How i deal with my anxiety – la dolce vita nanoxia deep silence 4 review

Just writing about this gives me a little bit of anxiety (ha!) however it’s also what helps me get through it. Funny how powerful our mind is. brain anoxia after cardiac arrest I’ve been wanting to press the publish button on this for much too long. For no other reason than that fear of….Does it make sense? Will anyone read this? Does it suck? I started this blog in 2013 so how am I still stuck in this place?!

I’ve dealt with anxiety for many years going back to childhood but it’s only in the last several years or so that the lightbulb went off and I actually had a name for it. I had lived with it for so long by then that it just became part of how I identified with myself. I thought…”Oh it’s just my personality” and “I guess I just don’t sleep well” and yes maybe some of it is that but I know that’s definitely not all it is.

I had heard the word anxiety being thrown around but never thought it was something that I actually suffered from. I’m too strong and confident for all of that business…right? Well yes and no. causes of hypoxia at birth After learning more about what it was I took advantage of all the info out there (thanks Google) and I learned it wasn’t “just me”. Just recognizing what it is has helped me a ton and right when I’m getting that all too familiar anxious feeling I know how to better deal with it or better yet help to avoid it all together.

As I’m writing this I’m trying to focus which should come very easy considering I’m ALL BY MYSELF. Meaning hubby is out with the kids. I should be jumping for joy right? You would think this would make it easier but when I have these rareish moments of having the house to myself I almost don’t know what to do with myself. can anxiety attack cause diarrhea For me, having too much idle time makes me feel anxious. I feel like I can’t fully relax like I should be doing something like cleaning the house, putting away laundry, preparing for dinner….you get the drift. It’s the same feeling I have when getting a massage or pedicure. I just can’t RELAX because I can’t stop thinking or worrying about everything I “should” be doing.

There are lots of ways anxiety can rear it’s ugly head but for me but it mostly shows up in the form of insomnia, getting very overwhelmed/stressed, loss of appetite, isolation….to name a few 🙂 It has definitely intensified since having kids (no surprise there). A big trigger for me is when I feel like I have lost control of a situation which happens often because it’s called LIFE. I’m consciously working on this everyday.

I envy people that can immediately fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. anoxic brain damage My hubby and daughter are two of these kind of people. Let’s just say that falling asleep easily is a struggle for me and has been for a very long time. Honestly, it wasn’t till I learned about what anxiety was that I realized it’s the main culprit for my issues with sleep. I will more often than not take a melatonin to help me along some nights 🙂 I have finally found some that work great and I don’t feel groggy when I wake up. I LOVE my sleep so getting this figured out is a big deal. Being an over thinker doesn’t help the situation. At night is when I tend to start over analyzing every little thing big or small (I don’t discriminate). nanoxia deep silence 3 So this clearly doesn’t help when it’s time to go to sleep and I can’t turn my brain off.

Therapy – what is it about spilling our deepest darkest secrets to strangers?! Just talking to someone and especially someone you don’t know very well helps. I first started seeing someone last year and I found it very helpful. hypoxic brain injury after cardiac arrest It felt good talking to someone who I had no connection to and could give me a different perspective.

Yoga – I’ve tried this maybe once in my life shortly after having my first kid #alifetimeago but I can still remember how relaxed yet energized I felt afterwords. With that said, I would really like to incorporate this into my routine because I think it would help me a ton. Actually, later today I’m going to check out a yoga studio for not only myself but my 10 yr old daughter as well. Thought this could be something great/bonding for us to do together.

I think I’ll always suffer from anxiety on some level. Actually just this week I had a couple of really tough days but fortunately didn’t get stuck in that place. I’m constantly working on myself and looking for ways to improve AND even though there are many things we can’t control like situations and other people there are lots of things we can control like practicing self care and breaking our own bad habits.