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Here’s andy stern on charter schools. Worth reading, but I think one can look at the growth numbers for charters different ways. In a vacuum anxiety attack meaning it’s not the penetration you might expect, but in context of american ed and the political context it’s sort of remarkable. In any event, more on the current state of the charter sector (including growth and geographic data) via this bellwether deck.

Guys, you are not going to believe this! Education policy is different in D.C. And rhode island than oklahoma so the same person can approach it differently! Actually, that’s not quite what this article says, it seeks to put deb gist’s approach in oklahoma inside a broader narrative. Seems anoxic tank design calculation like a missed opportunity, as we’ve discussed before the real story of american education is not a singular one, it’s variance.

Often within states and almost always between them. That’s why a thoughtful person can have a different take on different situations – for instance where charter schools are a good idea, where they are not, where teacher comp is far too low, where the problems are more being driven by benefit crowd out, where and how “personalized” learning makes sense, where it doesn’t. In other words, a lot of this is situational but advocates and the media anxious meaning in bengali spend a lot of time trying to shape it to this or that narrative. Where reformers – and anti-reformers have most frequently failed is in trying to apply this or that template to differing problems. So sure, deb’s role is in part political but the bigger story, it seems to me, is that the same person can approach different situations differently. That’s a good thing.

“rebuilding and reimagining K12 education after natural disaster” : join puerto rico’s secretary of education dr. Julia keleher, and paul pastorek, former superintendent for the louisiana department of education, as they discuss the challenges and possibilities of school system recovery following natural disasters like hurricane katrina and hurricane maria. Hosted and moderated by former new mexico secretary of education hanna skandera, editor-in-chief of the line. Register here for this live webinar held on thursday, february 7, at 12pm EST.

Paul hill on the billionaire problem in education rhetoric severe anoxic brain injury prognosis. Obvious but overlooked point in our fever swamp approach to improving schools for kids – and more generally. If you are against eli broad or reed hastings engaging in policy but not as concerned about george soros and tom steyer then you’re not really against billionaires being involved in policy debates, you’re against people you don’t agree with being involved. That’s natural in terms of human nature, but it’s not an especially convincing point of view?

In chicago bill daley is proposing a merger of some of the city’s education assets – K-12 and two-year – to improve seamlessness and consequently anxiety attack symptoms in males quality for kids. It’s an intriguing idea and the teachers’ union is vehemently opposed (“one of the more ridiculous ideas we’ve heard in recent memory”) and people are writing that off to reflexive behavior. But they have a point about the history anoxic brain injury icd 10 facts on the ground. As my colleague, and chicagoian, lina bankert has noted, city colleges has to be substantively improved otherwise any articulation plans with it are a mirage for kids. Martha kanter also notes that unless it’s done carefully ideas like this can increase the problem of under matching.

We don’t take fixed positions organizationally on various issues, but that doesn’t mean our team doesn’t have strong views and that those views don’t always align among various team members. We like that, call it ideological diversity or heterodoxy or whatever you want, because it seems to us there are anoxia neonatal causas pretty big gaps between what this sector knows and what it thinks it knows and the questions we encounter in our work are complicated and usually carry real tradeoffs.

But, part of that approach means we are empiricists, too, and this analysis by kate pennington and justin trinidad highlights that. It’s based on some data and shows that teacher shortages are probably not what you read in the newspaper, and certainly not what you heard on twitter. The data are more nuanced about where shortages are and what kind of shortages we have. The problems are at once more anxiety disorder dsm 5 definition complicated but also more fixable.

Is a nudge debate like a vigorous debate just so much more gentle? We’re about to find out because we’ve got an actual nudge debate breaking out. Ben castleman* and lindsay page have some new research out indicating that “nudges” might have unintended effects. Jay greene says, “told you so.” (*ben and I teach a course together at UVA but very little of it turns on this work so I’m mostly unbiased).

Based on the findings presented here, the typical student in a los angeles charter nanoxia deep silence 3 review school gains more learning in a year than her TPS counterpart, equal to about 50 additional days in reading and 79 additional days in math. These positive patterns emerge in a student’s first year of charter attendance and persist over time. Black and hispanic students in poverty especially benefit from attendance at charter schools.

A substantial share of los angeles charter schools appear to outpace TPS in how well they support academic learning gains in their students in both reading and math. Over 48 percent of los angeles charters outpace the learning impacts of TPS in reading, and 44 percent do so in math. Across los angeles, about 13 percent of charter schools anoxia cerebral causas have results that are significantly worse than TPS for reading, and 22 percent of charter schools in math are underperforming. These results show that a relaxed regulatory environment does not guarantee that every charter school will outperform its traditional public westside test anxiety scale pdf school competitors. It merely establishes conditions that can be fruitful. However, a refined policy environment combined with careful authorizing and strong accountability, such as is seen in los angeles, can produce a large proportion of charter schools with superior results.

Goldstein also mentions NAEP data favorable to charters, but I put less stock in that relative to CREDO. This sure seems germane to the debate about charter nanoxia deep silence 120mm review schools there? It’s also hard to miss how many of LA’s charter schools are social justice oriented and that the results are stronger for black and hispanic students than white students – more on that in the report above and it’s something we see elsewhere. The support among parents bears that out, yet the special interest politics are pretty much the inverse…

In the washington post dana milbank falls for teachers union spin about how janus was actually good for them. As we’ve discussed here a few times, the teachers unions are playing their post- janus hand pretty masterfully, in particular they are finally engaging with their younger members. If you were a teachers union you’d basically want to do what they social anxiety testimonials’ve done. But, what we’re seeing is probably a dead cat bounce. The effects of janus are real but slow moving and there are more lawsuits coming both about janus implementation but also about future organizing questions like exclusive representation. None of this augers well for the unions and here’s a more balanced take about where we are. Here is background on janus via bellwether.

You cannot serve god and the eduwonks? (that’s mathew, adapted). It seems pretty clear this push for bible studies in school is thinly veiled culture war stuff and president trump getting involved hardly helps. But, it would be good if schools did more to each about religions, not just the bible but all the world’s major faiths. Hard to make sense of a lot of contemporary and hypoxic brain injury prognosis historical global affairs absent that.