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The money we raise will pay for the initial nero-feedback evaluation which is $1700 and 25 therapy sessions.

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The hardest part of any story is deciding where to begin so I began with layla’s beginning…

This pregnancy was not like my boys and I knew in my heart I was having a girl. I was sick and miserable, my hips hurt and I had this crazy desire to wear pink (I hate pink). However at 20 weeks when the news was official I bawled…I did not want a girl. I had no idea what to do with a girl and girls have attitudes, are stubborn, and ornery. She would prove to be that in my womb and beyond.

On october 06, 2011, layla finally decided to come out. She was 10 day’s late and a whole pound plus bigger than my boys.Que es la anoxia as with most girls she was a true daddies girl. The day she was born I had tried all day to get her to take a binky. I had absolutely no success. Her daddy came to the hospital after work and shoved the binky in her mouth and she took it without any complaint. I could only grumbled in frustration.

Over the next year and a half she would time and time again prove that she was indeed stubborn, had an attitude, and was ornery. However she would also show us the softer side of having a girl with a sunny outlook, a loving personality, and nurturing temperament she becoming our princess… Our little ballerina….Our baby girl…

I could talk all day about how she use to be, however the reason we are doing this fundraiser has to do with layla’s current life.Que es la anoxia

From july 2012 to march 2013 my family was living in temporary arrangements in hotels, and apartments, and with family, so when we finally closed on our house on the 27th of march we breathed a sigh of relief, ready to settle down and get some structure back into our lives. This feeling of relief would be short lived, and structure wouldn’t come till a much, much later because in three short days my family would be facing one of the most challenging circumstances of our lives.

Layla drown – somehow while we were moving in she got out and drown in a pond two doors down.

When the dr. Sat down with us and gave us a true outlook of what condition she was really in it wasn’t good. She suffered from a severe anoxic brain injury.Que es la anoxia as far as the scans showed she would not talk, she would not walk, she would not have any cognitive thought, she wouldn’t feel pain…She would NEVER smile again. They were not even sure if she could be able to breathe without the breathing tube.

Over the next week my husband and I would battle our feelings, our pain, and our choices. Should we let her go, should we put a tracheotomy in and take her home, should we get a second opinion, should we tell our boys, should we let our boys see her, do we understand the final outcome of whatever decision we make, should we ask more questions, what questions should we ask, …The only thing that we knew for sure is that: we just didn’t know…Eventually we decided that we were going to let her go and on april 15th, 2013 we removed her respirator.Que es la anoxia

Layla had other plans. While it took time, she is doing more than the doctors ever thought she would. The exciting part is that the things that have proved to produce the most successful results are considered alternative medicines. The down side to alternative medicines is that almost none of it is covered by insurance. So far layla has completed 60 dives in the hyperbaric chamber, this has helped her spasticity, her seizures, and I also think that it is the reason that she has stayed healthy. She has also been on hemp oil to help with her seizures. At that time she was having over 100 seizures a day. She started micro-current therapy a couple of months ago. She now is having less than 20 seizures a day, she has improved eating by mouth, and we have seen an increase in her ability to maintain eye contact, move her limbs, and better head control.Que es la anoxia the nero-feedback therapy should help amplify the success that we have seen with the micro current therapy. The money we raise will pay for the initial evaluation which is $1700 and 25 therapy sessions.

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WEDNESDAY 7/15/2015

Yesterday and today went much, much better. Yesterday she was asleep when I picked her up and she slept till about 4:30, but today she slept on the ride home and has been awake the rest of the evening. I know that we have only been doing the therapy for three day so I am hesitant when I say we are seeing progress. I’m always afraid I’m seeing thing happen that really turn out to be nothing, it has happened before. That being said…I have noticed that she is able to keep her eyes level.Que es la anoxia she doesn’t spend as much time looking up. Also when talking to her she is able to keep her focus for a longer period of time. She use to look at people or objects, but was only able to hold her gaze for 5 to 10 seconds before her eyes would go bouncing around in her socket. It would then take her about 20 to 30 seconds to refocus on the person or object. She can now hold her gaze for 1-2 minuet and when she does look away she is able to bring her eyes right back. The other thing I noticed is that this morning when I went to get her ready she was sleeping with her mouth closed. I’m not sure if it was just a coincidence or if she’s actually able to use the muscles to keep her mouth closed. I didn’t notice her being able to do so throughout the day so for that one we will just have to wait and see.Que es la anoxia

I know these seem to be very minor things, but to be seeing any changes in such a short time period…Well it holds promise. I will keep you all updated. + read more