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What is utilize health? Utilize health is a platform that matches patients with neurological disabilities to the therapies and facilities they need to maximize their potential for recovery. Think of an online travel website, but for patients and facilities/therapies. We currently serve patients with stroke, spinal cord injury/disease, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy. Check back soon if you do not see your health condition listed. Join us FAQ

Why should I use utilize health?

If you suffer from a neurological condition, you and your loved ones already have enough going on without the added burdens of learning about different therapies, staying up-to-date on the latest research, comparing rehabilitative facilities, scheduling appointments, figuring out transportation, haggling with the insurance company…It’s easy to get overwhelmed.Nanoxia ncore retro at utilize health, we know what that’s like – we’ve been there! That’s why we created this service to help simplify the process for others. Let utilize health do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what’s most important: your recovery. What patient populations does utilize health serve? At this time, we match patients with the following conditions: muscular dystrophy, stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis. This group represents more than 11 million people in the united states. How many patients have you helped? To date, we have matched over 100 patients to the therapies and facilities they’ve needed and have received excellent feedback.Nanoxia ncore retro check back soon to read testimonials from some of our patients! What geographical areas do you serve? At this time, we match patients and facilities located in the united states. What is a patient advocate and what do they do? What a patient advocate “does” depends on what the patient needs – simply put, they advocate for patients in whatever way is required. Some patients may need advice about which therapy is best for them; some patients may need help figuring out transportation; some patients may just need someone to talk to who understands what they’re going through and can tell them that they’re going to be OK. Our patient advocates do all of this, and much, much more. What do you do with my personal information?Nanoxia ncore retro at utilize health, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Learn more about how we do this here. I’ve been matched to a therapy facility, but I have no way of getting there. What can I do? Talk to your patient advocate! One of the many services our patient advocates provide is assistance getting you to and from your rehabilitative facility. We know that transportation can be a major hurdle for patients, but with utilize health helping you, it doesn’t have to be. What if my top-rated match results aren’t covered by my health insurance? The way our matching algorithm works, the more information you provide, the better your match results will be. This means that if you enter your insurance information into the matching form, your top match results should be facilities that accept your particular insurance.Nanoxia ncore retro in the event that a “match” isn’t covered by your insurance, however, there are still things we can do – whether that’s helping you set up a payment plan with the facility, appealing to your insurance company, or finding another facility with similar equipment. We will do whatever we can to help you find alternatives. What does “utilize verified” on my match results mean? If you see “utilize verified” on one or more of your match results, it means that facility is registered with utilize health and we’ve checked it out personally to give it our vote of confidence. With “utilize verified” facilities, you can view an in-depth profile about the treatments the facility offers, read utilize health member reviews, and schedule an appointment right then and there with a patient advocate subscription.Nanoxia ncore retro I have a question that isn’t answered here. Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

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Two levels of services are offered; short-term and long-term. Short-term services are funded through the division of rehabilitation services (DORS). These services are typically granted for persons with disabilities desiring to enter the workforce for the first time or who have previously been in the workforce but faced a disability that limited this opportunity. Typically these persons only require brief or limited employment services/assistance. If you or your family member has a disability that creates a barrier to employment, you should contact the charles county DORS office located in waldorf, MD.Nanoxia ncore retro they will guide you through the appropriate steps to receive short-term services through spring dell center. DORS recognizes a wide range of disabilities to include but not limited to: learning disabilities, mental retardation, mental illness, physical limitations, etc.

Long-term services are funded through the developmental disabilities administration (DDA). These services are typically granted for persons requiring ongoing and continuous care, assistance and support. If you or your family member requires long- term services, you should contact the charles county resource coordination office to apply for funding to accommodate the needed services. This is the first step in receiving services from spring dell center.Nanoxia ncore retro the resource coordination office will guide you through the remaining process. This entire process can be rather timely as there are numerous persons requiring services in the state of maryland.

For more information contact: any director at 301-934-4561 or by email.

Spring dell center offers a large supported employment network with over forty local business partnerships developed. The supported employment department’s mission is to assist people with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment, and to accommodate the specific needs of each person offering on and off site services. One example of this is our work readiness program designed to accommodate all levels of disabilities in employment preparation, job development, and retention.Nanoxia ncore retro staff support people by providing all the skills anyone may require seeking, obtaining, and maintaining employment such as resume writing, job searching, dressing for success, time management, interviewing skills, on the job training, and so on. We promote qualified and educated employees, while providing hands-on learning and support upon entry into any position. Staff further assist people in the workforce by providing ongoing and continued support throughout a person’s term of employment.

The supported employment department also offers crew-based services in the custodial, retail, and assembly line fields. Crews are defined as five or more people with disabilities who are provided constant support from an agency staff.Nanoxia ncore retro we currently operate two custodial crews and four retail crews. Spring dell also collaborates with businesses to provide onsite contract services such as mail preparation, assembly work, packaging, etc.

Business partnerships are created through businesses independently employing one of our participants, or through a contractual agreement between the business and spring dell center. The contractual agreement assigns restitution directly to spring dell and in turn spring dell directs the restitution to the participants.

For more information contact: maria gonzalez at 301-934-4561 or by email mgonzalez@springdellcenter.Org

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There are only a handful of portable cooling devices presently on the market that allow for pre-hospital induction of therapeutic hypothermia, including phase change gel pads, invasive endovascular cooling devices, and simple ice packs.Nanoxia ncore retro with the exception of welkins’ EMT system, however, these devices have limited cooling performance, are difficult and risky to deploy in the field, or impede mobility and obstruct access to the patient. WElkins EMT system provides a safe and effective method for rapid induction of therapeutic hypothermia in the field, at the point of injury. The cooling headliner is integrated with a cervical collar and can deploy in under 60 seconds, following standard trauma care (i.E. Stabilizing the head-neck with the aforementioned collar); the pad is non-invasive and biocompatible, and the circulating coolant is a non-toxic mixture with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives to prevent contamination.Nanoxia ncore retro the system has been designed for ease of use in the pre-hospital setting, with intuitive controls and clear audio-visual status indicators. Housed in a rugged heat- and impact-resistant thermoplastic shell, the system is lightweight and requires no external power during the cooling. Coupled with valved, quick-release connectors, the system’s portable design enables cooling therapy to begin at the point of injury and continue through medical evacuation to intensive care.

There are many options for in-hospital treatment of mild therapeutic hypothermia, broadly separated into invasive and non-invasive systems:

• invasive cooling invasive cooling systems circulate chilled saline intravenously to cool the body’s blood supply directly.Nanoxia ncore retro although fast and effective, cold intravenous (IV) infusion devices are expensive, require clinical skill to deploy, introduce risk of infection and bleeding at the insertion site, and are impractical in a pre-hospital setting. In contrast, welkins’ EMT system is an easy-to-operate, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive solution designed for deployment in field without supporting infrastructure.

• non-invasive cooling (e.G. WElkins) non-invasive cooling techniques, including welkins systems, utilize circulating cold water or forced-air blankets to regulate patient temperature. These devices are safe, inexpensive (compared to IV cooling) and relatively easy to use. Many surface cooling devices, however, utilize large blankets, sticky gel pads, or whole body wraps that limit patient access and mobility; welkins cooling headliner, in comparison, has a small footprint (head and neck, i.E.Nanoxia ncore retro “carotid triangle”) and quick-release connectors that make removal a quick, dry and easy process. Setup and operation of the welkins ICU system is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive touchscreen interface and simple controls, and precise microprocessor control automates cooling treatments to users’ specific requirements.