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I have an MSI KN72 delta-L motherboard and I am experiencing slight sound skipping in games and when music is playing in windows. The problem usually occurs whenever there is keyboard input (e.G. When I’m typing this message, the sound will occasionally skip for like half a second).

I’ve tried installing the latest nvidia sound drivers, and I am currently using the latest realtek drivers (ALC 650), and although they have enabled some features which the nvidia ones did not (such as hardware accel. In games and EAX), the problem now seems slightly worse.

I have tried disabling some unused audio lines (such as aux and mic) and this did seem to help for a while, but the problem is still there.

I have all the latest drivers (including video drivers) for my system and everything else seems up to date.Nanoxia deep silence the machine is not overclocked.

Could this be heat? I don’t think the MCP chip on this board has a heatsink on it. My cpu temps are 43c at the moment but can go as high as 50c.

Here is my system:

Win XP service pack 1

AMD athlon 2600 (barton)

MSI kn72 delta L (mem and ram are in 1:1)

256 mb pc3200 ram (7-3-3 i think)

Radeon 9600 pro

Unbranded 300w psu






(poor i know but voltages seem reasonably stable)

Can anyone help?

Ps. The keyboard i use is ps/2, and the mouse is a wireless usb

Is this your first mac? What does too much heat mean for you? Are you comparing against a plastic windows portable?These computers have very robust capabilities in both the computing (CPU) and graphics (GPU) areas.Nanoxia deep silence for this, the chips they use consume quite a bit of power and, in consequence, dissipate quite a bit of heat. The design choice of an aluminum chassis was partially done to use it as a heatsink, to enable better cooling in a slimmer design. That’s why nowhere in apple’s literature do they refer to these as laptops. If you want to measure objectively how hot all the parts of your mac are and post back so we can tell you that all is within spec, you can either install the istat pro dashboard widget or marcel bresink’s temperature monitor, both free. IStat gives you a summary of what the mac is doing, including temperatures and fans. TM gives an excruciatingly detailed view of ALL the 20+ temperature sensors in the mac.Http://islayer.Com/apps/istatpro/http://www.Bresink.Com/osx/temperaturemonitor.Html

nanoxia deep silence

I have a problem overclocking this board i got 450 watt power supply 1.3 gigs of ram pc 2700, and nice solid copper heat sinks with buncha fans on everything and good thermal grease compound on cpu and my tempatures are around 28 for board and 30 for cpu, 2000 amd xp, but if i go to set the dynamic overclocking or anything even just set it to performance mode, my pc freezes up while playin games or running 3dmark test, this is very anoying cuz my old motherboard scores same points as this 1 on 3dmark test but if i could overclock damn thing i know it would be betta, my old abit kt400 chipset goes just as fast as this damn board worse of all i coulda got a 3000 amd for price of this board and just put it in my old board , i tryed everything from bois pdats to trying difrent driver updates, i read sumtin on how sum cpu’s are locked and cant overclock on nforce boards but i dont know if thats true cuz i was able to get this 2000 to a 2200-2400 ez without it even getting toasty, i got a gforce fx 5900 ultra, 1.3 gigs pc2700, 2000 amd xp, sata 80 gig, 450 watt ps, any help would be awsome, ohh yea i get sum weird error on pc alert under the 12 volt voltage reading it flashes red and only says 2 volts but i changed out powersuplies and still same error so i dont know what the hell thats about eather, i wish i could see what this mb can do plz any help ocing would be cool

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Hello bob H.,

I read that guide and we are always careful to follow those instructions. However, our laptops still over heat, even since we purchased them.

This may be a matter of personal opinion, but I never needed to be so cautious with a tower desktop. It sounds to me, as though laptops in general are a complete design flaw. If this really is the case, then I need to be able to still purchase new tower desktop models for home and office. Yet, when I go to a retailer like office max for example, the desktops are all built into a monitor, with no tower and also tend to overheat alot. Or, they are mini towers, which I don’t want.

Is there still options out there, for a fellow to purchase a traditional tower, ala dell 8200 workstation type?Nanoxia deep silence something I can upgrade myself, if I feel the need.

I adore my 8200 workstation, with winxp, P4 3.32 gig, 2000mb ram, 512 graphics card, but this thing is getting old now, lol.

What I truly want is a tower system, that can run winxp with quad-core procs, yet I hear win XP will not recognize the cores, is this true?