15 years, it is usually accompanied by a greater or lesser degree throughout their lives.

Circles around the eyes like

Disease symptom in a number of cases, dark circles under the eyes, the causes of which are very diverse – a sign of disease.In fact, this symptom acts as a fault indicator in the human body, just like a car dashboard warning message – chesk-engine (check engine!). Hypoxia

The first place among the causes of unhealthy shadows in podglazyah should bring oxygen deprivation (hypoxia).It can be acute or chronic (develop transiently or exist for a long time).Depending on what stage suffers oxygen supply, are distinguished: respiratory, hematic, stagnant, tissue.Brain anoxia respiratory hypoxia

• being in a stuffy room or gassy

That lack of oxygen (hypoxia respiratory) caused by the shadows under his eyes after being in a stuffy room.In general, any change in the usual gas composition of the air inhaled causes at least a light blue under the eyes.Therefore it is harmful in a polluted room, where burning plastic or rubber, to breathe a mixture of propane butane (cooking gas) or exhaust gases.

• in the mountains, on submarines, mines

Partial pressure of oxygen, become too low, prevents gas exchange fully committed.In the mountains, breathing rarefied air conditions the oxygen supply is insufficient.At normal atmospheric pressure, but the low partial pressure of oxygen is similar to the picture (on submarines, mines).Brain anoxia

• respiratory diseases

(chronic rhinitis, including allergic and vasomotor, sinusitis, nasal polyps, a deviated septum, night snoring) can become a cause of blue under the eyes.

• pulmonary pathology

(from bronchial asthma and pneumonia to bronhoektatichekskoy disease and emphysema) can cause respiratory failure, which a person tries to compensate for shortness of breath (rapid breathing).

• foreign bodies in the upper airways or larynx spasm

(on the background of angioedema, stenosing laryngitis) cause acute hypoxic respiratory nature.The terminal version of this hypoxia – suffocation or drowning, in which the black under the eyes will not remain without attention pathologist.

• cardiac pathology

brain anoxia

Complicate pulmonary edema or cardiac asthma (left ventricular failure) also interfere with the oxygen transferred from the lungs into the blood.Examples include acute myocardial infarction, myocarditis.No worse cyanosis of the face appears at the right ventricle of the heart failure (pulmonary thromboembolism, asthmatic status, pneumothorax or pulmonary atelectasis). Hematic hypoxia

Case of violation of the blood to transport oxygen, develops hemic hypoxia.

• any acute or chronic blood loss or dehydration

Blood loss (with periodontitis, ulcers, hemorrhoids, uterine myoma) reduce the amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells.A sharp drop in circulating blood volume on dehydration background – reduces the oxygen transport impairs blood rheology, thickening it.Brain anoxia

• hemolysis

Hemolysis (the disintegration of red blood cells) – the second reason for the hypoxia.This is due to the toxicity of hemoglobin, the red blood cell has left.Hemolysis can cause:

– reaction of rejection of transplanted tissue, hemolytic poisons, hemolytic anemia, systemic diseases: systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, hemolytic streptococcus glomerulonephritis in the program, tonsillitis, rheumatic fever.

– including infectious agents to cause hemolysis plasmodium falciparum, toxoplasma, candida fungi, viruses, hepatitis B and C.

– hemolysis may be complicated by some medications: antibiotics (isoniazid, chloramphenicol, sulfonamides), antipyretic (aspirin, phenacetin), nitrofurans(furazolidina, furadonina), cytostatics, immunosuppressants.Brain anoxia

• poisoning

Education pathological forms of hemoglobin impedes oxygen out tissues.

Carbon monoxide poisoning – hemoglobin after connecting to the carbon monoxide is converted to carboxyhemoglobin.This strong connection, no ability to carry oxygen.Therefore, in case of poisoning can rapidly lead to death, and the consequences may also occur within a few hours after the start of breathing normal air.Small amounts of the substance present in the blood of smokers.

Poisoning by hydrogen sulfide or sulfides, aromatic amines and benzene – when hemoglobin interaction with these substances formed sulfgemoglobin (permanent connection).A typical example – the poisoning sulfonamides.At the same time under-eye circles is resistant greenish tint.Brain anoxia

Poisoning drugs and chemotherapy – methemoglobin (reversible variant hemoglobin) is formed in case of poisoning drugs (sulfonamides, vikasolom, lidocaine, antimalarial) or chemotherapy (silver nitrate, nitro, trinitrotoluene, nitrates). Stagnant hypoxia

Congestive hypoxia is when oxygen is still not dopoluchaet with sufficient oxygenated blood disorders due to its circulation tissue.

• malformation of the heart (congenital or acquired, for example, rheumatism, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease) can lead to congestive heart failure.For any of these reasons is broken blood supply to the tissues under the eyes lie deep shadows added edema syndrome and trophic changes of tissues.Almost always there is swelling and bruising around the eyes.Brain anoxia

• overload hypoxia – an interesting phenomenon that occurs during take-off or landing of an airplane, the elevator due to blood redistribution.

• in shock, collapse crisis microcirculation and deposit the main mass of blood vessels in the abdomen leading to a sharp brain hypoxia.Apart from the shadows under the eyes and lost consciousness can occur multiple organ failure.

• ischemic blood flow in the background atherosclerosis, stenosis, occlusion, thrombosis, certain vascular malformations (mainly head and neck) lead to tissue hypoxia circulatory nature.

• stagnant disorders may be caused by abnormalities of venous bed.

• traumatic brain injury upset not only the microcirculation, but also the dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid, causing venous stasis and increased intracranial pressure.Brain anoxia

• hypertension creates high peripheral resistance, the result of which are blood disorders and ischemic changes in the tissues of the head and brain.

• similar changes accompany diabetes .

Tissue hypoxia

Tissue anoxia – when this function is impaired tissue respiratory enzymes and oxygen is utilized enough, slow down oxidation and reduction processes in the tissues.

• when an excess of oxygen in the inspired air violated its understanding tissues.Develops general toxicity, cerebral or pulmonary form of oxygen poisoning.There are episodes of respiratory arrest.Muscle twitching or generalized convulsions, disturbances of vision and hearing, cardiac arrhythmia, loss of consciousness.The crisis leads to cyanosis microcirculation tissues.It may develop when oxygen (especially in the elderly).Brain anoxia

• similar situation when prolonged overheating, deficiency of ascorbic acid and vitamin E, infectious intoxication, renal pathologies , leading to chronic renal failure and uremia (contracted kidney, glomerulonephritis, amyloidosis, tuberculosis, kidney cancer, diabetic nefrotpatii et al.).

• cyanide poisoning or actinomycin blocks cytochrome oxidase and leads to hypoxia.

• hypovitaminosis group B violates the synthesis of cytochromes.This is observed with a deficiency of thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid.

• tissue hypoxia may aggravate any other type of oxygen starvation.

Endocrine causes

Change in color and elasticity of the skin, as a rule, are guilty often the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland.Brain anoxia

• adrenal insufficiency – hyperpigmentation of the skin and mucous characteristic of adrenal insufficiency of different origin.It can be either congenital or acquired (with prolonged therapy or massive glyukokokortikosteroidami, autoimunngoy atrophy of the cortical layer of the adrenal, pituitary tumors, autoimmune thyroiditis).

More dark stained areas of the body exposed to solar radiation and skin folds.There is a general asthenia sick, weak and lacking strength to live and work.Disturbed digestion, the pressure is reduced.Serious errors in the metabolism and immune defense.

• hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis) – with increased production of thyroid hormone mechanism darker coloring of the skin associated with the adrenal hormone cortisol, which breaks down more quickly and provokes secondary adrenal insufficiency.At the same shade of skin will change from brown to gray-black.Brain anoxia

• hypothyroidism – brownish-yellow circles under the eyes can be in low thyroid function.This disturbed nutrition of all tissues, the skin dries, peel off, it becomes jaundiced because of the movement disorders of bile.