Embassy of Colombia que es anoxia cerebral

Washington, DC – the president of colombia, iván duque, recognized juan guaidó as legitimate president of venezuela, who was sworn in as acting president today in the midst of the demonstrations taking place in caracas. "I want to express that colombia recognizes juan guaidó as president of venezuela and accompanies this transition process towards democracy in order for the venezuelan people to be freed from dictatorship."

President duque spoke following a meeting with the president of brazil, jair bolsonaro, vice president of peru mercedes aráoz and canadian minister anoxie cérébrale of foreign affairs christia freeland, who also supported the decision to recognize guaidó as acting president and assured that the lima group is drafting a detailed statement in relation to the developments.

Colombia’s foreign ministry further condemned the acts of violence occurred in venezuela and urged the maduro regime to “adopt measures to ensure the rule of law, fundamental human rights, and social peace until the transition of government takes place”. The ambassador of colombia to the united states, francisco santos, echoes the decision adopted by the government, “the return of democracy to venezuela begins. Soon the lima group and other countries will also express anoxia adalah support to acting president guaidó. It is an example of the continent’s political and democratic maturity.”: expressed in his twitter account @pachosantosc

The president of the republic, iván duque, accompanied by the minister of defense, guillermo botero; the minister of justice, gloria maría borrero and the minister of the interior, nancy patricia gutiérrez, today signed the regulatory decree by which the national police is empowered to combat the micro-trafficking of drugs in public spaces.

During the signing of the decree, the colombian president pointed out that "the micro-trafficking and consumption of drugs at the doors of schools, universities and parks has increased exponentially in recent years and we cannot be indifferent to this. As a government we have the responsibility and commitment to protect and defend our children, youth, and their families. "

This regulatory decree to the code of police and coexistence, which has an administrative nature what is anoxic encephalopathy mean, not criminal, endows the police with the necessary tools to confiscate any amount of drugs that a citizen carries in the public space and thus avoid dealers hiding themselves under the authorization of the minimum dose to induce children and young people to the consumption of drugs.

The measure does not penalize the minimum dose and is totally respectful of the freedoms protected by the colombian high courts and by the jurisprudence and for that reason, those to whom an amount equal or less than the minimum allowed dose is confiscated and duly prove their condition of addicts, will be given back the substances. What is being done is to address one of the greatest concerns of colombians, providing the police so they can fight the micro-traffic and the dealers in the streets.

On the other hand, seizures of drugs that exceed the amount authorized as a minimum dose will be prosecuted under current legislation, which is defined in law 30 of 1986 "by which the national statute of narcotic drugs is adopted and other provisions are issued”. In its article 2, the literal ‘j’ defines that hypoxic brain injury treatment in india the "dose for personal use: it is the amount of narcotics that a person carries or conserves for his own consumption. It is a dose for personal use the amount of marijuana that does not exceed twenty (20) grams; that of marijuana hashish that does not exceed five (5) grams cerebral anoxia; of cocaine or any substance based on cocaine that does not exceed one (1) gram, and of methaqualone that does not exceed two (2) grams. "

The decree has a prevention focus and is one more measure that is part of the anti-drug strategy of the national government and seeks to protect public spaces from the performance of illicit activities that affect the health and healthy coexistence of citizens. For its implementation, the police has all the protocols and procedures to address the citizenship. The drug seizure will be done through a verbal process and if the condition of addict is shown, the drug will be returned, if not, it will be destroyed.

– peace is an objective of all colombians. We are going to work for it. Our government is going to work so that the process of demobilization, disarmament and reintegration goes forward successfully. We will offer those who have opted for a genuine reincorporation to legality, subject to the principles of truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition, the proper opportunities for progress and protection. Our purpose is to fulfill those who have taken the genuine path of leaving violence.

– drug trafficking is a global threat. To fight against this phenomenon and at the same time to promote a society that rejects drugs because of its devastating effects on health and society, is our moral duty. We are nanoxia deep silence 4 claw already taking measures. Two days ago we supported the global call for action against the drug problem, recognizing that work belongs to everyone and requires that all countries contribute, including those where consumption grows or those that are chemical precursor manufacturers.

– corruption is a threat to democracy, to social values, to institutions and must be faced with determination. From the first day of our government we presented measures to the congress, and then in response to the popular clamor, we have launched an ambitious agenda with all the parties. We show colombia and the world that we are capable of uniting in national purposes. I invite the international community to strengthen sanction instruments and mechanisms in the face of transnational corruption.

– we are experiencing the most outrageous migratory and humanitarian crisis in the recent history of the region, due to a dictatorship that annihilated freedoms. The self-determination of the peoples cannot be manipulated to become the hypoxic anoxic brain injury anthony self-determination of the oppressors. The world must act and unite so that this tragic exodus comes to an end and a people can see hope flourish. I am pleased that the united nations has listened to colombia’s request and that the secretary general has designated eduardo stein as joint special representative for refugees and migrants of venezuela, and thus raise this discussion. I thank the countries that accompanied us yesterday to the high level meeting, convened by colombia, where it was anoxic zone clear the regional commitment to address this humanitarian crisis.

– today more than ever we must be motivated to achieve social justice, reject hatred, polarization, revenge and concentrate on achieving a COLOMBIA PACT: A PACT FOR EQUITY. The colombia of LEGALITY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EQUITY that we want to build is already under way and we will not let do anxiety attacks cause chest pain anything take away the hope of being a country that thinks big and dreams of a better tomorrow.

“colombia is determined to never return to the dark days in our history. Under president duque’s administration, we are putting pressure on all links in the drug trafficking chain, from small farmers involved in the first stage of production – cultivation – to those criminals and criminal networks that are benefitting the most financially from these illicit activities.

“the partnership with the united states that has helped make colombia a role model for other countries in the region, can be expanded to face the common challenges that remain. One that we cannot fail to address is the situation faced by our neighbor, venezuela… We trust that with the continued cooperation of the united states and the rest of the international community the suffering of the venezuelan people will come to an end.

President of colombia iván duque appointed ambassador francisco santos to the post in early september and he arrived in washington last week. Francisco santos completed his studies in the united states at the university of kansas and the university of texas, earning degrees in journalism and latin-american studies, respectively. He also served as editor of the colombian newspaper el tiempo.

He served as vice president of colombia from 2002 through 2010 during the administration of president álvaro uribe vélez. His policy priorities in that capacity were the fight against corruption, extortion and kidnapping anoxia, human rights, and ridding the country of anti-personnel mines. As vice president, francisco santos also led colombia’s international promotion of trade, investment, and tourism.

Washington (sep. 5/18). The regional crisis due to the migration of venezuelans, the strengthening of bilateral cooperation between the united states and colombia through the high level dialogue, the global fight against drugs, humanitarian demining and efforts to consolidate peace, will be some of the topics that minister carlos holmes trujillo will address during the work hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy emedicine agenda that will be held in washington between september 5 and 7.

The minister of foreign affairs of colombia will advance a high-level agenda that includes meetings with the senate foreign relations committee; the assistant secretary of state, john sullivan; secretary of homeland security, kirstjen nielsen, and national security advisor, john bolton; as well as with the republican senator, paul cook, of the subcommittee of external relations of the house of representatives , and the republican congressman, hal rogers, president of the subcommittee of appropriations of the house of EE.UU. For state and foreign operations.

In the framework of the inter-american system, foreign minister carlos holmes trujillo will also develop a high-level agenda, which includes bilateral meetings with the general secretary of the organization of american states, OAS, luis almagro, and the executive secretary of the inter-american commission on human rights, IACHR, paulo abrao.

On friday, september 7, foreign minister trujillo was invited by michael shifter to the inter-american dialogue where they will talk about the foreign policy priorities of the administration of president iván duque, the national and international challenges of colombia, the country anxiety disorder nhs’s bilateral relations with the united states, as well as issues of hemispheric and international significance in foreign policy and new opportunities in trade and integration with asia.