Georgeta diaconu’s scientific contributions in epilepsy and seizures que es anoxia

[show abstract] [hide abstract] ABSTRACT: ceragenins, synthetic mimics of endogenous antibacterial peptides, are promising candidate antimicrobial agents. However, in some settings their strong bactericidal activity is associated with toxicity towards host cells. To modulate ceragenin CSA-13 antibacterial activity and biocompatibility, CSA-13-coated magnetic nanoparticles (MNP-CSA-13) were synthesized. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) were used to characterize MNP-CSA-13 physicochemical properties.

Bactericidal action and ability of these new compounds to prevent pseudomonas.Que es anoxia aeruginosa biofilm formation were assessed using a bacteria killing assay and crystal violet staining, respectively. Release of hemoglobin from human red blood cells was measured to evaluate MNP-CSA-13 hemolytic activity. In addition, we used surface activity measurements to monitor CSA-13 release from the MNP shell. Zeta potentials of P. Aeruginosa cells and MNP-CSA-13 were determined to assess the interactions between the bacteria and nanoparticles. Morphology of P. Aeruginosa subjected to MNP-CSA-13 treatment was evaluated using atomic force microscopy (AFM) to determine structural changes indicative of bactericidal activity.

Our studies revealed that the MNP-CSA-13 nanosystem is stable and may be used as a ph control system to release CSA-13.Que es anoxia MNP-CSA-13 exhibits strong antibacterial activity, and the ability to prevent bacteria biofilm formation in different body fluids. Additionally, a significant decrease in CSA-13 hemolytic activity was observed when the molecule was immobilized on the nanoparticle surface.

Our results demonstrate that CSA-13 retains bactericidal activity when immobilized on a MNP while biocompatibility increases when CSA-13 is covalently attached to the nanoparticle.

[show abstract] [hide abstract] ABSTRACT: background: neurocutaneous syndromes (NCS) are a broad term for a group of neurologic disorders that involve the nervous system and the skin. The most common examples are neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF-1) and type 2 (NF-2), tuberous sclerosis (TS), sturge–weber syndrome (SWS), ataxia telangiectasia (AT), and von hippel lindau disease (VHL).Que es anoxia these disorders are characterized clinically by neurological manifestations such as convulsions, mental retardation and learning disabilities in addition to cutaneous manifestations, and lastly tubers (benign growths found in different organs of the body).

Aim of the study: this study aimed to identify clinical, imaging, and neurophysiological profiles of neurocutaneous disorders. Children presented to the pediatric neurology and dermatology clinics, sohag university hospital who fulfilled the criteria for diagnosis of specific neurocutaneous syndromes were eligible for this study.

Patients and methods: all studied patients were subjected to thorough clinical history, full clinical examination, developmental assessment, and dermatological examination.Que es anoxia computed tomography of the brain (CT) and electroencephalography (EEG), ophthalmic, and phoniatric evaluation were also done for all children. Echocardiography was done for only twenty children.

Results: during the period of the study we diagnosed 27 cases with neurocutaneous disorders, tuberous sclerosis represented the majority of cases as it was detected in 12 cases (44.45%). The main complaint was convulsions in 19 cases (70.37%), whereas skin pigmentation was detected in 18 cases (66.66%). Developmental assessment showed that global developmental delay was found in 20 cases (74%). CT of the brain showed that 15 cases (55.55%) had intracranial calcifications and abnormal EEG findings were detected in 23 cases (85.2%). 85% of the studied children had various degrees of mental retardation.Que es anoxia echocardiography showed that three cases (15%) had ventricular wall tumor mostly rhabdomyoma.

Conclusion: neurocutaneous disorders had multiple clinical presentations and required a team work approach including various specialties in their evaluation and management.

[show abstract] [hide abstract] ABSTRACT: juvenile myoclonic seizures, generalized tonic clonic seizures and absence seizures. JME is an inherited disorder but the mode of inheritance is still controversial. Seizures in JME. Photosensitivity is influenced by inheritance, but relation is not yet clear and established. A total 55 patients with a diagnosis of JME were evaluated to know whether triggering of seizures were influenced b epileptologists on the basis of patient’s medical history and on electro of patients and diagnosis were based on the criteria of the c league against epilepsy syndrome other than JME were excluded from this study.Que es anoxia in our study 49.09% of JME patients were photosen i.E. 43.43%. On the other hand 43.64% of patients have positive family history. The percentage of male and female patients reporting the positive family history is al 43.47% in females. Relationship, indicating that photosensitivity is linked to inheritance. So we conclude that there is a strong relationship between photosensitivity and positive family history in JME patients thus substantiating the fact that photosensitivity is inherited.

[show abstract] [hide abstract] ABSTRACT: A comparative and integrated account is provided of the evidence that implicates frontostriatal systems in neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders. Specifically, we have made detailed comparisons of performance following basal ganglia disease such as parkinson’s disease, with other informative groups, including alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and structural damage to the frontal lobes themselves.Que es anoxia we have reviewed several behavioural paradigms including spatial attention and set-shifting, working memory and decision-making tasks in which optimal performance requires the operation of several cognitive processes that can be successfully dissociated with suitable precision in experimental animals. The role of ascending neurotransmitter systems are analysed from the perspective of different interactions with the prefrontal cortex. In particular, the role of dopamine in attentional control and spatial working memory is surveyed with reference to its deleterious as well as facilitatory effects. Parallels are identified in humans receiving dopaminergic medication, and with monkeys and rats with frontal dopamine manipulations.Que es anoxia the effects of serotonergic manipulations are also contrasted with frontal lobe deficits observed in both humans and animals. The main findings are that certain tests of frontal lobe function are very sensitive to several neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders. However, the nature of some of these deficits often differs qualitatively from those produced by frontal lobe lesions, and animal models have been useful in defining various candidate neural systems thus enabling us to translate basic laboratory science to the clinic, as well as in the reverse direction.