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Craig sustained a traumatic brain injury on june 27, 2013. Craig was asleep in his apartment,

When he was brutally attacked and beaten. All of craig’s injuries were to his

Head and face. Craig was taken to erlanger medical center in chattanooga, tennessee.

Craig’s injuries were life threatening, it is truly a miracle that he survived.

Craig was in ICU intubated on a ventilator for three days with an open head injury,

Severe eye trauma and brain swelling. After spending eighteen days and having

Some reconstructive surgery at erlanger medical center, craig was transferred to

The shepherd center in atlanta, georgia.

Craig spent thirty-five days at

Shepherd center learning to walk, eat and find his voice again.Anoxia perinatal he spent most

Of his days in intense physical, occupational and speech therapy. After much

Improvement craig was able to advance and transfer to a residential program at

Shepherd pathway. Craig was adjusting well at pathway, when suddenly he started

To decline and doctors discovered he had developed a pneumocephalus(air on the

Brain), which was caused from the severe fractures to his sinuses allowing cerebral

Spinal fluid to leak out and air to get on his brain. Craig was spent to

Piedmont hospital in atlanta, georgia where he was admitted to ICU for surgery

To repair the leak. Craig still has a lot of rehabilitation and reconstructive surgeries

Ahead. At this time it is unknown if craig will ever have sight in his left

anoxia perinatal

Eye, drive, work or live on his own again. We are thanking god and praying for

Continued miracles in craig’s life. This has not only been life changing for

Craig but, also his family and friends. When craig is hospitalized, has doctor’s

Appointment, or team meeting with his doctor’s, therapist and social worker it

Is important for a family member to be present because of his brain injury. The

Travel and lodging expenses have become very costly. Any donation will be

Greatly appreciated.

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I apologize that it has taken me so long to do an update. It was a busy weekend and I have had a headache since friday evening. Craig garrett had a good weekend at home, he did a lot of resting. He told us friday morning when we arrived at pathway that he hadn’t slept well all week.Anoxia perinatal he said he didn’t feel like having a lot of company, so we just had a quite weekend.

We had a busy day friday going through therapy with craig and meeting with everyone. Craig has done great at shepherd and pathway. We can’t thank them or praise them enough for all of the care and love they have given to craig and us. Shepherd center is truly a GOD send to patients and their families. As horrible as it is being sent to shepherd, it is also amazing to watch all the miracles that happen there daily. We will forever feel grateful and blessed for the experience. Craig is truly a miracle !! Craig has been working really hard since he arrived at shepherd on august 15, 2013. He did have a set back that scared us all.Anoxia perinatal craig still has a lot of work to do, but with everyone’s prayers, help, respect, and consideration, he can accomplish all his goals and return to an independent life, that’s what he wants most. Physically craig is doing pretty well with walking, balancing, building endurance and strength training. He can use stairs when he has to, as long as he has on shoes……NO sock feet or NO bare feet. Craig is at high risk for another injury to occur in this first year after his original injury. Craig has because very cautious and does pay attention to his surroundings and movements. There is a long list of things he can’t do and there is a list of things that he can still participate in for enjoyment.Anoxia perinatal it will just take time easing him back into the real world. He still has to have a little assistance at times and will still need supervision. He CAN’T be left alone anywhere for any period of time. The biggest challenges craig is facing at this time are short term memory and anxiety. Those are the two things we really have to focus on when he gets home. He has become a very scheduled/routine person, almost robot like. It seems to work well for him and makes him feel comfortable. We are going to have to start slowly working him back into socialization. We can’t force him into situations he is not comfortable with or that may cause more anxiety. We will try to start reintroducing him back into crowds and activities for short periods of time to start with and if all goes well, then the next time we will extend the time.Anoxia perinatal craig has a hard time tolerating bright lights, loud noises, large crowds, barking dogs and small children( he’s afraid they will hurt him, banging toys, screaming) just normal things kids do. He still has problems with depth perception and retrieval of words. He knows the word or object, but can’t always retrieve them. The speech therapist said it’s okay to help him by telling him the word he is searching for, with lots of practice this will improve over time. Craig won’t be able to start his PT, OT or ST until january 1, 2014 due to insurance, however he will be starting his counseling once a week after he is home. He will have to return to shepherd about every three months to see the medical doctor, they will continue to manage his care and medication.Anoxia perinatal he’s been cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping as part of his therapy for the last few weeks. We will continue to let him do these things when he comes home. All of this will help get him closer to his goal of independence. He expresses the desire to live on his own and to go back to work. His appearance really bothers him and he talks about getting reconstructive surgery. We as a family can’t express enough that craig just wants to be treated like the craig you know and love. We ask that you please not ask him questions about his injuries or the circumstances surrounding them. If he wishes to talk about them with you he will. Craig will be splitting his living arrangements between our house and grandmas.Anoxia perinatal on the advice and recommendations from craig’s neurophysiologist and medical doctor we were advised not to let craig go off with anyone unless he is accompanied by a family member. After he has adjusted to being home and we see how he does then the doctors will reevaluate. Please don’t ask craig to go places or do things without checking with family first because he CAN’T go alone at this time. We have all invested a lot of love and time into making sure craig has the best medical care, therapy and things he needs, especially james AKA spanky, he has talked to many doctors, therapist, social workers, nurses,insurance companies and neurophysiologist to insure that craig gets what is best for him.Anoxia perinatal at the end of the day we all want whats best for craig, his well being and safety must come first. We hope that everyone understands and is willing to help craig in the next phase of his recovery journey. Please pray that craig has a smooth transition friday from pathway back to home, this will be a big step for all of us.

Much love,

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Wanted to let you know that craig garrett’s day surgery on wednesday to remove the remaining packing from his nose went well. He wouldn’t let them start a IV even after many attempts and having grandma and teresa trying to talk him into it. There is really no reasoning with him due to the brain injury, you pretty much just have to take the bull by the horn or in this case they gassed him and obtained their IV access.Anoxia perinatal the ENT doctor said everything had healed good and he will see craig on november 15, 2013 for hopefully his last visit. The plan is for james and I to go that morning and pack craig’s things from shepherd pathways take him to his appointment with the ENT doc and head north for craig to start rehabilitation and rebuilding his life here with family and friends. That will be another big step for craig in his journey. He has already voiced concerns about living arrangements, which have not completely been worked out yet. He knows that he longer lives in his apartment, that we moved him out because it would be quite sometime before he could live on his own. He was fine with that decision and said it made sense.Anoxia perinatal craig is aware of what happened to him and circumstances surrounding his injuries, of course he doesn’t know any gory details and doesn’t need too. His mind is still not in a state to be questioned. His neuropsychotherapist will still not allow that to happen. A detective from east ridge did go to pathway on oct 8 to obtain a DNA swab, we aren’t sure why it took them 15 weeks to decide they needed one, but then again there’s a lot we aren’t sure of. The case worker said the situation made craig very uncomfortable. I think it would be fair to say the last 16 weeks have been very uncomfortable for craig. James will stop and pick craig up today on his way through atlanta today for the weekend. He will be staying at grandmas this weekend.Anoxia perinatal sam is going camping with the church, so james and I decided to spend a little alone time together since he missed my birthday tuesday. We understand that teresa has planned a get together for some family and friends tomorrow. James has spoken with craig’s case worker about it and she said that it would be fine as long as the crowd and time was limited. That it didn’t need to be everyone at onetime or a all day affair. Craig gets overstimulated and anxious since his brain injury and needs time and space alone to rest and relax. He voiced his concern that there was no where for him to be by himself at grandmas. Last saturday barry fisher, heather stephenson fisher, wyatt, vanessa allgood and tommy came over to watch the georgia game with craig, they were probably here about 4 hours.Anoxia perinatal when everyone left, craig was shaking, he took a shower and went to bed until dinner, after dinner he went back to bed and we didn’t see him until the next morning. Wyatt did GREAT with his uncle craig!! Barry and heather did a awesome job explaining to wyatt about craig’s injuries. Wyatt was very gentle around craig. I ask craig if wyatt made him nervous? And he said not after I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me! Apparently wyatt and uncle craig use to wrestle and play fight :). Craig is doing good over all and is still improving weekly, physically his is much better, mental he his has a ways to go. James talks to the case worker, nurses, doctors, insurance co, etc….Several times a week. James has been at every meeting physically or by conference call, so I can assure you that the information is based on truth and facts, plus he has had many private conversation with craig.Anoxia perinatal

Please keep praying…..I’ll tell more when I know more. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Much love,

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Craig made it home for the weekend!!! YEA!! He seems to be a happy camper. I stopped by the store on the way home to pick up some snacks that he likes and wendy’s for dinner. After he ate he said it’s passed my bedtime, I said well,we broke you out you don’t have to go to bed you can stay up as long as you want to. He said I have to go back though, so I need to stay on my schedule 🙁 bless him…..He certainly has because quite the rule follower. Oh,lawd…I hope that doesn’t mean I have to serve breakfast at 7:30 in the morning.

Craig saw the ENT doc and the eye doc this week.Anoxia perinatal the ENT visit didn’t got so good. His anxiety level was through the roof to say the least!! They were unable to remove the packing, so they decided to give him a rx for anxiety and have him come back in the afternoon. The eye doctor visit went much better… He said all the abrasions and cuts on the lens had heal and that the optic nerve looked better since his last exam. Craig still doesn’t have sight in that eye, although he can see that something is there if you cover his right eye and hold your hand up in front of his left eye, but he can’t tell you what it is. The second visit to the ENT doc was also unsuccessful even with geodon on board and four people holding him down. The medicine did not touch the anxiety,so they are going to schedule out patient surgery at piedmont with anesthesia to remove the rest of the packing.Anoxia perinatal craig’s tentative release from pathway is november 15,2013, so that should have him home in time for turkey day.

Keep praying…I’ll tell you more when I know more.

Much love,

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I was to tired to update last night and we have been busy cleaning this house that we have neglected for weeks.We finally got every room cleaned (not counting james office) and all the laundry finished, now if we can just get the porches cleaned(spider webs are everywhere), weeds sprayed and mulch. If you don’t stay on top of things it’s doesn’t take long for things to go to hell in a hand basket and the catch up just about kills you!!

We had a really good day with craig yesterday and a very exciting football game!Anoxia perinatal we called on our way to atlanta to tell the nurse not to feed craig lunch that we were going to take him out to lunch before the football game started……Well, she didn’t tell him and he ate a PBJ right before we got there,so he wasn’t hungry, however we did eat reese cups. I gave him a break this weekend, we didn’t do spa day! I told him we would do it next weekend. He thought that was an excellent idea. I knew this not by great expression or emotion, but by the two simple words…Sounds good. He apparently had been having his own spa days,because five minutes before the game was going to start he decide to take a shower. I ask him if he had showered that morning and he said yes…. All the while carrying on to the bathroom to shower again, then sometime after halftime he disappeared once more to the bathroom and we heard the shower again.Anoxia perinatal this was the third shower before five PM. I did notice two empty bottles of body wash in the trash( all that know me,know I’m very observant ). I thought it was time to bring the showering to the nurses attention. She was going to make a note and speak with the others nurses because she only works weekends. I know from researching and reading that some brain injury patient get fixated,ODC, one track mind behavior about certain things or it could be the ritalin. We also, noticed that he was doing it with the bedside lamp too…. He would turn it on and off quite frequently. I do believe that when he had his set back with the neumocephalus(air on the brain) that it altered craig’s personality more.Anoxia perinatal he was chuckling and half smiling( because of nerve damage on his left side) before this happened, but we haven’t seen it since august. He doesn’t have the ability to show emotion or expressions and it’s difficult for him to read our emotion too. Once during the game yesterday( that would have been when I was in A-fib) I said craig can you give me something??? And he responds with it’s just a game. I knew at that moment that this brain injury had stolen the craig we all knew. It made me incredibility sad. He did ask me who had been picking out his clothes and buying them…. I told him I had …Why? He said because I know grandma isn’t good at that! That made me laugh! Then another time the nurses were outside his room in the sitting area laughing and cutting up, we said wonder what all that’s about?Anoxia perinatal he said you know everyone here has a brain injury. They should finish with craig’s evaluations this week. They will have a conference call with james on thursday about the results and give a tentative release date. Craig will have appointments with the ENT doc and eye doc this week too. His eye appeared to be less irritated yesterday. He still can’t breath through his nose because there is still some packing, but the drainage has been less. He is still having some discomfort and aching. Hopefully they will give him the okay to come home for a weekend visit.

Keep praying….I’ll tell you more when I know more.

Much love,

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