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Any of my readers who are also writers are probably familiar with nanowrimo, or national novel writing month in which participants try to write a 50k novel in thirty days. Putting aside the fact that 50k is either a very long novella or the bare minimum to be considered a novel by a publisher (some publishers have a higher minimum word count to be considered a novel), it’s an ambitious goal and one that many people burn out on.

I’m doing it this year mostly hypoxic brain injury mri findings as a tracking tool. I don’t think I’ll hit 50k words, but it will be interesting to see how much I can write when hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults mri I actually make a point of prioritizing it, something I don’t do often enough. That said, it’s hard not to get sucked into the metrics and the graph of how you’re writing word count compares to the “goal” of writing 1667 words per day for 30 days.

I’m in the final editing process with my novel plunder before starting to send it out to publishers. I’ve started the next book, which is a contemporary romance set at a video game company, and I was already about 22k into it when november 1st rolls around. I have no idea if the story will need 72k words (22k plus the goal of writing 50k), but I want to focus on it the way I often struggled with plunder because of life getting in the way. I’d like hypoxic ischemic brain injury recovery to be publishing a book a year or more, and the only way to do that is to become more disciplined and to prioritize my work–and it is work–over shallow things.

3-I’m also hoping to see my writing pick up in my 40’s. I became a professionally published author in my 30’s. I was in fifteen anthologies (one of which I also edited) and my first solo work, capturing the moment, was published. I wrote my first novel, and it’s in right now. I’ll be shopping it as well as continuing to write new books. I’d like to get my writing speed up a bit, though. Not having young children will help with that, I think.

34-I recently read this complex slow burn romance called big fat bitch by ginger voight which was great, and stayed with me. There’s no sex, but there severe anoxic brain injury recovery are two really well-done love stories in the book. CW that there is a sexual assault scene that is part of a subplot on #metoo and how hollywood looks the other way when the man is famous enough.

35-I spent a lot of my life not celebrating my birthday. I was lonely growing up, and didn’t have many friends. I actually had the experience of having a party that no one came to, and I cried for days. After that I didn’t want to give people the chance to disappoint me, so I pushed away the opportunity to celebrate. I started to relax around my 30th, and then I gave birth to elanor ten days later. Then rhi was born the day after ravi’s birthday. Ours have tended to get nanoxia deep silence 2 window lost in the shuffle. Recently there have been a lot of birthdays in my 30’s where I was too sick or whatever to celebrate. So I’m really glad that I spoke up and ensured that my 40th would be celebrated.

36-I’m so relieved to see that my kids fit in a lot easier than I did. I was socially awkward (still am), talk too much anoxia definicion (same), a bookworm (yup), and an introvert (hey, that’s me!) and that was a problem in school growing up when fitting in is so important. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve found community that loves me just as I am, quirks and all.

40-I’ve read 114 books this year per goodreads. It’s a roughly correct number. I couldn’t completely remove a book I started and abandoned, and there was a book that wasn’t on goodreads, and I’m sure there’s a few books I’ve forgotten to add. I predict I’ll be somewhere between 125 and severe anoxic brain injury survivor stories 150 books by the end of the year. If you want to be my friend on goodreads, I’m delilah night, and the email it’s under should be delilahnight@gmail.Com

If you like historic properties and luxury, I highly recommend the roosevelt in new orleans. It’s just off canal on the opposite side from the french quarter. That makes a place like cafe du monde a ten to fifteen minute walk, which isn’t insurmountable. If you have accessibility issues, there is very little in the way of benches on the way to and in the quarter. If you use a cane or a walker, I encourage you to bring one of the ones that have a little seated bench, like this one.

There are famous murals from the 30’s in the sazerac bar. It looked like a lovely place to rest, but I didn’t really anxiety attack symptoms in child spend any time there except to look at the murals, which several people recommended. Sazerac was the first bar in new orleans to allow women in, in 1946, and every year there is a “storming the sazerac” event anxiety test for teens with women dressed in period gear.

We got a one bedroom suite with a pull out couch in the living room section. It was cheaper than getting two rooms in another hotel. The rooms were relatively large (massive by asian/australian/european standards), the bathroom was great (our shower had the choice of a regular head, a hand held head and body jets–I never wanted to get out and being a one bedroom suite, it even had a half bath with a toilet).