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With over 10,000 vetted and insured dog sitters across the country at, it is easy to find a dog sitter in your local area and you can book the reservation online. anoxic Instead of caging your furry pets in a kennel while on vacation, bring them to one of the hosts’ homes so they can relax in cozy environment. To create a profile, simply complete and submit the online form with information about your dog.

From there you can start browsing hosts close by using your zip code. If you have a last minute siting request, you may contact the representatives at DogVacay to receive immediate assistance. Many hosts sit at their home and may accept a maximum of three dogs at any one given time.

Others may have the flexibility to stay at your home.

Accommodations for either option can be found through their site. When you select a host that suits your needs, you may schedule a Meet-N-Greet before your stay. This gives you a chance to introduce your dog to the sitter and ensure you have hired someone whom you feel comfortable with.

Rates start at $25/night and all reservations include free pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, emergency services, and a 100% money back guarantee. You can pay online or by phone with a Visa MasterCard or an American Express. Your credit card will not be charged until the host accepts the sitting request.

Additional services sometimes offered by sitters on DogVacay include dog walking, grooming, and even “taxi” services for pickup and drop-off. Each sitter’s profile will include details pertaining to any extra services they offer as well as pricing information. To become a host complete your free profile with information about the services you offer, the home environment you provide and the experience you have caring for dogs.

Within the profile you will also be able to list your rates, availability and your cancellation policy. Once you’ve created your host profile it takes up to 2 business days to receive an email stating whether or not you have been approved. Upon approval your profile will be live for dog owners to browse. Payments are handled electronically via PayPal and processed the first business day following the last day of the dog sitting job.

DogVacay takes 15% of successful bookings. To gain status and ranking as a host, DogVacay offers a number of way to earn badges and credentials. By obtaining these and displaying them within your profile, you earn credibility and will be afforded with more sitting requests.

When comparing to there are a couple of differences. screens their hosts prior to approval while DogVacay approves hosts through an online request. Age requirements for sitting are also different; DogVacay hosts must be at least 18 years of age but will accept those as young as 13 years old with permission from their parent or guardian.

Few complaints have been found in online reviews. From the hosts’ side, payments were not issued to them according to what was agreed upon. There were not many complaints from dog owners either; one mentioned that the home was not suitable for their dog or any dog for that matter. Another owner hired a host because she agreed to provide the dog with the medicine for his illness, the sitter did not follow through with her promises and the dog became extremely ill.

Finding a sitter through the internet for you precious dogs shouldn’t be a rushed process. Meet with the sitter and go to the location where your dog will be staying. Additionally, if you dog has special needs or is sick, leaving them with someone you found through the internet may not be the best route to take.

There is fine print about fees, how insurance works, and so on. anoxic brain damage recovery stories Hosts hate the 7% or whatever it is nonrefundable fee they charge for basically processing things online. Calling it "safety" or whatever is annoying. Most places call it processing…it’s about the card and website stuff…hosts never see that. reflex anoxic seizures vs breath holding spells Rover and other places have it and it is 5% I think.

But the #1 main thing is that not all hosts are of the same quality, experience, dedication, and caliber. It can take hours and days of reading and research to try to find the right one. The good hosts are out there. I say this because I had to look for a host when I traveled.

I have many regular, loyal clients and their dogs are like my dogs. But I do not deal with people who are in a huge hurry, who are leaving town for 3 weeks and just remembered they own dogs one day before they leave, for example. I’m not going to risk my home, my pets, or anyone else’s pets with wildcard, last minute dogs. For any amount of money.

Ideally, look around and find a host long before you have a trip. Meeting and knowing you have a place is good, in case you have an emergency. Emergencies happen. Once I have screened a dog, done the meet and greet, which can take as long as an hour depending on dogs and humans, then they CAN call at a moment’s notice. However, if there are already dogs here, and it won’t be a good fit, I have to say no. Turning people away is sadly part of being a responsible host.

Just remember that unfortunately the company does not have a team to inspect houses or anything. They used to do more thorough screening of hosts when I signed up back in early 2012, but they got big. Now they trust people will leave bad feedback or complain about bad hosts. =/ Do the legwork to find good ones. Report the bad ones if you find any. anxiety test pdf I WANT other good hosts out there. If I don’t have room for the dogs I know and love, I want them to be able to go to good places.

Lastly, I love this work. I love my guest dogs. They are happy to arrive, my own dogs are happy to see their buddies and play. I get to know them. I enjoy grooming the long haired ones. I love working with them and owners on weight loss or training, or gaining confidence and watching the dogs mature. I like that the regular dogs know each other, too. For me, this is a lifestyle, not a hobby. Find hosts who are invested. You will be glad you did.

We went to a "meet & greet" at the host’s home. She let s in the back yard and had our two dogs look around it for a few minutes. She then said she would bring out one of her dogs to get acquainted. She told us that her dog was somewhat territorial and might assert her dominance in the first meeting, but we could believe what happened next. The moment she let her dog out it ran over and attacked our Lab. After some yelling and pulling it left the Lab and ran over and attacked our Golden Retriever. With some more yelling the attacking dog separated from the Golden but then came back at the Lab and attacked it more viciously than the first time. I’ve never heard yelps of pain like what I heard from our Lab in the several seconds the second attack lasted. We finally got the attack dog backed off, and I told the host that there was no way I would leave another dog in her care after that.

We could tell both dogs, and especially the Lab, were shaken by the attacks, but we didn’t know until we got home that the Lab had been injured, with a tear in one of her ears. severe anoxic brain injury prognosis We spent then next hour and a half at an emergency vet clinic getting her attended to.

The cherry on top of this is that when we asked DogVacay is their insurance would cover the emergency vet bill, they said "no" because it was only during a meet & greet and not during an actual stay. Of course, we already had a reservation and there would’ve been no meet & greet but for DogVacay.

I have a dog with a few behavioral issues so I need to be really careful who watches him. I found 2 wonderful local pet sitters on this site. In fact, I just returned from vacation and a second booking with one of them. Both are very caring dog lovers who knew how to handle my dog with love and kept in touch with me daily. I felt like I was leaving my dog with family. I would give both ladies 5+ stars. I gave the site only 4 because there are definitely some jerky people out there who are unqualified and just doing this for the money. I recommend the following: (1 ) set up a meet n greet far in advance of your planned vaca. Don’t wait until you are desperate. The meet n greets are crucial. If you are not 100% comfortable, don’t leave your precious pet there.(2) Meet a few different sitters and try to use each one at least once a year. social anxiety assessment pdf Very important to have reliable back up. (3) Avoid sitters that also do heavy dog walking. They won’t be able to give your dog as much attention and are often rigid with pick up and drop off times. I stopped using one lady who I really liked because she became too high maintenance with that. (4 ) Avoid sitters that take in too many dogs. Sitter might be great but it compromises supervision and animals can be unpredictable. There are good and bad on all of these sites. I think this one is better than based on the quality of sitters I have met.