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My internet was down for a few hours today, so maybe I’m not up to speed. Apparently ralph northam is still the governor of virginia, despite a press conference of cosmic awfulness. Northam now says he is not the man in blackface in that 34-year-old yearbook photo (I don’t know if he has also denied being in the klan getup). He knows this because another time he did black his face to portray michael jackson in a dance contest, which he won with his superior moonwalking moves (his wife had to intervene to prevent a demonstration). He’d surely remember if he had also played mr. Bones. This might be the worst defense of all time, or at least since the defense in the emmett till case questioned the anoxic brain injury nursing care plan identity of the victim by saying something like "that river’s full of bodies — it could be anyone." yeah, we kill so many people, ain’t no way to be sure.

Bill frist, tom coburn, ben carson, ralph northam — I’m starting to think doctors should stay out of politics and medical schools should tighten up their entrance requirements. Just because you aced organic chemistry, it doesn’t mean you have enough sense to get out of the rain.

I read yesterday that lieutenant governor justin fairfax has been accused of sexual assault in — 2004? So that’s him finished. The next guy, the virginia attorney general, has apparently volunteered the anoxic event information that he once wore blackface in public (for cod’s sake why?), which leaves, well, I don’t know. The internet wits are calling it "blackface history month." the over-reactors are yelling at disney and mary poppins because dick van dyke partially blacked his face to portray a chimney sweep. That one moved me to a full-on edgar kennedy face-palm (look him up, or watch the lemonade vendor scene in duck soup*). And since we’re on movies, why has liam neeson chosen this moment to commit career suicide? Worst publicity tour of all time.

That was easy. I’ve spent the day trying to arrive at a position on minstrelgate, which is the name I have given to the scandal over the governor of virginia posing in blackface for his college yearbook photo in 1984. Unless he’s the other guy in the klan hood, but really, six of one, half a dozen of the other. On the one hand, ralph northam seems like a good guy, and he’s a democrat, and this only came up because he’s being targeted by the anti-choice mob. He was on the radio talking about a proposed change in state law regarding the treatment of non-viable newborns who are going to die anyway. (I’m guilty of redundancy because a lot of people don’t seem to know what "non-viable" means.) of course they get put on NICU life-support while their parents face the crushing decision of when or if to remove them. The law now stipulates that two doctors must concur with their wishes; northam, who is a pediatric can anxiety panic attacks cause high blood pressure neurologist in private life, opposes reducing that to one. The rightzis have decided this means he (and all democrats) want to MURDER defective babies and sell the parts, possibly to restaurants — you know, their customary measured response. So all that is on one side, and is a pretty good reason not to hand the crazies a victory.

The crazies want northam to resign because he doesn’t want these poor kids kept on machines for hypoxic brain injury following cardiac arrest months or years like terri schiavo. Other people want him to resign because he was a racially insensitive jerk, at best, back in 1984, when even the president couldn’t recognize the token black member of his cabinet. Not a heroic age of civil rights, is what I’m saying. It feels as if the incriminating photo was discovered long ago and kept for an occasion like this. A great many of those calling for northam to quit are black, and I am happy to let them take the lead. I’m only offended as a friend of the family, so to speak. Northam says he won’t quit, but only last week a republican in florida quit when a picture surfaced of him attending a halloween party dressed as a black female victim of hurricane katrina. This was two months after the inundation of new orleans and is bad on multiple levels. Besides, the lieutenant governor of virginia, justin fairfax, is african american. He has issued a statement that doesn’t call for northam to resign but also says his behavior cannot be condoned and is redolent of virginia’s ugly past. It sounds like he’s as conflicted as I am. Maybe he thinks it’s unbecoming to salivate at the prospect of becoming governor. After all, the voters chose northam over the appalling ed gillespie. Then again, the voters didn’t have all the facts.

A group of homeless chicagoans were trying to keep warm around a propane tank when it exploded. Hearing of this, a woman named candice payne pulled out her credit card and rented them a bunch of hotel rooms. Others were inspired to do the same anoxic brain damage recovery stories, and more than eighty people slept indoors while cold-temperature records were set. Oprah could have accommodated that many in her house, but she didn’t. (we would have heard, and heard.) no megachurch opened its doors. The city shelters are full. The federal government — wait, do we have any?

The governor of kentucky, one of those states that closes when it gets two inches of snow, says we’re all a bunch of sissies for taking emergency measures to keep children from dying on the way to school. It probably will surprise no one that kentucky is the home of mitch mcconnell, rand paul, kim davis and covington catholic school. Also that dopey bible museum where the dinosaurs have saddles.

Some of governor bevis bevin’s constituents are going to be disappointed, because customs and border protection stopped an assload of drugs nanoxia deep silence 2 from crossing the border — 254 pounds of fentanyl and 395 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in a truck full of cucumbers. It was being driven through the nogales, arizona, checkpoint when trained dogs alerted the CBP. In other words, a wall in the desert would not have been much use. Or as charlie pierce wrote, "screw the wall. Hire more dogs."

Yes, the wall. Trump and his babysitters have been busy, dumping sanctions here, backing out of the 1987 intermediate range missile treaty there, all but raising the russian flag over the white house. Every intelligence officer told congress this is a bad idea, as bad as trusting the north koreans and abusing the iranians, but what do they know? Russia definitely did not interfere in the 2016 election and they’ve promised that they’re not doing it again, so that’s that. Besides, WALL. Must have WALL or nothing else matters. Trump called in a couple of "reporters" from the failing new york times to impress them with his resolve. He has "set the table very nicely," whatever that means, and he may possibly announce NATIONAL EMERGENCY, which will cause $5.7 billion to appear on his empty desk because after two years — after seventy-two years — he still has no fucking idea how government works. Also how dare anoxic seizures in adults the FBI treat roger stone as if he did something wrong, and do you have any idea how much money he’s losing by presidenting all the time instead of running casinos, airlines and trump university? WALL!

The "black bodies swinging in the southern breeze" of abel meeropol’s song actually had it easy if they were only hanged. Lynching often involved mutilation (pre- and post-mortem), whipping and other forms of torture, shooting, stabbing or burning alive. It usually depended on whether rape was suspected. Sex — and the imputation of uncontrollable lust to "the other" — is at the bottom of everything.

The book’s epilogue mentions non-traditional lynching victims like matthew shepperd and amadou diallo, but you may notice I’ve tried to use the present tense. That’s because anoxic encephalopathy pathophysiology the "determined men" who informally policed society in the past have traded their white hoods for red hats. Last night on the frigid streets of chicago they assaulted the actor jussie smollett, who is black and gay, shouting, "this is MAGA country!" they poured bleach over him, broke one of his ribs and put a rope around his neck. It might as well be 1930, or 1890. Kamala harris called it "a modern-day lynching," as if lynching belonged in the history books along with drawing and quartering. It has never gone away.

I wonder if it ever will. I wonder if someone will write a history of american vigilantism from judge lynch to the day it ended forever, or if, like america, this is a perpetual work in progress. For now, everyone should be required to read this dismal book, written with a dispassion I could never manage. Even people who will anoxic brain damage after cardiac arrest find in its pages only inspiration for their own crimes against humanity.

I’ve been waiting all day for the promised announcement, going back and forth from MSNBC to A face in the crowd, about a much more attractive, power-hungry populist. (if trump had a few baton twirlers like lee remick…) anyway, it seems we can all take a deep breath, especially the involuntary volunteers who have been keeping the lights on for a month and then heading to food banks and their new careers as uber drivers to survive. We applaud you, and we apologize for making you listen to the likes of lara (mrs. Eric) trump and anoxia meaning in hindi wilbur (secretary clueless) ross struggling with unfamiliar concepts like "mortgage payment," "utility bill" and "hunger."

In victory, magnanimity. The speaker and the leader (who’s your daddy, mitch?) have graciously acknowledged their first big win and expressed a hope that trump has "learned his lesson." if so, it’s the first thing he’s learned since "don’t rent to the coloreds" (fred trump, c. 1954). Anyway, donzo can head for the golf course while his friends safely land their private jets in atlanta for the big game between new england and whoever provides the token opposition this year.