HBOT Hyperbaric Resources nanoxia project s

Resources for hyperbaric oxygen users organizations

• IHMA (international hyperbaric medical association), whose goals are to improve public health by implementing high ethical and scientific standards for hyperbaric medicine; promoting sound hyperbaric research and treatment protocols; educating the medical community, the general public, decision makers and policy experts about the benefits of hyperbaric medicine and adjunctive therapies; and working to make HBOT more universally available and affordable.

• MUMS, a support organization for families or care providers of children with rare disorders or medical conditions and also for service providers who assist these families.

• IHA, international hyperbarics association, an educational and charitable organization focusing on the needs of the hyperbaric community.Nanoxia project s

• ALL youtube videos on HBO, ALL conditions.

• hopeful parents, a grassroots support org for parents of kids with special needs.

• hydrocephalus foundation, dedicated to providing support, educational resources and networking opportunities to patients and families affected by hydrocephalus.

• holistic dental network, where patients, consumers, and holistic professionals meet. You will find the answers to your questions about mercury toxicity, dental amalgam health problems, heavy metal body burden, biocompatibility of composite dental restorations, nonmetallic and non-mercury filings, protocols for mercury amalgam removal, as well as biological microscopic non-surgical gum care.

• (brain injury, autism) may institute provides educational, rehabilitative, and behavioral healthcare services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities, brain injury, mental illness, and behavioral health needs.Nanoxia project s the institute also provides training and consultation services to professionals, organizations, and public school systems.

• NLD (nonverbal learning) on the web, the term nonverbal learning disorder/disability is actually quite misleading. Individuals with this disability are highly verbal, with their areas of deficit being in the nonverbal domains. Very resourceful with link to the NLD forum.

• anna jaques hospital’s listing of support groups (not online meet-ups), with telephone numbers and emails of the support group coordinator. AJH is located in newburyport, MA, but support groups may be held in amesbury, haverhill, and salisbury.

• (mitochondrial) mitochondrial disease action committee, mitoaction.Org.Nanoxia project s mitoaction’s mission is to improve quality of life for all who are affected by mitochondrial disorders through support, education and advocacy initiatives.

• ronald mcdonald house charities, to help families who need housing while their seriously ill children are receiving medical treatment away from home.

Medical groups

• american college for advancement in medicine (ACAM), where members include physicians and medical professionals interested in the latest in integrative and complementary medicine, including HBOT. Site includes a ‘doctor locator,’ which may help you choose a provider in your area.

• inspire, where you can join groups about health topics that concern you and make friends who share your health interests.Nanoxia project s

• MECFS, an online forum discussing where testing and analysis of chronic fatigue issues, but the forum also encompasses other conditions. This is a UK site. Use it to connect with others and gather information.

• SPED child and teen, with links to parent support, special babysitters, and many local massachusetts groups, listed by town. Many resource links.

• good therapy, where you can find a therapist or other professional near your zipcode, and read several therapy-related blogs.

• christopher reeve spinal cord injury and paralysis center, offering forums and research, including the neurorecovery network.

• patientslikeme, an online patient site, where you can find patients with conditions similar to you, help others, and learn from other patients.Nanoxia project s also, medical professionals often offer insights.

• veria, where you can consult with experts, ask questions, get answers, join (holistic) health discussions. A resource for healthy living, including tips, blogs, and videos.

• (lyme) MA lyme, a virtual meeting place and source for information and emotional support for people with lyme and other tick-borne diseases living in massachusetts.

• (lyme) canlyme, a very robust site but being revamped (so, it’s difficult to navigate at present) (sent to us by mike)


• dr. Neubauer, a pioneer in the area of hyperbaric oxygen for neurological conditions, like cerebral palsy (and brain injury).

• youtube videos on HBO, showing neurologic applications of hyperbaric oxygenation and the potentially recoverable brain, treating stroke, coma, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, anoxic encephalopathy and multiple sclerosis patients.Nanoxia project s

• ALL youtube videos on HBO, ALL conditions

• google videos, ALL hyperbaric oxygen therapy videos (ALL conditions) on google videos. Just search for the condition you are interested in learning more about.

• western canada HBO center’s video gallery covering many conditions – TBI, autism, coma, disc herniation, cerebral palsy, brain injury, and more.

• montel williams, HBOT and mitochondrial disease, another strong testimonial.

• medonline, a plethora of free HBOT educational videos used by medical professionals. A valuable resource for anyone interested in how HBO works!

• youtube video, hyperbaric oxygen explained.

• (lyme) under our skin, a documentary on lyme disease and the contrasting views on current approaches to treating lyme.Nanoxia project s it “exposes the hidden story of lyme disease, one of the most serious and controversial epidemics of our time.”

Books and magazines

• (stroke) valerie greene, a stroke survivor making a difference.

• hyperbaric oxygen therapy (neubauer and walker – dr. Morton walker health book)

• (cerebral palsy) hyperbaric oxygenation for cerebral palsy and the brain injured child: A promising treatment, by the late dr. Richard A. Neubauer, this book is a complete guide for caregivers of children with cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injuries who are considering using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Written in a semi-scientific manner, the information should also be of value to physicians, researchers and insurance providers seeking accurate and proven insight about the value of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy for children.Nanoxia project s A must read! Includes chapter on SPECT scan imaging and decision-making tools for parents and caregivers when considering HBOT. Only one session of HBOT has lasting effects.

• (lyme) making sense of it all, by debra murphy. (free preview) (recommended by wendy)

• (allergies, depression, add and adhd, eating) is this your child, by doris rapp, M.D. (free preview) (recommended by wendy)

• (chemical toxins) our toxic world, A wake up call, chemicals damage your body, brain, behavior, and sex, by doris rapp, M.D. (free preview) (recommended by wendy)

• (eating, food) in defense of food, an eater’s manifesto by michael pollan. (free preview) (recommended by wendy)

• (mold) mold warriors by ritchie shoemaker, M.D. (free preview)

nanoxia project s

• (CP) cerebral palsy magazine, a magazine founded by parents of children with CP.


• rubicon foundation archive, a repository of older full-text studies (search by keyword) and access to many HBOT abstracts. We appreciate the help that the rubicon (and UHMS) folks have given the HBO community over the years.

• birth hypoxia-ischemia video lecture (TBI, neo-natal asphyxia, cerebral palsy, and asphyxia-induced brain injury.) discusses popularity of HBOT in the US, including lack of clinical trials, and the mechanisms of HBOT. Well worth the time to view this lecture. (hypoxia-inducable factor, HIF-1a, and how HBOT can safely regulate it.)

• DHHS’s technology assessment: randomized controlled trials of HBOT uses in miscellaneous treatments, raman (2007)

nanoxia project s

• (lyme) effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on lyme disease by william P. Fife, ph. D.


• health central, a searchable repository of articles (e.G. Search by keywords “hbot” and your condition).

• alliance for natural health (on HBOT), study reaffirms “hyperbaric oxygen therapy should be standard treatment for veterans.”

• oxygen biotherapeutics, an interesting company investing in oxygen (not in any way related to HOPE-connection, of course).

• (lyme) essay when to suspect lyme, by john bleiwess, M.D., a masterfully written essay and considered to be the best article about LD. (sent to us by mike) (very informative)

• (lyme) educational lyme links (various articles and links)

• (lyme) lyme disease and treatment with HBOT, explanation and fife protocol.Nanoxia project s

Helpful links and friend pages

• abesnet, a one stop information website for disabled veterans who suffer (traumatic) brain injury.

• oh life, useful to keep an private journal of your experience and track the effects of HBOT.

• infinite potential program (RI-based), uses a unique, neurologically-based approach with the spectrum disorders like learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD/HD, language and auditory processing problems, movement disorders, tourette’s syndrome, as well as a wide range of genetic, traumatic and congenital disorders.

• the option institute (option.Org), uses a time-tested approach to changing families and individuals (and individuals with autism).

• (lyme) history of lyme disease (sent to us by mike) (very informative)

nanoxia project s

• (lyme) lab tests for lyme disease – an excellent explanation of inaccuracy of lab testing, by tom grier (sent to us by mike) (very helpful)

• (lyme) lyme info (sent to us by mike)

Condition-specific sites

• (interstitial cystitis) ichelp.Org, the interstitial cystitis association (ICA) is the only nonprofit association dedicated solely to improvingthe quality of healthcare and lives of people living with interstitial cystitis (IC).

• (mitochondrial) mitoaction.Org, whose vision is to create a community of support that reaches every child, adult, and caregiver affected by a mitochondrial disease.

• (NVL) nonverbal learning, explains NVL (article).

• (lyme) lyme times periodical.

Hyperbaric oxygen-specific sites (learn about HBOT)

nanoxia project s

• whitaker wellness institute, a clinic that offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

• HBOT site with testimonials (not endorsed or associated with HOPE-connection.Com). “if you or someone you care for has used hyperbaric oxygen therapy, please post your experience here – good and bad.”

• amen clinics’ description of SPECT imaging.