Fern flett – bichon lovers natural rearing breeders where dreams really do come true. – bichon lovers are natural que es la anoxia rearing reputable bichon breeders!

Fern and david from bichon lovers are professional and responsible que es la anoxia natural rearing breeders. Their bichon puppies are beautiful. Warm and compassionate, they have a wealth of knowledge and information, and are always available to offer advice and assistance whenever que es la anoxia needed. We’ve had a wonderful experience with fern and david, and we have two of the sweetest puppies ever.

Bichonlovers are a wonderful breeder. Fern and david are very knowledgeable and guide you through que es la anoxia the process of adding a puppy to your family. You can see that the puppies and parents are well que es la anoxia taken care of. They send you pictures as the puppies grow and fern que es la anoxia is always available to answer your questions. They provide you with lots of information on how to que es la anoxia raise a happy and healthy puppy. It was a wonderful experience.

Extremely knowledgeable and informative, fern and david at bichon lovers helped us in our que es la anoxia decision to add our fantastic bichon frise, freddie, to our family. Since the day that we brought freddie home, he has been a happy, healthy dog that has been an absolute joy to share que es la anoxia our lives with. I highly recommend bichon lovers to anyone that is interested que es la anoxia in this fun and loveable breed.

My family and I were searching for our newest addition que es la anoxia for over a year before I found fern. I spoke to several breeders who would get very defensive que es la anoxia or illusive when I would ask them detailed questions about que es la anoxia their lines. Fern always took her time answering my questions and addressing que es la anoxia my concerns. I could tell that she is a very dedicated and que es la anoxia conscientious breeder who really cares about her dogs and their que es la anoxia adoptive families. We picked up our little boy in june of 2017 que es la anoxia and he is so healthy, smart and handsome. We get compliments everywhere we go. If you are looking for a healthy dog to adopt que es la anoxia then I would highly recommend fern.

Bichon lovers are top notch natural breeders! We did a lot of research before we were lucky que es la anoxia enough to find exceptional breeders like fern and david flett. We were so impressed with their natural, holistic approach to breeding that we knew we had to que es la anoxia get our pup from them — even though they are located in ontario and we live que es la anoxia in BC. Fern and david are extremely knowledgeable and they raise their que es la anoxia puppies in a loving, healthy environment. It’s just so obvious that they love what they do. We adopted our little boy, cooper from them last spring. He’s a beautiful, happy, healthy little guy with a wonderful temperament. He loves everyone — especially kids and other dogs. He is so social and outgoing that we are planning que es la anoxia to adopt another pup from bichon lovers this spring — a little girl this time — so that cooper will have a constant companion to play que es la anoxia with. We have been very grateful for the excellent, ongoing support we have received from fern. She is passionate about sharing the latest health information and que es la anoxia has provided us with valuable advice that has helped us que es la anoxia make informed decisions with regard to our pup’s health care.

We found this breeder to be a compassionate, informed, conscientious and professional person. We were pleased to find that the female dogs are que es la anoxia bred a few times and then allowed to live a que es la anoxia happy life within a family. The puppies are expertly weaned and fed only high quality que es la anoxia foods. They are not vaccinated at six weeks, which is what the majority of breeders do. When fern flett sells you a bichon puppy, you can be sure it will be a healthy and que es la anoxia happy little dog! It is obvious that these puppies are well loved and que es la anoxia cared for from the moment they are born. We would highly recommend this breeder.

Very positive!!! Fern made me aware of issues I had never previously que es la anoxia considered, such as feeding raw & the dangers of vaccines. Re the latter, we discussed this at length & I will be minimally immunizing my puppy. But as a result of much time spent discussing this que es la anoxia with fern, I have researched this & am able to make much wiser, safer informed decisions. Dealing with fern was a pleasure. She was always available and pleasant. I felt very confident `adopting` a puppy from fern, knowing that I was getting a high quality little animal. I have had tilley now for two weeks & she has been an absolute delight!!!

Fern cares very much for the animals she raises, and the end result is clear in her happy, healthy bichons with excellent temperament. She cares so much that she will go to any que es la anoxia length to make sure they are healthy, including increasing my knowledge as an owner about the hazards que es la anoxia of vaccines and making me aware of how corrupt the que es la anoxia pet industry really is. I do believe however that she goes too far in que es la anoxia her anti-vaccination beliefs, and she can be moralizing; she won’t think less of you if you do decide to que es la anoxia vaccinate your dog though. I am definitely a better pet owner because of her que es la anoxia passion for healthy pets and I am forever grateful for que es la anoxia my pup, nessie. Thank you for all your hard work fern!

I would recommend this breeder absolutely. I feel confident that you will not find another breeder que es la anoxia who loves our fur babies like fern does. I have 2 babies that I adopted from her, my wee jessie beth and my beautiful maggie rose, they will be 10 years old in october, and they have brought me nothing but love. Fern has kept in contact with us, she has asked for updates on my babies, and offered advice when needed. They may be our fur babies but auntie fern plays que es la anoxia the role well, keeping them a part of her life. I would without doubt buy from her again, and would recommend the same to anyone looking for beautiful que es la anoxia fur babies.

We adopted lola love from fern over 4 years ago que es la anoxia and we were extremely happy with our entire experience during que es la anoxia the adoption process and we continue to keep in touch que es la anoxia with fern to this day. We have referred many friends to fern because of the que es la anoxia way she raises her pups and cares for her pack. Fern has taken on a natural approach with her bichons que es la anoxia and it shows in the health of all her dogs. Recently did a full check up on lola love: all the blood work including titres, stool and urine sample. 100% healthy and happy. Fern is a wealth of knowledge. Listen and reap the benefits of having a loving, happy, healthy companion for years to come. I would encourage anyone looking for a bichon to adopt que es la anoxia from fern.

Fern flett is an exceptionally knowledgeable, dedicated & devoted breeder who tirelessly keeps in touch with her pet que es la anoxia parents. Never too busy to be reached, never too busy to answer any questions. Her mums and dad bichons are healthy, vibrant & healthy! She is proud to show you her entire kennel; we met our bichon parents, and were able to see all of the pups as que es la anoxia well! We adopted two twin girls from fern. They arestrong, healthy, happy, playful beautiful pups whom we love dearly! Fern doesnt just sell fantastic puppies she really goes out que es la anoxia of her way to give you an adoption! We got mum’s pregnancy pictures; newborn puppy pictures… Regularly all the way thru their growth & development right up to the day we met them & took them home! We still keep in touch with fern and think very que es la anoxia highly of her and all the extra work that she que es la anoxia puts into breeding her lovely bichons. I wouldnt hesitate for a minute to highly recommend fern que es la anoxia & david flett to any family wanting beautiful healthy bichon puppy! She sets the bar for what all breeders should be!

Superb bichon frise breeder. Fern and david really put a lot of love and que es la anoxia care from a very clean and neat nursery, to feeding their dogs a raw healthy diet and are que es la anoxia always keeping their puppy owners up to date on ways que es la anoxia to keep your dog healthy after they go to their que es la anoxia forever home. Fern is always there to ask questions and gives very que es la anoxia good advice and references to read if you have any que es la anoxia questions. My timmie is now 4 1/2 years old and is absolutely healthy and happy dog. He has never had any health issues, no skin allergies or other any other issues whatsoever. If you are looking for a breeder with a good que es la anoxia reputation of taking care of her dogs and producing healthy que es la anoxia puppies, bichon lovers is the place to go. They are very open to let you visit with them que es la anoxia and fern always screens her potential puppy owners to make que es la anoxia sure they will love and care for her puppies as que es la anoxia she and david do themselves. They love to stay in touch and see pictures of que es la anoxia how their puppies grow into beautiful healthy dogs! I would give a 5 paw recommendation.