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Nutritional medicine has its limits, as no matter how hard we try, we cannot solve everything with food, or with micronutrients alone. Anti-ageing medicine relies heavily on hormone therapy and goes beyond anxiety disorder treatment the objectives of functional medicine, which is restoration of the physiologic state (according to age and sex) without any risk to the patient. This results from the fact that the balance of the anxiety disorder treatment body reflects millions of years of human evolution. Ignoring these physiologic norms means that practitioners always run the anxiety disorder treatment risk of playing the sorcerer’s apprentice.

Even if the use of hormones is based on logical anxiety disorder treatment objectives, by going further and targeting what is beyond the normal anxiety disorder treatment human physiological state, do we really know of the long-term effects of such treatment over decades?

Considering the immense complexity inherent in living organisms, it is not difficult to envisage how changing the rules anxiety disorder treatment of the game may cause unintended consequences or adverse effects, misgivings that simply don’t apply to functional medicine because of its underlying principles anxiety disorder treatment and approach. Safely restoring normality

It is a lot more reassuring to end once and anxiety disorder treatment for all the barrage of criticism and controversy that impede anxiety disorder treatment anti-ageing medicine and to study in great detail the status anxiety disorder treatment of the patient with all the necessary biological tests (blood, urine, saliva, stools). Once we better understand the patient’s status in such a clear way, we ‘simply’ focus all efforts on restoring normality, as it is within this equilibrium that we can guarantee anxiety disorder treatment the safety of patients. Functional medicine aims to do this through all available natural anxiety disorder treatment methods.

In this search, one can obviously be led to identify optimal reference values anxiety disorder treatment instead of purely statistical norms (the famous gaussian bell shaped curves or U-shaped or J-shaped relationships, provide proof that the middle of the curve doesn’t always constitute the optimum). Most of the time, however, it will just bring back settings to the middle. This is not an easy task and the means to anxiety disorder treatment get there are often very complex and sophisticated: promoting healthy lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, the use of nutritional supplements, and re-establishing hormone balance (but only with natural and/or bio-identical molecules, and according to the norms appropriate to age and sex). Lasting solutions

Achieving this balance takes time, financial costs (because alas, only the "chemical" is covered by our governments) and unfailing motivation. This last one applies not only to the patient but anxiety disorder treatment also to the practitioner: functional medicine is not an easy medicine and those looking anxiety disorder treatment for miraculous solutions will not find them. However it is an ambitious medicine that targets more than anxiety disorder treatment the relief of the patient’s complaints. Obtaining optimal physiologic balance leads ipso facto to a powerful anxiety disorder treatment preventive approach, especially with regard to the plethora of chronic degenerative diseases anxiety disorder treatment that are affecting us more and more.

Functional medicine does not care about labels: “ IBS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia”. In fact, come to think of it, what do these fancy names really mean? A simple definition of the patient’s complaints allowing them to be neatly labelled and filed anxiety disorder treatment away because we don’t know what medicine to prescribe for it! In the long run, it is not really a matter of whether or not anxiety disorder treatment to prescribe a chemical product foreign to the body that anxiety disorder treatment matters most. What’s more critical is to fully comprehend what is not anxiety disorder treatment functioning properly. I recall from my university training where my professors used anxiety disorder treatment to label certain difficult cases to cure as functional. A more adequate term would have been to name them anxiety disorder treatment dysfunctional. Holistic

The functional medicine approach is holistic, that is to say, it is for the whole body. One of the major problems of modern medicine comes from anxiety disorder treatment the lack of communication between the various specialties that are anxiety disorder treatment distributed according to the organs of the human body, essentially on an anatomical basis (sometimes also according to a function, but then only one at a time). These specialists have a tremendous knowledge concerning matters in their anxiety disorder treatment own specialty, but what about links to other organs? They are not that interested in these inter-connections! Digestive health

Coming from a first medical career oriented towards the monitoring anxiety disorder treatment of athletes, this way of treatment – invented by the americans about twenty years ago – let’s give them credit – immediately captivated me. Functional medicine attaches enormous importance to digestive health, the famous intestinal ecosystem, the functioning of which affects athletic performance, both in terms of quality and in duration. When I saw that functional medicine started from the principle anxiety disorder treatment that everything depends upon a properly working digestive system (we must pay tribute to jeffrey bland and his pioneering anxiety disorder treatment work since 1990), I knew this was the right way to proceed.