Educators at a second chicago charter move toward strike can anxiety panic attacks cause high blood pressure

At the four schools that Civitas Education Partners manage, 98 percent of teachers are unionized and threatening a strike. anxiety meaning in gujarati Among the contract demands: more staff for special education, smaller class sizes, better pay and benefits, and a single contract covering all four schools. They also want paraprofessionals, such as teachers aides, to join the bargaining team at three of the four Civitas-managed schools where they are not currently part of the union. At one school run by the Civitas-affiliated ChicagoQuest Schools, paraprofessionals are unionized.

Andie Cavedo, who teaches social studies at CICS Northtown Academy, a high school on the city’s far northwest side, voted to strike on Friday. She told Chalkbeat hadn’t originally intended to teach in the charter sector but had received her teaching license in 2013 — the same year Chicago Public Schools laid off more than 1,000 teachers.

Now in her sixth year at Northtown, she said she’d like to stay put, given the right conditions, such as a payment scale that takes into account teachers’ education and longevity. nanoxia deep silence 3 test She said that could help dissuade educators from leaving for better-paid jobs in Chicago Public Schools or in the suburbs.

“You would think, though, if it’s a flawed test, that would be given consideration,” said Antonio Parkinson, a state representative whose district includes the school. “I think I would stop short of telling schools if they can move their folks around. But I would hope they would give the same consideration we gave them.”

Corey Johnson, the charter network’s executive director, told Chalkbeat he and Williams, who had served for four years as the school’s principal, had come to a “mutual agreement” about moving up the timeline for Williams’ retirement. However, emails between Johnson and the board’s president, Michael Dexter, explicitly tie Williams’ departure to poor 2018 results on the state test known as TNReady. (Chalkbeat obtained the emails through a public records request.)

“Instead of waiting until the year end, I believe it is critical to make this move now in order to show the community good faith that MAHS will moving to improve itself educational [sic],” Johnson said in the email. “It is difficult to promote high-quality education with a health science focus with the scores suggesting our school is a Level One.”

When the Colorado Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union, surveyed its members earlier this year about what their schools most need, a whopping 74 percent said they need smaller class sizes and another 63 percent said they need more time to work with colleagues.

The poll was part of a broader effort, known as the My School My Voice survey , by the National Education Association to highlight teachers’ opinions. anxiety attack symptoms mayo clinic Teachers were asked to choose from a list of various areas for improvement, from healthy meals to more welcoming front office staff to more art and music instruction. The categories included community, healthy students in modern schools, well-rounded curriculum, school climate, and quality educators.

Other top responses included more active involvement from the broader community, relevant and timely professional development, a community free from bullying and harassment, early detection tools to keep students on track, and more support professionals to help students and teachers.

“The bigger my class sizes, the harder it is to provide individual attention, and the harder it is to have time to grade their written work,” said Cathy Keller, a Cherry Creek teacher who has had as many as 36 students in her world history class. “[Decreasing class size] is, in my opinion, the single most important thing we could address to improve educational outcomes, and it’s the thing constantly ignored.”

Colorado voters on Tuesday will decide on a statewide tax increase for schools , and many districts also have local tax increases on the ballot. Many school boards have promised to put some of the money from successful tax measures into lowering class sizes.

A recent study out of New York City looked at classes in hundreds of schools over a five-year period that were just above or below a 32-student cap. Researchers found that reducing class size by an average of four students produced gains in reading and math scores equivalent to roughly 2½ months of extra learning. hypoxic brain damage treatment However, when smaller classes were achieved by bringing on a new teacher, students of that new teacher posted no gains.

A Brookings Institute survey of existing research found that class size matters, but it’s also an expensive way to improve student achievement. It recommended focusing efforts to reduce class size on the youngest students and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have the most to gain from individual attention.

Another research survey by the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado echoed the concern about cost but argued that lower class size may be more cost effective than other approaches — and took issue with research that downplays the effect of class size.

Like many states, Colorado struggles with a shortage of teachers in certain areas, and the number of students entering traditional educator prep programs has declined significantly. Colorado has one of the highest rates of new teachers in the United States — and among the least competitive teacher salaries .