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A big buzz word in the automotive and car industry is now “connected car.” many people have asked us at AUTO connected car, “what is the connected car?” what was the first connected car? “what is the definition of the connected car?” “what is driving the connected car movement?” “can I connect the internet of things to my present un-connected car?”

The first connected cars were made by general motors working with motorola automotive when they introduced onstar in 1996. That was at a time when cellular voice connections were not reliable and GM wanted to create a safety product. The telematics system first enabled voice calls to a call center that contacted emergency responders in the case of accidents with cadillac (deville, seville and eldorado) when an airbag was deployed.

In 2001 remote diagnostics was introduced. 2003 marked the introduction vehicle health reports, turn-by-turn directions and a network access device. In 2007 continental introducted data-only telematics. Anoxie cérébrale définition in the summer of 2014 audi A3 was the first automaker to offer 4G LTE wi-fi hotspots access and the first mass deployment of 4G LTE was by general motors.

Connected car (definition )- the presence of devices in an automobile that connect the devices to other devices within the car/vehicles and or devices, networks and services outside the car including other cars, home, office or infrastructure. Internet access is usually connected to a local area network. Nanoxia deep silence 6 many experts are saying that connected cars are part of the giant internet of things.

Internet connections can provide connections that warn of traffic, collisions and other safety alerts. Concierge services from apps or automakers alert the driver of the time to leave to arrive on time from a calendar and sends text message alerts to friends or business associates to alert them of arrival times. For example, BMW connected NA.

• bluetooth – this wireless connectivity typically allows the driver to use bluetooth to a cellular phone or smartphone to make and receive phones. Often there is microphone located near the driver so that the driver can speak and the voice of the caller is played through the speakers of the car. Anoxic seizure nhs bluetooth can also be used to stream music from a bluetooth connected device such as an ipod, iphone, smartphone or bluetooth-enabled tablet or ipad.

• traffic, safety and collision warnings – when the car is connected to navigation, city infrastructure or community mapping such as waze, HERE or tomtom, the driver can be notified of car collisions, traffic jams, pot holes, debris on the road and more. The car can communicate various ways to other devices such as vehicle-to-vehicle(V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure(V2I), vehicle-to-pedestrian/phone (V2P) orvehicle-to-everything (V2X) for sophisticated information such as platooning or changing lights when there are no other cars at the same time.

Payments– GM was the first automaker in the U.S. To launch payments from the dash through marketplace for donuts, coffee and other fast foods. Then drivers of eligible chevrolet vehicles could pay through the touchscreen in their vehicle when they fuel up at participating shell-branded stations, without swiping a credit card or using a mobile device. Hyundai then announced that it will enable payments through xevo.

Currently there is no one dominate operating system for the computers of head unit or other devices that connect to iphone or android that include airbiquity, QNX, mirrorlink, WEBLINK, and others. QNX has the most market share. Anoxic vs hypoxic brain injury earlier in 2014 the open automotive alliance based on the android operating system provided by google was formed.

LTE data connections & wi-fi to passengers – AT&T in the spring of 2014 announced services in which drivers can add their car with LTE to their AT&T mobile share plans. The connection to LTE enables passengers to perform web surfing and connected apps. It also allows for the app in the head/dash unit to connected to data services such as stream audio services like pandora, iheart radio and slacker radio. 4G LTE in the united states will is available in GM ( chevy, buick, cadillac) cars via onstar. What causes anoxic encephalopathy HSPA+ connectivity is available in tesla and volvo from AT&T. More car makers may find a demand for 4G LTE connectivity, because it will enable them to update software over-the-air. Verizon wireless is expected to offer 4G LTE to ( hyundai) in the future.

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure – for the everything from traffic management to stopping a car from entering a dangerous intersection, V2V and V2I are communications systems that interact for the safety of the auto and its surrounding environment. The U.S. Nanoxia project s department of transportation is working on guidelines to enable V2V systems that connect to municipalities and for safety and better traffic control.

Super contextual preeminent help/suggestions/offers as this field grows, services that may be offered are automated text messages to a spouse or family member when the traffic going home is bad or coffee discount coupons in the morning on your way to work or even travel/hotel offers when you drive to different cities. Automated-automatic-auto-piloted-AUTO-mobiles-AUTO-connected-car

After cars has the correct sensors and connections it is possible in the future that cars were mainly drive themselves and the human driver will take over the wheel only when necessary. This realm is also called “robotic vehicles.” in september, 2104, GM announced the first semi-automated connected car coming with super cruise in C adillacs in 2017.