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Constraint-induced therapy (CI therapy, or CIT) is a family of rehabilitation therapies designed to help “rewire” the brain and thus regain some level of limb function in those who have had an injury or illness such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, brain tumor, or multiple sclerosis. Research pioneered at UAB over the last 25 years by edward taub, phd, has shown that patients can “rewire” their brains and “learn” to improve the function of the more affected parts of their bodies rather than depending on the less-affected parts. These results have been found to be true for both movement of the affected arm or leg as well as the use of language, and the therapy typically produces excellent results.Nanoxia ncore retro

brain imaging studies have confirmed constraint-induced therapy’s effect on the brain as a result of this therapy, indicating that there is “rewiring” of the brain taking place. Constraint-induced therapy has been found to be effective no matter how long ago the injury or illness occurred so long as the treatment criteria are met.

The taub therapy clinic treats patients age 14 and over who qualify for treatment. Patients who have participated range from veterans with TBI and stroke patients to individuals with multiple sclerosis and those who have undergone tumor resection (removal of tissue). The clinic is located within the spain rehabilitation center, one of the southeast’s foremost providers of comprehensive rehabilitation care.Nanoxia ncore retro pediatric CI therapy patients are treated at children’s of alabama.

UAB medicine is the home of constraint-induced therapy. UAB behavioral neuroscientist edward taub, phd, and his research group at UAB originated constraint-induced movement therapy (CI therapy, or CIMT), with the first human study published in 1993. Over the past 25 years, dr. Taub and his research and clinic staff have further developed and refined CI therapy.

The taub therapy clinic opened at UAB in 2001 with dr. Taub as the clinic director, and it is one of the most effective rehabilitation programs in the world. Dr. Taub personally oversees treatment results to ensure that each patient enjoys the best possible outcome. The clinic staff provides one-on-one customized therapy programs that include all three of the components of CI therapy that research has shown are necessary for maximum success.Nanoxia ncore retro no other program provides all of the proven components of CI therapy as well as the intensive, therapist-guided practice of movement or language that is essential to CI therapy. The occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists who provide the therapy have extensive experience in neurorehabilitation and have specialized in CI therapy. They also serve as instructors in the CI therapy training course for therapists around the world. Revised treatment protocols and additional programs continue to emerge from research trials involving CI therapy.

Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT)

• arm/hand constraint-induced therapy program

• leg/walking constraint-induced therapy program

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Constraint-induced language therapy (CIAT II)

• language/aphasia constraint-induced therapy program

Recent research-based CI therapy programs newly added to the taub therapy clinic include:

• arm/hand CI therapy programs (grade 5): for those with less active movement of the hand than had previously been treated in the taub therapy clinic.

• arm/hand and leg/walking CI therapy programs: for individuals with multiple sclerosis.

The results of CI therapy have been so impressive that the taub therapy clinic has been profiled by newsweek, the new york times, U.S. News world report, USA today, the national geographic channel, CNN, ABC, CBS, and many others.

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