Discrimination on the job epilepsy foundation anoxic brain injury symptoms

The problem with bringing litigation against an employer is the difficulty in prooving the discrimination it’s not like thier employees are going to line up to testify against thier employer, the boss can say he fired you because you farted in the wrong direction it pisses me off reading some of this crap.

I’d bring a voice recorder to work but there are laws against that.

I think someone should write a book about how to bring effective litigation against assholes like this for ex how to set them up for proovable violations stuff that would fly in court.

In my case i’m disabled.

And this is one of those situations i can’t proove either.

My psych doc. D/c’ed me off a large dose off klonopin after being on benzodiazepienes for 3 years.Anoxic brain injury symptoms

A week later i had a grand mal and went into a 3 day nap.

I wind up on dialysis and unable to walk.

I see the neurologist who runs a 24 hour eeg on me and finds generalized epilepsy.

I don’t have a history of seizures.

So here’s the question?

Did that 3 day dirt nap cause the epilepsy?

It’s a pretty well known fact that abrupt discontinuation of benzodiazepienes at high does likely predisposes one to seizures.

In my case life threatening but, can i proove it?

Hell no.

See the double logic?

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Sue them for a billion dollars. They can afford it. I work for att on the landline side and ever since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and temporal lobe seizures my manager has been an absolute jerk.Anoxic brain injury symptoms he told me the other day I couldn’t drive, so for the last 3 days I’ve been riding with another tech. My neurologist has me on seizure medication and I haven’t had a seizure since I started the meds but I still don’t know why my manager thinks I’m not safe to drive or when i can drive again. The only restriction my neuro had for me was no heights or climbing until my tests were done. When I told my manager this he told me he couldn’t do that and I had to file a disability claim and have my doctor send info to the claim center and they would make the determination on if I should be climbing or not. The type of seizures I have are not the grand mall type, I never black out, I always know where I’m at and what I’m doing.Anoxic brain injury symptoms anyhow I hope you take them for as much as you can, they make a billion in profit each month, thats 1.4 million an hour every day all day. They treat their employees like crap and look for any way to fire you. I’m just waiting for the day he tells me I can’t do my job because of my condition and the first place I’m going is to a lawyer. Good luck to you.

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I’m 24 yrs old and will be 25 come 08/05/10. Anyway, I have had seizures since I was 12 and got the VNS therapy implant in 2005. I love it…It really works and reduced my seizures in frequency and intensity dramatically. I enrolled in nursing school in 2008 and I graduated in may 2010. I havent had a seizure in 1 1/2 years.Anoxic brain injury symptoms now the state board of nursing is telling me NO you cannot be a nurse. They knew from day one that I had seizures and now they are trying to say I falsified records when I was asked do you have any mental, physical, or emotional condition that would prevent you in performing your duties as a nurse?. I answered no to the question because I had medical release from all my doctors and was advised by an atty to answer so. Now I’m having to go thru a bunch of legal crap and hearings and am not sure if in the end ill ever get to be a nurse. I’m so beyond frustrated that I might have done all that work for nothing. What am I supposed to do now?

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In my lifetime i had 437 jobs from 1962 to 1982.Anoxic brain injury symptoms by 1962 i had worked as a machinest, electrician, stock expediter, production scheduler and tin smith.This was before the diagnosis.

From 1962 to 1982 i was fired from all for seizure wages never above poverty.Ion jan. 5,1970 i was hired by a major fedral contractor in illinois. Average wage in th graphic arts dept. I worked in was $30.00 an hour. My starting pay was $2.00 an hour.I needed a job. By 1981 i had been to 57 different neurologist none had been to establish any control andi’ve been told i had been on all med available at that time. By 1981 i was making 3.60 an hour used up all of my sick time and never worked a 40 hour week due to seizures. Average wage was $40.00 a week.

In early 1981 i was scheduled fo surgery and on may 22,1981 a begnine tumor was removed from my right temporal lobe,

anoxic brain injury symptoms

In three weeks i was given a choice. Either return to work or be fired. I returned to work and was fired. This company united technologies walked away from all medical bills, never paid bill they were obligated to pay, denied me any medical coverage for the rest of my life as guranteed me by ERISA. The final check i received on termination was based on$4,00 per hour

I am now 70 years old living on social security based on 3.60 per hour with no medical coverage other than medicare.

Family destroyed by living conditions.

Yes there is major discrimination on epilepsy. What makes it difficult, white folks have no idea what it feels like.

We here in arizona have a tern that describes what i went thru.Anoxic brain injury symptoms constructed discharge means that the employer is creating a work enviroment that is intentional and is designed to force the individual to quit.

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