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Going great with her. I got past the neediness quickly and we’re very comfortable with each other. I trust her, but she’s worried I’m only in it for the sex and doesnt’t trust me (I just took her virginity). I think she’s a great girl and while young and immature, she’s cute, smart, confident, has a good heart, cares about me a ton and I wanna see where this goes (as does she).

She asked me how many girls I’d slept with today and was a little taken aback when I told her (really not all that many, but I’m her first). She’s going through a little post-coital remorse, but I told her she’ll see what I’m about–I’m not hitting on any other women and I really am giving us a fair shot, and being as supportive and reassuring as I can for her.

I’ve never been this confident in a relationship. Pickup has done AMAZING things for me.

If I’d stuck with the girl I was dating in September, I never would have met this girl. My previous gf and one of my best friends tried to talk me into sticking with said previous gf. I’m glad I bailed when I did. I’m sure the ex is fine and has adjusted to her new life overseas, and I’m pretty darn happy with this new girl–but also ready to move right on if it comes to that. The fact I don’t fear losing her is a major departure from my past, when I was a neurotic mess and didn’t trust girls at all. Now I realize there are LOTS of women I could potentially be with, and my attitude is really what determines my success with women.

I can’t change the way I look all that much, but that really matters much less than how I interact with the women I meet. In two weeks I convinced a girl who hated Indian dudes to not only date me, but lose her virginity to me. And all I wanna do is treat her right and be supportive, even when she gets nervous and says and does silly things. Feels good to truly be in control and be the boss. reflex anoxic seizures symptoms No pedestal, no neediness, no fear of losing her and the fact I don’t care if she wants to move on is pretty liberating. I think she’s surprised by how secure I am (as am I).

BBs today too…was thinking about approaching this girl, and some dude in a Breaking Bad T-shirt came out of nowhere and approached and got her #! From her body language I know she’s not interested, but props for the approach. In the past I would’ve felt like a total bitch and felt defensive n stuff, but instead I was grinning and laughing at how funny it was that he swept in like that, out of nowhere. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!Two cold approaches today…second one was much better than the first. I’m tired of moping and online shit…there are hotties everywhere and I’m not wasting anymore time. Fuck that shit. First girl was cute with a great ass, but had some issues with her skin on her legs when i got close. Still tried to talk to her, but she didn’t even look my way lol. Second one was a cute Australian-Chinese girl with nice ink. She’s just visiting, but I asked her if she wanted to hang. Shoulda asked her to come over for tea–ah well. Next! No point stressing a girl who isn’t into me…many won’t be and I’m fine with that. anoxia cerebral sintomas It’s way better to be with a girl who really gets you and really appreciates you, and vice versa. Anything else is half assed, even if the sex is fucking great. I’m proud of myself for approaching…gonna start recording myself since I have a habit of talking too high/fast/low (social anxiety). Listening to myself will show me where I’m going wrong.

Met a girl online and started crushing on her HARD. Facebook. We have a bunch of mutual friends. I think I pressed up too hard and was acting unnatural…but it’s been good for me. I realize I have not been approaching or even talking to people properly and I’ve gotten real anxious.

Today I realized I can mess with anyone any way I want to and they have to deal with it. I’ve been smiling/smirking at people today and a LOT fewer people are fucking with me. I had a great day. Saw a girl dropping stuff over and over and asked her if she was ok, because she was all over the place. She was surprised, but laughed and agreed that she was. Pretty cool chick. I told her I get the same way too, so I understand. Shoulda pushed through for the number since she said she was in a rush to be somewhere, but I was really just concerned and not all that attracted (She was a 6). She calmed down after we talked and I told her to relax, which was nice to see as she dropped stuff like three or four times while we were walking to the crossing. Nice little conversations today. I gotta keep doing that as life is much better when you live it with people. LOL

I’ve held off on posting on this thread because I’ve barely been approaching. Gone back to online dating and meeting girls who like me, but I’m not as attracted to as girls I meet every day. Two things are still fucking me up–social anxiety and the pedestal. I know the only way out of this mess is to approach and be sociable, but I’m so used to shutting out the rest of the world. I have had BAD social anxiety for most of my life. I have to get back into things and push myself or I will never progress. It’s like lifting weights, or martial arts, or education, or anything–those who put in the work will progress. Those who don’t will never be shit. I guess I have to post here and read here to get back on my feet since nothing else gets me moving like knowing I’m not alone in my struggles and I’m not the only lonely twerp on the board.

I met a girl online a few weeks ago; amazing girl, but she’s like a 5-6 at best. hypoxic brain injury following cardiac arrest I am somewhat embarassed to be seen with her and I had to end it before I ended up breaking her heart, because I think she’s in love with me. Kino’d her fast and got the makeout on the first date, and it got a lot further on the second. I have to start approaching again. It’s really not that hard to meet girls. They’re everywhere! Fear of rejection and thinking girls are too hot for you will destroy your chances of happiness with a girl who you really like. It’s either step up or forever be a chode. We only have so much time and I’ve wasted far too much.

Several months ago, I was at the gym, and noticed a very pretty girl looking at me discreetly at the gym and she smiled to herself. I knew I had to talk to her since she was totally my type. I noticed she was sweating pretty heavily. She was also lifting free weights, which I thought was cool, since a lot of girls here won’t do that kind of thing. She also had a great ass!

She was very friendly, and we got talking. The conversation got deep, quick, and I gave her some pointers on her form since I could see she was doing Romanian deadlifts in a way that would really hurt her. We talked a bit, but then she said she was about to go while I was benching some heavy dumbells. I let her get away, and then spent weeks kicking myself over it, and kept going back to the gym hoping I’d run into her again. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy prognosis adults I didn’t.

A few weeks ago, I saw a girl on happn (a dating app) who I thought might have been here. I clicked ‘like’ on her and she didn’t click back, so using what I know from SP, I wrote her off and went, ‘next.’ Well, she clicked back on me! I messaged her and asked her if she lived in my apartment complex and if we’d met at the gym before since I knew what she did for work and it matched what she said on her profile. Well, turns out it was the same girl, and she remembered me, and was up to meet.

We worked out together for our first date. She was up for learning how to lift weights right, and we got a lot of attention. I’m usually the biggest/tallest guy at the gym here and I stand out (NYC urban style). It was a great workout and we chatted a lot between sets. It was honestly a ton of fun!

She’s been a part of my life ever since, and we talk every day. I see her most days. This last week, we’ve spent two nights staying up all night talking and holding each other and kissing. I can genuinely say this girl fits me amazingly well. I’m enjoying every moment of our time together, and I can see that it’s mutual. She’s an incredible woman and not scared to be who she is.

I wouldn’t have met her without SP, and I wouldn’t have known I had severe social anxiety disorder without it either. Hang in there guys. You deserve to meet someone, be happy, and make her happy too. It’s still only three weeks in for us, but I have a good feeling about what we have. If it lasts, it does. If not, I know I can meet someone else. What matters is that I leave her better for having known me if it doesn’t work out. I really like and care for this woman.