Brain hypoxia symptoms and treatmenthealth of your head – anoxia meaning in hindi

Ivity, euphoria).

• frequency of breathing and palpitation.

• shortness of breath.

• failure to coordinate.

• pale skin, cyanosis or redness.

• cold sweat.

At the initial stage of the development of the disease, occurs in the excessive anxiety of the central nervous system , later its period of inhibition begins.

The following, the second stage is characterized by the following symptoms:

• dizziness.

• drowsiness.

• nausea.

• severe vomiting.

• darkening in the eyes.

• violations of the systems of organs.

• loss of consciousness.

Chronic hypoxia is accompanied by headache, ear tiredness, increased fatigue, morning sickness, abnormal memory and attention, cerebral edema, and organ failure.

In a severe form of illness, the condition of a coma or a fatal outcome is possible.Anoxia meaning in hindi causes of hypoxia

Depending on the causes, the state of oxygen deficiency in the brain is classified according to the etiology: exogenous, respiratory, tissue, circulatory, blood, transhipment.

Hypoxia leads to:

• lack of oxygen in the environment( when located in enclosed spaces, at an altitude).

• disturbed respiratory and respiratory function.

• certain cardiovascular diseases, followed by miscarriage.

• reduced oxygen in the blood( with anemia).

• excessive exercise.

• poisoning with carbon monoxide.

• diseases in which the work of muscles associated with breathing is disturbed.

• injuries and inflammatory processes of the central nervous system.

• abuse of alcohol.

The following factors may affect the development of the disease:

anoxia meaning in hindi

• elevated levels of airborne carbon dioxide.

• toxins in the environment.

• increased air temperature.

Treatment for

Patient can be treated at a hospital or at home – depending on the degree of the disease. When appointing a treatment, it is necessary to consider which causes contributed to the development of hypoxia. • in case of exogenous hypoxia, oxygen cylinders, masks, pillows are used.

• if the cause of hypoxia is respiratory disease, taking medications that restore the work of the respiratory system. Apply analeptics, vasodilators, antihypoxanes. In severe cases, the appointment of artificial ventilation of the lungs.

• in case of hypoxic conditions caused by poisoning, the patient is given antidotes.Anoxia meaning in hindi

• blood transfusions are used to treat blood hypoxia. After that, oxygen treatment is performed.

• cardiotropic drugs are used to improve microcirculation in cases where oxygen deficiency is caused by circulatory disturbances. In addition, surgical intervention( surgery on the heart or blood vessels) may be possible.

• to treat hypoxia caused by tissue impairment, drugs are used to restore the process of oxygen utilization by tissue.

Treatment of hypoxic conditions includes the use of the following drugs:

• means that restore and maintain energy metabolism in the body.

• medications that improve the flow of oxygen in tissues.

• drugs that activate detoxification and metabolic process.

Mandatory use of medications that restore brain tissue.Anoxia meaning in hindi if hypoxia occurs in the background of organ violations, the treatment is aimed at restoring their proper functioning.

In cases of acute oxygen deficiency in the brain, appoint antigipoksana( actovegin, amtisol, gutimin, inosin, mexidol, piracetam).

Chronic hypoxia can be treated with drugs based on plants that have antihypoxane action. They are good options for the treatment of children and the elderly. Such medicinal grasses include:

• ayr.

• astragalus.

• throat.

• burkun.

• oats

• ropes.

• field horsetail.

• lime.

• kalina.

• arnica mountain.

Doctors are obliged to recommend outdoor walks( in mild form), use of special vitamins, bed rest( in severe cases). Forecast

With mild hypoxia and timely initiated treatment of undesirable effects, it can be avoided.Anoxia meaning in hindi timely treatment is a guarantee of a favorable prognosis. There is a chance to restore broken functions and recovery.

But if in brain tissues oxygen deficiency for a long time, then there are irreversible consequences. The patient may lose important vital functions: breathing, sleep, reaction to the environment and others. As a rule, such patients will be locked into bed, and they will not live for long. In addition, there are other complications: sores, infectious pneumonia, clots in the veins.

At the first signs of hypoxia, you should immediately contact a hospital. Self-treatment can only worsen the situation.