Do cats help with depression and anxiety – fluffy kitty anxiety disorder definition

It’s highly likely that either yourself or someone you know, is currently experiencing either one of these. It’s serious. It’s an illness. And there are thousands of medication brands out there on the market that can help or reduce anxiety/depression symptoms. However, many of the people we know who suffer from these illnesses do not like the idea of having to take drugs in order to just get through their day.

In fact, not only do cats help (but they just happen to have extra super healing powers) but also other pets can help with those suffering from depression or anxiety. These animals can be associated with “emotional support” animals (or dubbed ESA’s).

Just knowing that Yoda is waiting for me when I come home makes me feel happy – as if his contentment relied on me and my ability to take care of him (which it basically does).

And that makes me feel happy because if I’m depressed about work, school, or anything else, I know that my cat counts on me to be there for him. anoxic brain injury mri Breaking up the routine

One thing I love about having a cat is that I am never bored when I need to take breaks from work or school. Yoda is always entertaining and taking care of him breaks up the routine of everyday life. There isn’t a day that is the same when my time is spent with him.

Actively engaging in playtime with your cat can help relieve you of any anxious feelings or help avoid those major swings of depression from too much inactivity. generalized anxiety disorder dsm 5 definition I personally walk Yoda on his leash! You can train your cat to walk on a leash, too. Read more about walking your cat on a leash in our article here. Improved social life

Studies show that taking care of pets can significantly improve our moods by triggering our “feel good” hormones. Caressing, touching, petting, or hugging a loving animal can immediately make you feel less stressed and happier than you were before ( 2). Your best friend

Depression makes you feel isolated and makes you want to step back away from family and friends. Owning a cat will never let you slip into a deep, dark depression as your best friend will always be there with you. Yoda has always helped me avoid that ‘dark place’ by always showing me companionship. hypoxic brain injury mri images Better health, better you

Cats have magical superpowers. They can actually heal broken bones from the Hertz frequency of their purrs, isn’t that so cool? Cats have so many health benefits that we actually devoted an entire article about the major health benefits of owning a cat! Go check it out! So, do cats help with depression and anxiety??

I hope you have been able to gain some insight into why and how cats help us humans with our over-stressed lives. I am sure I have only scratched the surface in these regards, but nonetheless, I think you get the overall picture of how cats do it. They’re definitely much more than just a cute ball of fur, don’t ya agree?

To wrap this one up, I just want to say thank you very much for all of our followers. You are growing and growing and growing and we can’t thank you enough! We love our baby boy Yoda and just love sharing our love for him – with you all! With high hopes that you benefit from our articles and that you have a fun, safe, and happy life with your own furry companion!

Thanks so much for reaching out to us and sharing your story. First off, I completely know how you feel! I was the same way growing up and still am actually – Yoda has helped me in tremendous ways. Sometimes it’s hard to get our parents on the same page with us, but don’t give up. anoxic brain damage treatment Maybe opening up communication and sharing your feelings to your parents about how a cat could help you, would help. If it’s a genuine, calm conversation, I can imagine your parents might be more considering of this. This can be hard, but don’t lose sight of joy and happiness in your life. Self harm should never be an option, as this will cause you even more harm both short and long-term. And it’s never worth it. Remember, our parents love us and care for us – even when their repetitive “no’s” can feel otherwise. anoxic encephalopathy prognosis I’ve been there! When you’re feeling down, you can always reach out to a parent, a trusted friend, or even some couple who write about cats on the internet 😉 hehe

What I would recommend for you is to seek out volunteer options with the animal shelter in/near your town. There are lots of kitties who need love and attention in these shelters, and it would be really beneficial for you in many ways I think. I used to do this when I was about your age. I remember walking in maybe feeling a little anxious, and coming out feeling like I contributed to something bigger than myself and feeling like I left the animal shelter with a more positive, loving atmosphere than when I arrived. Doing this would also put into actions your words – meaning that your love for cats and need for their soothing company will be shown through your dedication to go volunteer just to have this connection. Your parents will see how much it means to you, and maybe this could open up new possibilities.

If you have friends with cats, you can maybe ask to go over and spend sometime with your friends and their feline company. Don’t be nervous to ask a neighbor, a new one, if they have an indoor or outdoor cat you could look out for in the neighborhood and maybe spend some cuddle time with. More than not, striking up a conversation with a neighbor or friend, or a complete stranger even, leads to new doors, new ways of thinking, new possibilities and opportunities, and much more!

In any case, do let us know what you decide to do, whether talking to your parents, volunteering or other. what causes anoxic encephalopathy You can reach us by email: anytime you would like to talk or just need some advice, yeah? &#128578; Stay strong girl! <3