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Loss of vision has many possible causes and can be temporary, permanent, partial or complete. For most people, losing their vision, even partially, is a frightening experience. 90% of what a person perceives is through their vision. Depending on the type of injury and what is causing the loss of sight, there can be options for treatment as well as many aids to help people function without their vision.

The chicago eye injury attorneys at rosenfeld injury lawyers LLC appreciates the significance of an eye injury case and works hard to ensure our clients’ injuries receive the compensation they are entitled to under illinois law.

Our vision loss lawyers are committed to getting you the maximum compensation you are entitled to for your vision loss injuries you have experienced both immediately following an accident then the deficiencies you may encounter in the future.Brain anoxia contact our office for a free case review.

Causes of eye injuries sustained in chicago personal injury accidents

While there are many diseases that can cause vision loss and even blindness, there are also injuries that may affect a person sight. Some of the common causes are:

• injury to eye or optic nerve, ocular trauma (closed eye injuries) or traumatic optical neuropathy

• traumatic brain injury or head injury

• debris being thrown through the air

• machine defects

• chemical spills

• construction accident

Injuries to the eye or brain can cause significant problems with vision. Since the eye is an extension of the brain, even if the eyes are functioning correctly, if the brain is injured and cannot process the information, sight can be lost.Brain anoxia treatment for eye injuries

For vision loss, the first course for treatment is finding the underlying cause. In the cases of diseases that are degenerative in nature, there are treatments available such as laser surgery, prescriptive medicines and the use of vision enhancing devices. However, in the case of the eye or brain injury, there are few options when it comes to treatment.

• surgery. Retinal detachment and some other injury related causes of vision loss could be corrected by surgical intervention, but it is not always an option.

• therapy. Although many traumatic injury vision losses cannot be corrected, there are therapies that can help patients maximize their vision.

Traumatic vision loss can be difficult to treat and can range from slight vision loss to complete blindness.Brain anoxia there are new therapies being tested using stem cells and other medical procedures that have promising results to treat injury and degenerative vision loss. Living with A vision loss injury

For those who have sudden vision loss from an injury or accident, learning to cope and live with diminished sight or even blindness can take time. Vision problems not only affect what the person is able to see, it can also cause dizziness and balance issues as well. Some vision issues from injuries such as ocular trauma may lessen over time.

When trauma causes blindness, the victim will need therapy and assistance learning to live with their disability. Commonly, many will learn to read and write using the braille system.Brain anoxia to be able to navigate while walking, using a cane may be necessary and many can be greatly assisted by the use of a service dog. The advances in technology such as audio assistance devices have made communicating through phones and computers easier, as well as give options to using braille to read.

Whatever the cause, vision loss is a serious and possibly life-altering medical issue. Anyone who experiences any changes in vision, especially after a head injury, regardless of how slight, should immediately seek medical attention. Chicago accident lawyers representing people with eye injuries and vision loss

Eye injuries are some of the most significant types of personal injury cases we handle. Aside from the daunting task of learning how to cope with a vision loss, there are many emotional components to these injuries that deserve to be addressed.Brain anoxia

As chicago eye injury attorneys, rosenfeld injury lawyers LLC believe that we have responsibility to each client with a vision impairment to address all aspects of their injuries to ensure they can live as ‘normal’ a life as possible following an accident. In some eye injury cases, we will consult with a life care planner who can suggest accommodations to both improve the client’s quality of life and to assist in conveying the nature of these injuries to a jury.

As with all significant injury cases, we invite you to speak to our accident lawyers or we welcome the opportunity to meet in person to see if our team is a good fit for you.

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