Donald trump didn’t start the fire here are things the midterms can’t fix hypoxic brain damage symptoms

Please don’t misunderstand me: I am not endorsing apathy or disengagement. I am endorsing vigilance, long-term realism and perhaps a certain ruthlessness. I know left-wing anarchists who normally view the Democratic Party with contempt but this year are doing get-out-the-vote work on behalf of moderate Democrats in marginal House districts, or nationalized candidates like Andrew Gillum in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia. For many people on the left-liberal spectrum, the 2018 midterms are about “harm reduction,” or creating a slowdown or checkpoint on the Trumpian agenda, or simply an opportunity for a symbolic victory that may show the world the tide is turning.

Those are honorable goals.

But as I suggested last week, the road ahead after Nov. 6 has many pitfalls. anoxia definition Democrats have a lot riding on this election: They may suffer a severe implosion if they lose, and have no clear idea what to do if they win. nanoxia deep silence 4 review The anti-Trump coalition loosely termed the “resistance” can agree that it wants an America that is less conspicuously divided and diseased. But its members absolutely do not agree about the roots of that division and disease, or about how to address it.

How do we treat the disorder that produced Cesar Sayoc? Or that allows the president of the United States to treat a group of refugees from impoverished and dysfunctional nations (for whose problems we bear at least some responsibility) as a hostile invading army? Or that convinced a once-respectable news network to pay fabulous sums of money to an overtly racist anchorwoman, because she was blonde and pretty and because our media culture has become so corrupt that it seemed plausible her racism was just an act?

NBC’s panicky decision to fling Megyn Kelly off the train, concluding her brief, unsuccessful and spectacularly overpaid tenure at the “Today” show, was absolutely not a celebutainment distraction from the real news. In some ways, it was the realest news of the week. Because the people in and around the media and political classes who made apologies for Kelly’s previous egregious behavior, who depicted her as a pseudo-feminist rebel at Fox News and who built up her mythic image as a “moderate” or “unifying” avatar of American womanhood, are exactly the same people who believe that the 2018 midterms offer us a path back to normalcy.

It’s tempting to say that I’m talking about “mainstream” liberals and “establishment” Democrats, but that’s not entirely accurate, and in the current climate it feels lazy to use those terms as pejorative epithets. anxiety attack treatment home remedies What has gone wrong in America is not Hillary Clinton’s fault; like Donald Trump, she is a messenger, or a symbol. Let’s say instead that for many powerful and well-insulated Americans near the top of the cultural pyramid, from the center-left to the center-right — including at least some penitent conservatives in the Max Boot and Tom Nichols mold — a potential Democratic congressional majority in 2019 carries a special significance.

It represents a symbolic Restoration of the old order, something like installing Charles II on the throne in 1660 after the disastrous experiment of Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan regime. It’s one last chance to reassert sanity and normalcy — which in this case signifies a government operated by spooks and wizards with Ivy League degrees — before we plunge off the cliff into the bottomless troll-hole of dumbass fascism. It’s time, in this worldview, for ideological enemies to set aside our differences and join in a “Coalition of Normals,” to quote Salon contributor Bob Cesca, devoted to restoring our republic and enforcing “presidential” conduct on the presidency.

To this particular fantasy I say, with respect and affection and some lingering nostalgia: LOL whatever. This “normal” that you speak of: When was that, and where is it to be found? The Benghazi hearings? The drone war and the secret “kill list” that included American citizens? The birther controversy and the “death panels”? Potential vice president Sarah Palin? The Iraq war and the “unknown unknowns”? The Lewinsky scandal and the “meaning of is”?

This version of making America great again is every bit as vague and ahistorical as Donald Trump’s, albeit with better optics and improved literacy. severe anoxic brain injury The proposition that stuff in America was way super-normal, swimming along at high levels of rational efficiency, until the day that Donald Trump descended that golden escalator and started talking about Mexican rapists, is just so dumb. Please don’t try to look me in the eye, or anybody else either, and claim to believe that.

Trump was uniquely positioned to capitalize on perceptions that were at least partly true, but that he did not create. Those included the perception that the nation’s bipartisan leadership caste had condescended to the American people for years, lied about their true objectives and collaborated in a regime of endless war and economic inequality. He translated those perceptions into an especially ugly and dangerous form of cultural warfare, some of whose consequences we have observed this week. anoxic brain damage symptoms That does not mean the underlying feelings of cynicism, apathy, abandonment and disenfranchisement — which are felt across the political spectrum, not just among the Trump demographic — are entirely illegitimate.

Is it critical to America’s future that Democrats win the midterms? Without parsing the terms too closely, I would say maybe so. But only as the first step on a long road toward building a nation where Megyn Kelly, Cesar Sayoc and Donald Trump are not necessary and do not happen. If a slender and defensive congressional majority is seen as an end in itself — or if this election becomes a referendum on the ancien régime, circa 2014 — then I’m sure of the outcome: Everybody loses.