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Hi! I’m natalie! At the start of 2019, I asked you all what you wanted to see more of! I was shocked that a lot of you said you felt like you didn’t know much about me and that you’d like to get to know me more! I know this may sound funny because this is a blog hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy life expectancy where you are supposed to talk about yourself, I guess hehe, but sometimes I feel silly getting on here or on my stories and talking just about myself. I want to bring value and entertainment to your lives, and struggle with knowing how much to share vs how much to keep to myself so I generally air on the side of keeping to myself.

Do you plan on having children? How many? In short, yes. I want a family! However, I just honestly don’t feel ready for pregnancy and a baby yet.

I would love to have a 1 year old right now… hahah but I’m not looking forward to pregnancy at all. Is that crazy? LOL! I’m sure in the next couple years I will be. As far as how many, pat and I say we want to have one then go from there and decide if we want more.

What does your typical diet look like in a day/week? Lately I have been all out of whack with my diet…. I need to get back to healthy eating again. I try to do the intermittent fasting and not eat anxiety attack cure natural until noon. And I don’t eat the same psychology today anxiety test thing all the time. For lunch, I normally pick up something – a salad or sandwich somewhere. For dinner, usually cook a lean meat (chicken, salmon) and a vegetable (broccoli, something green). Pat and I also love chipotle hahah!

What experience has been very changing and transformative for you? 2017. It was one of the hardest years of my life. I took a new job at the end of 2016 that was not the right fit for me at all for a lot of reasons. I was struggling financially. My mom was diagnosed with parkinson’s. A guy ran a red light and totaled my car. It was one of those years where no matter what you can’t seem to catch a break.

But it was also the most HUMBLING year of my life. I remember praying… “hey, I think I know what your doing here. You are teaching me how to be humble. Lesson learned. PLEASE send some good fortune my way.” when people tell me I’m so positive and happy, I think anxiety attack treatment in er it’s partly just because I’ve always been this way, but also because of everything I experienced that year. I have so much to be thankful for now… my mom is doing really well, I have a job I love that is starting to provide for me and PK so we can hopefully one day afford to have kids and buy a house, and the new friendships I’ve made from blogging that I now couldn’t imagine life without… they might be small “wins” but a win is a win in my book. We don’t have everything I wish PK and I had at this point in our lives, but we’re working towards it and you have to enjoy the ride.

How do you feel about botox and fillers? Have you ever had them? Yes, I get botox twice a year and absolutely love it. I get only 20 units so I don’t get much nanoxia deep silence 3 anthracite at all. A lot of people say it is preventative so that’s what I’m going with. 😉 I think it makes you look more awake and I’m always sleepy so that’s a plus. With botox, I don’t think there is anything to be scared of as long as you go to someone reputable. I love a bargain as much as anyone but this is not the time to look for a sale! Haha! I have never done fillers – I’m scared they will make me look different. I would consider definition of anxiety disorder according to dsm 5 getting them in my smile lines, but I’ll try out microneedling first

Do you have another job outside of blogging? If not, what was your job before blogging? No, blogging is my only job! Before this I had three ‘corporate’ type jobs – I worked at service source my first job out of college- this is when I learned the hard lesson about paying taxes, 401k, health insurance and all the adult things – not fun. My second job was my absolute favorite at rezult group, a staffing firm, I was a recruiter and in sales. This job taught me how to work hard – I had the best boss ever there. My job right before blogging was in medical sales. Honestly, I always thought medical sales was the golden ticket because that’s the stigma with it. I’m sure it is for some people, but I didn’t feel that way. It wasn’t for me. I was more successful in the staffing industry, and I almost went back to my old job then my blog started to grow and I wanted to see what could happen. I’m so glad I did &#128578 unspecified anxiety disorder dsm 5 code;

Do you keep all the clothes you post or do you return some? I keep nanoxia project s midi almost everything! The only time I return is when I’m showing dressier items and have nowhere to wear them. In those cases, the outfits are more for inspo anyways. In the first few months of having my blog, I can’t lie- I returned A LOT. I didn’t make any money from my blog and had no extra income to spend on clothes I didn’t need. I felt guilty doing it so I started borrowing from local boutiques. If you are working on building your blog that is a great way to show a lot of different outfit without having to purchase everything yourself. Boutiques also appreciate the pictures in their clothes that they can use on their pages.

How much money can you anxiety meaning in gujarati make blogging? This a tough one to answer. It can really range. Just because you have a following doesn’t mean you are necessarily monetizing it. The main 2 ways you make money are through affiliate links and sponsored posts. Affiliate links are used to help make commissions so for example, on liketoknowit, I receive a small commission (usually a couple dollars) any time you purchase from my links (thank you so much for purchasing through my links!!) sponsored posts are pre-negotiated rates!

Do you find yourself constantly spending money to create new content? How do you keep a budget for all your shopping? Yes, I’m constantly spending money to create new content: photographers, clothes, props, software subscriptions, etc. But it’s my job/business. Most businesses have a lot of overhead – rent anxieux synonyme, bills, employees… I’m lucky enough to work from home so my overhead costs are generally low. Creating content is my most important expense. As far as clothes, I don’t have a budget, but I should. I try to shop very affordable places. Once I have taken pictures in everything I have in my closet, I’ll buy something new. I mentioned commissions earlier as a way to make money as a blogger – you have to buy clothes to make commissions so it’s sort of similar to a business keeping product on their shelves. I try to help with some of the clothing costs by selling them on poshmark.

How do you and other bloggers afford to do so much traveling? Okay this is a long one, but I’m going to shoot you straight. I used to wonder the exact same thing! When we travel in a group, most of the time, the hotel will comp our stay in exchange for sharing on stories so we are just on the hook for the flight and what we do during the day, food, etc. Personally, my husband has a lot of southwest points and a companion pass so when I fly with him, I fly free and I will sometimes use his points on flights.

Traveling is by far the best hypoxic and anoxic brain injury way to grow my business ‘aka my blog’ because travel content performs WAY better than anything else I post (likes, comments, etc) – my followers tend to enjoy it way more and anxiety neurosis meaning in hindi this is the #1 way (other than giveaways) that my following grows. The money I spend traveling is an investment in my business, just like any business, you have to invest in it to grow.

What do you do when you notice your engagement/growth may be down? Just keep going! I always try to look at the pics and take responsibility for it and not 100% blame the algorithm. Of course, the algorithm can be a struggle at times. But generally when my engagement is down, my content just isn’t my best – backgrounds, outfits, my facial expressions, etc.