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I thought i would just write and share my experiences to give a little hope to those who have just started fluoxetine and are suffering from the awful side effects… Hang in there! I am 6 months in now and i cannot believe how my life has changed, im laughing every day, i love my job im enjoying my wonderful children and my beautiful granddaughter, im moving house and i just feel my old self again, my friends are so happy for me they said i got lost for a while but they have been so supportive, and say that its great to have me back ! Something i didnt think would happen 5 months ago believe me i had no motivation and suffered every side effect felt totally disconnected from the world, i have been where you are now!Anoxemia definition

this site has been my life line and people who came through the other side gave me hope so by sharing this post with you i hope it will give you the encouragement and strength to carry on with the tablets, good luck to everyone and thank you all who have replied to me when i needed advice and reassurance. Good luck love sharon xxx

Hi sharon

My name is mikayla. I’m 21 years old. February I moved out for the first time with my boyfriend and ever since then things have gone down hill. I got scared of being alone and scared of everything and started having panic attacks. I refused meds until I started to feel depression because of feeling hopeless and then I got on prozac. I’m on week 6 or 7 and I feel like some of the side effects have gone away but instill have weird feelings everyone in a while.Anoxemia definition I don’t feel like myself yet. I have days were I feel like I’m not even living a real life. I have moments where I look around and just stare at thins and not think anything at all. It’s like nothing is on my mind whereas I used to have too much on my mind. I just wanted to know if anyone has had these feelings? I also had moments where I thought really bad things could happen to me or someone I care about. Like I think really bad things and it made me cry one day and then the sad feeling went away after a while. I’m just confused and hoping I feel better soon. I want to feel like I’m living my life and in the moment and enjoy it but I feel like I’m in my own little world ;( I want to have feelings again!Anoxemia definition do o have hope?

Hi. I am on day 9 of flu 10mg. The first 3 days I felt good. But the last two days ive felt horrible. Chest pains, anxious. I also take .5mg ativan twice a day. I was on buspar 15mg prior to being on flu. I am seeing a new doctor now (one my mom worked with for 15 years. He took me of buspar and put me on flu said the buspar was wrong for me. I have never been to the doctors so much in my life. Im almost 32 and this is all new to me. I’ve had alot of blood work done, ER visit, EKG everything came back normal and I got 3 diagnosis of panic/anxiety disorder. I have been very irritable the last 2 days and I feel so bad because my step daughter is having a sleep over and I feel like a horrible mom.Anoxemia definition the littlest thing irritates me. Also ive been burping alot. And my stomach sometimes feels sour. Maybe like acid reflux? IDK. I have my first follow up on friday the 24th so I will see what he says. It was also advised that I go see a counselor which i am doing on tuesday. I hope these side effects go away soon, it’s so hard not to keep thinking something is really wrong when your having physical symptoms. I just want my life back. SO thankful for this site.

Hello all! I have been looking online for a good forum to keep me motivated on taking the prozac. I saw this one said hope at the top and it has given me some hope! Just finished week 3 (20mg first week 40mg past 2 wks) and I’ve been pretty down in the dumps during it all.Anoxemia definition side effects have been increased anxiety, dry mouth, chest tightness, and the highs and lows have begun this last week. I’ll have a couple of hours of feeling ‘normal’ then boom crash! Back down with the blues and not wanting to move. Lots of feelings of depersonalazation, and blankness so to speak. Avoiding people and all things that provoke my panic. Going to psych doc tomorrow for 3 wk follow up. Thought about saying I wanted to throw in the towel on this one. But after reading everyone’s comments on how long it takes I am going to stick it out. What’s a couple more months when you’ve been in the trenches so long for already right? At least that’s my thinking. Keeping busy helps. My job is stressful but one of the only things I look forward to right now just to pass the time.Anoxemia definition how is everyone else doing? Any more success stories?

So when I was 16 I woke up one night having severe anxiety and panic attacks ks for the first time ever. Every day for 2 years was complete hell until one day when I was 18 it all went away. I had panic attacks, lightheaded, out of body experience, many ER visits and I never got help.

From 18-33 (this year). Anxiety was gone, clear head. Life was fantastic until I started a high stress management job 8 months ago. My anxiety attacks came back followed by panic attacks. Then 8 weeks ago I woke up just like I was 16. Lightheaded 24/7, brain fog, memory loss, followed by completely new symptoms.

This time around I have had a lump in throat, hard to swallow, constant worry I have a severe disease or i make up diseases.Anoxemia definition can’t stay off the internet always researching diseases. Light sensitivity and heat sensitivity.

I have been cleared by every doctor for any diseases or health problems, cat scans,ri, ultrasound sound, blood tests, bacteria test, stool tests, scopes. No one could find anything

They put me on 20mg of prozac 2 days ago and so far so good no side affects but of course since it’s been only 2 days I don’t feel anything from it yet.

I just want to feel normal again. It’s been hell for my wife who is a trooper through this. She knows what it’s like she has anxiety to but no as severe. I wish my thought would just stop and go away so I could think straight and stop thinking I have this disease or that disease.Anoxemia definition

8 weeks to long and I’m sure it’s a long road ahead

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