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Oh yes…she’s definitely gearing up for a big beg fest. I take it she hasn’t mailed in the mortgage for September yet, and it’s already October? Looks like "A September to remember" has turned into "A September to ignore the lender." And instead of "Sober October" it’s now "Broker October." OK, that was cheesy. hypoxic brain injury pathophysiology I’ll stop now.

On her Twitter, Instagram and her bleg she got things started with her frequent "little unattractive Hobbit-me" sympathy drive by stating that even though her body is "weird, short and dense" (her exact words) she just loves herself anyway! All this hyperbole is to get her "Atta girl" team to reinforce her delusions — and a few took the bait and told her how "amazing" she looks — so it’s already working!

The purpose of this scheme of hers is to illicit sympathy and her next move will be to beg for luck with the mortgage in the hopes that her foollowers will be thinking, "Oh poor little Jenna Woginrich, she’s so unfortunate looking and she’s broke too. Well, I can’t help her out looks-wise, but at least I can send her some money!"

And in my years of experience, (over 50 now) I have found that GENERALLY liberals do want the very best for the masses… they just want everyone else to pay for it. (Sounds like Jenna, eh?) And that when it comes to personal effort/service/donations, they give you hugs and kisses and atta girls and oh, you should just DO this or that, but not a lot in the form of ca-ching!

It’s the quiet, hardworking, conservatives (mostly Republican) that pony up their own cash in times of hardship for others, like poor little cold and lonely and scared… er terrified Jenna Woginrich. I know I did. Several times before I caught on. It’s just what we do, we rural conservatives, whom I would think make up a lot of her fan base…

Now, unlike Miss Jenna who broadly paints every other class with a huge brush… (like her quotes about not knowing what Republicans want or slamming poodles and all that she does ALL THE TIME) I know that not all liberals are the same and not all republicans are the same and in fact NOT ALL HUMANS are the same… but just saying. She is totally a bitch to those that stick their hand out to feed her, ALL THE TIME.

just read Jenna’s new post and of course x-rays are there also besides tweets. She seems to address EVERYTHING that has been posted on here as of late. The squash all kinds, the mortgage payment, worming the pigs and the lambs etc. Good thing she "remembers" to cover all these subjects least someone would think she is lurking here. She is being a dear and not thinking about her tooth problems till Yuletide how brave of her. She also appears to be stalking the places Jon Katz goes to as she mentions for the first time the deli dept in another town she went to to get lunch meat? That far away for a bit of ham when there is one right down the road from her? I am sure all of this "suffering" by her will bring in the donations but darn if you are on to her it all sounds so crazy. Also she is making fun of her chickens since a wolf decided to get out in broad daylight to go after a good meal at their expense she seemed to think it funny. I don’t know but crazy loon comes to mind when I read her drivel. Reply Delete

I asked Alexa when Yuletide was. She didn’t know. People with infected, root canal teeth can’t just wait for three months to deal with it. It’s either painfully infected or not. And I’ve never had a doctor or dentist tell me that I had until Yuletide to address an urgent health issue. anoxic brain injury prognosis BS

Did you know that Jenna has bragged that she has paid off her credit cards? I haven’t, nor have most people, but she has. But she’d rather con cash money from unsuspecting victims than hand out her own dollars. And I have never seen a dental xray on a farming blog. "Mommy, Daddy!!! Hewp me pwease!" cries baby Jenna Woginrich.

Jenna Woginrich worked as a graphic designer at Orvis. They taught her how to fish, she learned from masters. It all shows in her con game. You’ve got to put yourself in the right spot, make sure it’s stocked with enough targets so the numbers are in your favor (your target group). You need the right lure. Like music, heathenry, farming, and I could probably add 10 more to this list.

Once all this is set up, you have to lead your fish/suckers to the lure. This is the rhythm of the blog. Lull people into thinking it’s about your day to day activities. Tell little tales. Act like you care. Engage them by asking questions. Show cute pictures of animals. Soften them up.

Then comes the pathetic need, which hooks some innocent people, like the fish that believes those are real eggs or flies. We all know they’re not. In fact, we know the ploys before they are written, most of the time (except things like The Beekman Boys Mortgage Lifter, which was awarded to Cold Antler Farm because Jenna seemed to lie in her application).

I forget the name, but I’m pretty sure there’s a psychology theory wherein humans determine when to help and when not to, and it’s related to the likelihood that only a LITTLE help is needed to reach a goal. People are unlikely to buy in when the circumstances are insurmountable.

Hey Jenna Woginrich how about you tell the Twitterverse all about how you were investigated for animal abuse and were forced to find new homes for your neglected livestock this past summer? If you want to show your ass and perpetuate the lie that you are a victim then we have no problem making sure that everyone knows why you are criticized. The animal abuse is only one of many reasons.

I would bet that most of the foolowers who foolishly follow you do not know that your past hawk, named Anna Kendrick, died in your nasty house. Then you lied and said that she flew away. A former member of your poser kindred can verify that you told them that the hawk died overnight in your nasty house and that you "didn’t want to talk about it."

My guess is that someone came to her property today to check on her horses’ well being or the hawk’s well being or the dogs’ well being. Or maybe the FDA finally inspected her soap making operation inside her mold infested house that has hawk shit covering the walls and furniture (as seen in photos posted by Jenna online).

Jenna Woginrich took great pains to call out Oldsters for F’ing up the environment. And she has continually tried to get lots of people to emulate her lifestyle, including the romance of an old truck and wood burning stoves for a house that ‘needs her’. It’s so much BS.

Reputable studies show that old, unmaintained trucks (like Jenna Woginrich’s vehicle) are big polluters. One can argue that re-purposing an old vehicle has a lower environmental impact that purchasing a new vehicle (when you take all mfg steps into account). However, Jenna Woginrich hasn’t had this truck from its date of manufacture. She bought a USED vehicle (already produced) and she could have bought a more energy-efficient vehicle, but she didn’t. She wanted the hipster cred.

Second, no one can deny that wood stoves are polluting. Again, Jenna Woginrich purchased newly manufactured wood stoves. She could have kept the system already installed in her house. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults ppt She could have purchased (over time) a more energy-efficient system. Heck, she could have spent her time and money insulating the house. She often said she was putting in solar…but, of course, she never did.

The problem with being cronically late for years and years and years like Jenna Woginrich seems to be is that the mortgage company records and remembers all the times you SAID you were going to pay or do this or that and if you fail, more than once, they start getting less and less willing to deal with you. And rightly so.

She must be lying about something in this whole riddle. No mortgage company is going to let anyone be so so so behind and late ALL THE TIME… she doesn’t seem to understand the whole principle of that fact that she DOES NOT own her home. The bank does. She is renting until she can pay back the way too much money she agreed to pay.

If she wanted to truly live like she does, she should have considered some other place in the country that is not so expensive. Upstate New York is for rich white folks for the most part. She should have made her way back down to Tennessee or Kentucky and she could have gotten the same sort of parcel of land, less severe winters and much easier to make a mortgage payment on soap and clip art logos when it was half or a third of what she is paying up there…

I know, we did it that way. Now we have no mortgage, lovely homestead, animals and work at home and don’t need a lot to get by. It’s a wonderful life. And none of us have off farm jobs. We don’t need them. Nor do we beg on our social media or blog. Don’t need to. Delete

I am looking to get a loan to improve the farm. I would like to move away from woven wire fences to an electric-field system of movable netting and solar chargers. This will help the animals and land, by keeping pasture managed better and keep animals contained. Besides fencing I would like to repair and stablaize the main barn on the property as well as the other animal’s outdoor shelters and pole barns before winter, repair roofing on farmhouse, plumbing repairs so it can have outside access to the animals water sources instead of just carrying buckets up hills, buy much-needed supplies like hoses, tools, and firewood shed, and get much needed repairs done the this farm’s trusty farm truck – which has transmission issues of utmost import! (That truck, by the way, was funded through my last Kiva loan and paid off ahead of schedule! I thank all of you who helped make that happen!)

The loan would also help with funding existing expenses such as firewood for winter heat, hay for winter feed, and possibly new stock to replace older or lost animals. Right now the main focus in on maintenance to things inside, on, and around the living quarters and fences.

The newest computer being used on this farm right now is 7 years old, and I would like to also get a laptop to replace it. Part of my farm’s outreach and almost all of my sales of goats milk soap, meat shares, and fleeces (as well as graphic design and writing work) are ran out of my computer which is starting to sputter and fail.

We make honest to goodness cold process goats milk soap in small batches so we can make many different variations of our base recipe, but when we have a soap making day we basically work on it all day to get 200 or so made each month. We also work full time off farm jobs and are very active in the community.

Once set in the molds, we unmold the soaps and it takes an additional day at least, if not two, to get them all cut and arranged on drying racks. Once on the racks (we are anywhere from 3-5 days in at this point if you are keeping track), we start the curing timer. For cold process goats milk lye soap that means at least 4-5 weeks (weeks) with good weather, and an extra week if it’s muggy and humid out. psychology today anxiety test I usually count on 6 weeks to get the process completed properly and to end up with well-cured, mild, wholesome soap.

This scamming poser gives the rest of us soap makers a bad name. The only way she can have soap this quick is with a melt and pour brick from Hobby Lobby that she possibly just adds fluff to. I can’t even read this without my blood pressure going up. I feel bad for those trusting souls who worship the ground she walks on and buy her crap.