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This was the first time when such a western show concept was introduced to Estonia. We had real inventors presenting their real inventions to the public and telling their stories at the stage. We also had guest speakers : EU Patent attorney Margus Sarap and FINF director and IPR expert Maunu Korpela from Finland.

There were many more inventions presented at the show with working prototypes like magnetic motor by Raivo Pennaste and Anni Vahter, Biofor by Valeri Aljas, and a vertical windmill with recycled airplane wings by Ardo Pärna. nanoxia deep silence 120mm pwm ultra quiet pc fan Still, It is not so easy to engage public and media for a such a show. As we know 2-3% inventions can be commercially viable only. Therefore a startup or the tech show can attract more people as many things are working by then already. Regarding to invention, prototype is a very early and raw stage and needs to be tested many more times before the viable product can be made. Still, it is a great chance to meet inventors who are the original source of novelty. If we encourage those people and inspire public then society becomes more inventive and entrepreneurial and that will improve our technology and economy overall.

Estonian Invention Show 2018 was supported by entrepreneur Veiko Huuse and Arcallia which is a great platform for all inventors. To learn more about it please go to their homepage : I hope that Estonian state and the City Council of Tallinn can support the show one day as well.

The pitching event starts on Saturday, 2nd June at 10am . More than 50 inventors from Estonia, Finland, Russia, Norway and England are expected to pitch their ideas to investors and manufacturers. The entry for public members is free, for inventors it will cost a bit to make their presentations and to hold displays. If you would like to dine with inventors there is also a fee applicable.

Looking back in time we can clearly see that the best Estonian inventions have come from the private sector. Walter Zapp Minox spy camera, Karl Papello electronic ear and cannon, Bernhard Schmidt telescope, Toomas Paiste Symbals and Skype – all of them are works of private inventors from which most have left Estonia with their inventions at early stage as there was no financial backing or understanding at the time. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy radiology The situation has improved a little in recent years. We got new foundations including angel investors who are after new startups and inventions which have been invented in Estonia. Perhaps it is a good time now for private inventors to come together and introduce their works to investors and public members to see if it makes any national or international interest. Therefore Estonian Inventors Association in cooperation with our Finnish friends are inviting inventors to the annual Symposium at Ravila Manor.

* Peter August Friedrich von Manteuffel was known as a crazy count making the prototype of an airplane 100 years before Wright brothers who are official aviation pioneers since 1903 as they got the first ever airplane flying! This year we will be celebrating PAF von Manteuffel’s 250th birthday

The BIS 2017 was held at Barbican Exhibition Hall in London, same place as last year. The first difference I’ve noticed was Banksy art at the wall right opposite the front door The next one was that international number of inventors had risen compared to previous year and number of British inventors was a little less , say 1/4 th only. Exhibition was groovy as always. I saw very simple inventions and complicated ones. The youngest inventor at the show was 12 years old Sarah from London with her LollySpin, the flashiest was Paul A. Sparrow with his X-Pro Tools , the sharpest was Martin Chard with his Marxman pen , the furthest South-Korean Electrical Corporation Inventors with their Cable Failure Detection and Line Finder and the coolest for me personally were National Defence University of Malaysia professors with their inventions Bamboocrete and How to make the Hydrogen out of Algi. hypoxia and anoxia difference Yes, there was lots to see and discover and surely we will go back to the show next year. To prove that here is well educational interview with the english inventor Paul A Sparrow who invented this new kind of spirit level and also started a very first crowdfunding platform in Britain :

The Awards & afterparty were held at Charted Accountants House which is a impressive building in the City of London and also has a great cuisine. The band which played for us was led by Roderick Brosse who is also an inventor but known to the public as quitarrist from the Beatles album “Imagine”. Awards ceremony was held by Kane Kramer, the founder the British Invention Show and inventor of the first Digital Audio Player. reflex anoxic seizures in adults symptoms Here is a great chat we had with Kane later on

Why so? I recon because of Britain stands out for its differences, engineering skills and industrial input to the world economy but not just. I do believe there is also something genuine in britts which makes inventing even more possible and that is No fear to be different or a nutter’ as we say So, if you are british and you think that car can run on 3 wheels only – you can just do it and that is acceptable by the society. Not to mention their inch, foot and pint. By other words in Britain You can be different just like Mr. Bean and that is absolutely norm.

The British Invention Show 2016 was held at Barbican Exhibition Centre, London from 19-22nd October. This years show was smaller but still gathered over 50 inventors from 8 countries around the World. The Silver, Gold and Platinum awards where given in many categories to thank inventors for their hard work. The main trophy went to Croatian team for their age recognition system for internet users. You can read more about the show at the British Inventor’s Society homepage or visit . Also you can watch interviews at the BIS Vimeo Channel and see photos at Invention News Facebook gallery. The British Invention Show was founded by Mr. Kane Kramer, inventor of the Digital Audio Player, back in 2000 and is run by the British Inventor’s Society every Autumn.

* As I have been inspired by Britts once again, I will start Estonian Invention Show soon. anoxic brain damage causes Dates to be confirmed but talks with partners have already started. If you would like to support or join in then please let me know via eMail : , Cheers !

From where should I start to tell you how wrong so many things are in the World today? Pollution, wars, refugees, human made diseases, lack of energy, hunger – you name it !! Is it too many of us just not enough wisdom to run this lot sustainably ?? More I see it more it becomes clear that the overall IQ levels on planet Earth are too low to keep us from self-destruction.

Yet another World War might start in a minute because of fight over oil fields and superiority in between two or three big nations on the planet. Not long ago we had Nikola Teslaand now we got Mehran Keshe who is talking about how to catch free energy around us. But that has been left aside as it takes the power away from those who like to rule the World. So here we are playing power games again instead of working for peace and prosperity on the planet together. There is no point to fight for race or religion as there is only one race on the planet and that is called the human race. IQ has nothing to do with the colour of your skin. Now, religion is another thing which has been made up to devide us in conflicts, but clearly there is no reason for that either. In fact the World is small and life is short. nanoxia ncore retro keyboard We should be busy studing ourselves, instead of critisizing the others. What I mean by that is even now as we learned how to make robots who look like us we still have not much knowledge about what our brain does and we don’t really know what happens when we sleep. Just to remind you that we sleep 1/3 of our life, means 20 years of our entire lifetime in average and still we know so little about it … I am actually writing this letter to you just after I woke up at my home in Torquay, somewhere on South-Coast of England and it still takes me some time to wake up properly so you know what I am talking about.