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ED-E is an enclave eyebot from the east coast. [1] it was generalized anxiety disorder dsm 5 definition built by whitley at adams air force base around 2275. [2] as a prototype "duraframe" model, ED-E has been enhanced for regular combat as opposed to the original model, which functions primarily as a mobile radio transmitter. However, since the war of 2277, with the capital wasteland brotherhood of steel necessitated increased production of the enclaves hellfire armor, eyebot production was stopped, and ED-E became the last surviving model. Whitley uploaded an enormous amount of valuable data on poseidon energy and his duraframe research into ED-E’s logs, [3] [4] then dispatched it on a cross-country journey to navarro.

ED-E’s first stop was a hidden enclave outpost in chicago for upgrades and repairs. [5] it then traveled across the mojave wasteland where it was shot twice by a raider sniper (with a hand-load .308), dealing a large amount of damage. [6] this eventually left it deactivated near separation anxiety disorder icd 10 primm, where it was found and taken in by a courier of the mojave express and delivered to johnson nash. Unable to repair it himself, nash left ED-E to languish on primm’s branch office counter, where it remained while primm was taken over by escaped convicts. When the courier arrives in primm, he/she is able to repair ED-E, allowing the eyebot to join the courier’s quest as a companion.

• ED-E has a bumper sticker on its right side saying "my child is an HONOR STUDENT at roosevelt academy," which is a location in fallout 3. On the opposite side from the bumper sticker is a " great midwest" illinois 2062 license plate reading "2ED-E59". The numbers are more worn and faded than the letters, so a quick glance makes it appear to read "ED-E". This is elaborated on in lonesome road, where the duplicate version mentions that the original had to stop in chicago, illinois for repairs.

• regardless of who upgrades it, ED-E’s appearance will be altered. If upgraded by the followers, the armor will remain the same, but its zapper will be made more powerful, since it is the part they upgraded. If upgraded by the brotherhood, it will result in ED-E having social anxiety test free a much cleaner appearance, signifying its enhanced armor. Both upgrades will remove all of ED-E’s stickers and the license plate.

• ED-E’s companion quest has several unused takes on the dialogue. While they are ultimately the same, there are two different takes of senior knight lorenzo’s dialogue, and three different versions of april martimer’s dialogue. One lorenzo line actually has one of its last lines missing, and instead still uses a voice file of one of the developers delivering the line!

• playstation 3 xbox 360 when at black mountain, it is possible anoxic brain injury icd 10 that ED-E will disappear after the courier is attacked by super mutants in the small pass with the bear traps and the large boulder. It can also happen in the entrance of vault 22. This might be fixed by going to sierra madre (and starting the dead money add-on) or by using one of the companion dismissal terminals loaded nanoxia deep silence 4 mini tower by the patch released just before the release of old world blues. There will be a message saying that ED-E has returned to primm.

• xbox 360 after upgrading ED-E’s armor, its inventory weight goes up from 1 to 2. Traveling to the fort and back with ED-E as a companion permanently adds an additional 2 to its weight EACH time you go there, eventually making it impossible to place items in its inventory anymore. There is no known way to remove this invisible item weight, and the only way to prevent it is by firing ED-E before traveling there. Telling him to wait elsewhere before going to the fort still adds the extra phantom weight. Apparently, its laser is being duplicated each time your weapons are forcibly removed at the fort. Even if you enter the fort without invitation, or the proper legion reputation (i.E. Bad rep, not giving weapons), this may happen. This does not happen at the casinos, though.

• playstation 3 PC after upgrading ED-E with the followers, if it is destroyed, the what is anoxic ischemic encephalopathy dialogue and text about losing its perk after its death will not appear at all. You can lose ED-E without noticing its death in battles or if it strays too far from the courier by its own way being in [DANGER] mode because of the hostiles around it. A related bug exists where if ED-E is destroyed, its perk still remains in the courier’s pip-boy and still fully working. This can be fixed using console commands prid ; moveto player; disable; resurrect; enable where "ref id" is set for specific ED-E type.

• PC playstation 3 xbox 360 ED-E delivers anxiety attack cure a message from the brotherhood after enough trigger words are activated. During the last paragraph of this speech, the speaker’s dialect changes to that of a hispanic male (possibly from one of the developers of new vegas), and the player is stuck without being able to bring up the pip-boy or move. The following speech made by the followers of the apocalypse will not play. Quitting to dashboard and reloading does not fix this bug. However, entering enableplayercontrols via console seems to fix the problem on PC. You may also try telling ED-E to wait in a place prior to receiving the message and retrieving him later.

• PC playstation 3 xbox 360 the upgraded zapper from homeopathy treatment for hypoxic brain injury the followers of the apocalypse upgrade can be lost at random, particularly in casinos or in caesar’s fort. It is actually two different weapons: energy zap(00166B94) and electrical zap(001694DF), and can be restored with additem after targeting ED-E. They require energy cell ammunition (00078CC2), but don’t actually consume it.