Emergency room doctor misreads EKG causing heart damage The Law Office Of Gerald Oginski, LLC hypoxic ischemic brain injury recovery

On each and every visit, the patient continued to complain of chest pain and chest discomfort that radiated from his shoulder down his arm. The cardiologist told the patient that was simply anxiety and to take it a little easier at work. The patient was in a high stress job and he was a high-performing anxieuse definition francais employee winning all sorts of awards for his outstanding work.

Three months after anxiety attack what it feels like his initial visit to the emergency room, the patient was woken up in the middle of the night with excruciating chest pain. He was having shortness of breath. He was sweating. He felt cold and clammy. His wife immediately called an ambulance. He was taken back to the same emergency room that he went to three months earlier.

This time, a different emergency room doctor evaluated his EKG nanoxia deep silence 5 review and concluded that he was having a massive heart attack.

By the time he arrived at the new hospital the doctors there concluded that he had not only a significant myocardial infarction, also known as a heart attack, but that 70% of his heart had been killed off because of this heart attack. His ejection fraction was only a fraction of what it normally should be. That measures the amount of blood the heart is pumping out on a consistent basis. When the heart muscle dies, it now affects how the heart pumps out blood.

Despite getting a positive review, there was nanoxia deep silence 120mm something my expert said that made me question whether he was truly unbiased. That led me to retain a world renown heart surgeon to review these records as well what is diffuse anoxic brain injury. A few weeks later, I received the same positive review. This expert cardiac surgeon confirmed that there were departures from good and accepted medical care and that those departures were major factors in causing this young man’s injuries. Want to know what really happened?

However, the computer on the EKG monitor interpreted this EKG as being markedly abnormal. Repeatedly abnormal. Yet the emergency room doctor clearly ignored the EKG computerized interpretation. Had hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy icd 10 he listened and had someone else reevaluate the EKG, he would have seen that EKG was in fact wildly abnormal, suggesting that this patient had underlying cardiac disease known as cardiac ischemia.

This was one of the most interesting and fascinating pretrial question-and-answer sessions I have ever done. Within the first 10 minutes, I had clearly established that this emergency room doctor had no idea what he was doing. What made this question and answer session under oath even more interesting anxiety disorder symptoms is that this doctor had no idea what I had just accomplished in the span of only 10 minutes.

Most attorneys will typically start anxiety meaning in tamil out questioning an opposing doctor by asking about their credentials. I find that to be a total waste of time. I know before I start questioning the doctor, from research I have done, exactly what the doctor’s credentials are. I usually save that for the end. Instead, I want to start this question and answer session with the most important question in the entire case anxiety attack symptoms headache. Most doctors and their attorneys do not expect this approach and it often works well to throw the witness off guard.

I will also share with you that after I had retained my second cardiac expert, I had taken those same records and sent them off to another cardiologist who had advanced specialty in reading and interpreting ekgs. My expert confirmed that the EKG was wildly abnormal and indicated the patient had significant cardiac ischemia and needed further follow-up testing and treatment.

Not only anxiety attack what to do did I have one expert, but I had two and even three experts all telling me the same exact thing. They all confirmed that this emergency room physician clearly did not know how to interpret an EKG correctly. When I questioned the emergency room doctor about the EKG, he denied that there was any problem whatsoever. When I confronted him with the diffuse hypoxic brain injury radiology EKG machines’ own interpretation being abnormal, he dismissed it as if he were dismissing a little child asking for candy.

Interestingly, when we took a break anxiety attack symptoms in teenager a short time later one of the attorneys who represented another party in the case leaned over to me and said in hushed undertones that he can’t believe that this emergency room physician just said what he did. He also could not believe that the emergency room doctor had no clue that I just established liability without him even realizing it. Months later…