Blood – definition, etymology and usage, examples and related words what is anoxic encephalopathy

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Dueling is legal in paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors

• blood A bloodthirsty or murderous disposition. He was a thing of blood , whose every motion

Was timed with dying cries.

• blood A man of fire or spirit; a fiery spark; a gay, showy man; a rake. Seest thou not . . . How giddily ‘a turns about all the hot bloods between fourteen and five and thirty? It was the morning costume of a dandy or blood .

• blood (stock breeding) descent from parents of recognized breed; excellence or purity of breed.

• blood descent; lineage; especially, honorable birth; the highest royal lineage.

Give us a prince of blood , a son of priam. I am a gentleman of blood and breeding.What is anoxic encephalopathy

• blood relationship by descent from a common ancestor; consanguinity; kinship. To share the blood of saxon royalty. A friend of our own blood .

• blood temper of mind; disposition; state of the passions; — as if the blood were the seat of emotions. When you perceive his blood inclined to mirth.

• blood the fleshy nature of man. Nor gives it satisfaction to our blood .

• blood the fluid which circulates in the principal vascular system of animals, carrying nourishment to all parts of the body, and bringing away waste products to be excreted. See under arterial.

• blood the juice of anything, especially if red. He washed . . . His clothes in the blood of grapes.

• blood the shedding of blood; the taking of life, murder; manslaughter; destruction.What is anoxic encephalopathy so wills the fierce, avenging sprite,

Till blood for blood atones.

• blood to bleed.

• blood to give (hounds or soldiers) a first taste or sight of blood, as in hunting or war. It was most important too that his troops should be blooded .

• blood to heat the blood of; to exasperate. The auxiliary forces of the french and english were much blooded one against another.

• blood to stain, smear or wet, with blood. Reach out their spears afar,

And blood their points.

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The water inside of a coconut is identical to human blood plasma. Many lives in third world countries have been saved from coconut water fed through an IV

• n blood the fluid which circulates in the arteries and veins.What is anoxic encephalopathy from it the solid tissues take their food and oxygen, and into it they discharge their waste products. The blood is red in vertebrates, except amphioxus, and colorless, red, bluish, greenish, or milky in other animals. In passing through the lungs (see circulation) it is oxygenated and gives up carbon dioxid; then, after passing through the heart, it is carried as arterial blood by the arteries to the tissues; from the tissues it is returned to the heart through the veins, deprived of its nutrient properties, as venous blood. The venous blood of the craniota is dark-red, the arterial bright-scarlet. The specific gravity of human blood in health is about 1.055. The blood consists of a fluid pale-yellow plasma and semi-solid corpuscles; the latter constitute between one third and one half of it; they are of two kinds, red and white.What is anoxic encephalopathy in a cubic millimeter of healthy human blood there are about 5,000,000 corpuscles, the red being to the white on the average about as 350 to 1. The red corpuscles are flat biconcave disks, non-nucleated and almost always round in mammals, and nucleated and almost always oval in other craniota. Their diameter averages in man about 7.5 micromillimeters ( inch), while in amphiuma tridactylum the longer diameter is 67.2 micromillimeters ( inch). Their color is due to hemoglobin, which constitutes about 90 per cent. Of their dried substance. The white corpuscles are nucleated, slightly larger than the red in man, and exhibit active amœboid movements. Animal blood is used in clarifying sugar, in making animal charcoal, as a manure, and in many other ways.What is anoxic encephalopathy

• n blood blood that is shed; bloodshed; slaughter; murder.

• n blood the responsibility or guilt of shedding the blood of others.

• n blood from being popularly regarded as the fluid in which more especially the life resides, as the seat of feelings, passions, hereditary qualities, etc., the word blood has come to be used typically, or with certain associated ideas, in a number of different ways. Thus— the vital principle; life.

• n blood fleshly nature; the carnal part of man, as opposed to the spiritual nature or divine life.

• n blood temper of mind; natural disposition; high spirit; mettle; passion; anger: in this sense often accompanied with cold or warm, or other qualifying word. Thus, to commit an act in cold blood is to do it deliberately and without sudden passion.What is anoxic encephalopathy hot or warm blood denotes a temper inflamed or irritated; to warm or heat the blood is to excite the passions.

• n blood A man of fire or spirit; a hot spark; a rake.

• n blood persons of any specified race, nationality, or family, considered collectively.

• n blood birth; extraction; parentage; breed; absolutely, high birth; good extraction: often qualified by such adjectives as good, base, etc.

• n blood one who inherits the blood of another; child; collectively, offspring; progeny.

• n blood relationship by descent from a common ancestor; consanguinity; lineage; kindred; family.

• n blood that which resembles blood; the juice of anything, especially if red: as, “the blood of grapes,” gen. Xlix. 11.What is anoxic encephalopathy

• n blood A disease in cattle.

• n blood A commercial name for red coral.

• n blood offspring; progeny; child or children: as, one’s own flesh and blood should be preferred to strangers.

• n blood to be put to death.

• blood to let blood from; bleed by opening a vein.

• blood to stain with blood.

• blood hence to give a taste of blood; inure to the sight of blood.

• blood to heat the blood of; excite; exasperate.

• blood to victimize; extract money from (a person); bleed.

• n blood in animal-breeding, and by analogy in plant-breeding, the peculiar character of an individual conceived as transmissible.

• blood in leather-coloring, to apply a coating of blood to, in order to obtain a good black.

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‘s blood, A person of colour, abdication, abdomen, aberration, abluent, ABO blood group system, ABO group, ABO system, aboriginal, abyssinian, aceldama, acetonemia, acetonæmia, acharnement, achromatous, acidemia, adonis, adust, adventitia, aerate, aeration, afferent, affinity, affluent, afflux, agglutinate, agglutination, agglutination test, agglutinin, agranulocytic, air, akin, albino, albumin, albuminosis, albuminuria, alkalemia, allantois, allelomorph, alum, ambulacrum, ammoniate, amphioxus, anaemia, anagoge, anastomose, anastomotic, anbury, anemia, anemic, aneurism, angiitis, angio-, angiography, angiology, angioma, angioneurosis, angiopathy, angioplasty, angiosarcoma, angiotomy, anhistous, ankylostomiasis, annelida, anoxemia, anoxemic, anoxæmia, antagonist, anthracic, antibody, anticoagulant, anticoagulation, antiphlogistic, antiplastic, antitoxin, antivenin, antler, anæmia, aorta, apheresis, aplasia, apnea, apoplexy, aquarian, arena, arteria, arterial, arterial blood, arterial blood vessel, arterialise, arterialization, arterialize, arteriosclerosis, arteriotomy, artery, asphyxia, aspirator, astringent, asystole, atheling, atheroma, atrioventricular valve, attainder, aura, auricle, aurora borealis, avascular, avenger, aves, azotemia, backstroke, backsword, bacterial, bacteriemia, ballistocardiograph, barber-surgeon, bask, bat, bebleed, beblood, beweltered, bilharzia, bioblast, biologic, biological, bioplast, bird, black, black pudding, black-and-blue, black-pudding, blackened, bleed, bleeder, bleeding, blood bank, blood blister, blood brother, blood clam, blood clotting, blood coagulation, blood count, blood crystal, blood group, blood plasma, blood platelet, blood pressure, blood profile, blood serum, blood transfusion, blood type, blood typing, blood vessel, blood-bespotted, blood-boltered, blood-bought, blood-filled, blood-frozen, blood-horse, blood-hot, blood-letting, blood-pudding, blood-red, blood-related, blood-relation, blood-sized, blood-spavin, 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respiration, cerebrovascular, cerise, chance-medley, chaud-medley, cherry, cherry-red, chevron bones, chiropractic, chlorocruorin, cholaemia, cholemia, cholæmaa, choroid plexus, chyle, chyluria, cinnabar græcorum, circulate, circulation, circulatory, claret, clopidogrel bisulfate, clot, clotting factor, clutter, coagulation, coagulation factor, coagulum, cocktail, cognate, cognation, cold blood, cold-blooded, cold-bloodedly, colored, colour, come, complete blood count, complicated fracture, concomitance, congenital afibrinogenemia, congest, congested, congestion, congestive, conk, connection, consanguine, consanguineal, consanguined, consanguineous, consanguinity, consubstantiation, consumption, contusion, coronary, coronary artery bypass graft, coronary bypass, coronary bypass surgery, coronary thrombosis, corpuscle, corruption of blood, cosinage, course, CPR, crasis, crassament, crassamentum, creole, crimson, cross, cruentate, cruor, cruorin, cruorine, crust, cup, cupping, curare, cyanopathy, cyanosed, cyanosis, cyclosis, cystoplast, cytoid, danewort, decarbonize, defibrinate, degree, demos, depletion, depurative, derive, descend, desmodont, determination, devon, diabetic retinopathy, diagnosis, diapedesis, diastolic pressure, differential blood count, diffusion, digest, digestion, diluent, discovery, disk, dorsal vessel, doxazosin, dracaena, dracina, draconian code, draconian laws, draconic, draconin, dragon tree, dragon’s blood, drink-offering, drip feed, dry blow, dry cupping, duke, dutch pink, dyscrasia, dysentery, ecchymose, ecchymosis, efferent, effusion, element, elutriate, embolism, embolus, embrew, emission, empyema, endostyle, endothelium, engorged, ensanguine, entry, epithelium, erectile, erectile tissue, erection, eric, erythroblastosis, erythroblastosis fetalis, erythrocyte, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, erythropoietic, escheat, ESR, euchymy, eupnæa, eustachian valve, evacuate, exchange transfusion, exsanguine, exsanguineous, exsanguinity, exsanguinous, exsanguious, extravasate, extravasation, factor I, factor III, faint, fainting, false vampire, familiarization, feel one’s pulse, fetal circulation, fetoscopy, fibrin, fibrin ferment, fibrination, fibrinogen, filaria, flooding, flow, flush, flushed, fmri, foetal circulation, foster, freeze-dried, full-blood, fume, functional magnetic resonance imaging, gastric lavage, gill, gland, globin, globulimeter, globulin, globuline, glucagon, glucohaemia, gnat, goel, gore, gory, granulocytic leukemia, great oblation, growth by apposition, grume, haemachrome, haemacyte, haemacytometer, haemadynamics, haemagglutinate, haemal, haemastatic, haemastatics, haematal, haematemesis, haematic, haematics, haematin, haematoblast, haematocele, haematocrit, haematocytopenia, haematogenic, haematoid, haematologist, haematology, haematopoietic, haematosis, haematozoa, haematuria, haemic, haemodialysis, haemoglobin, haemoglobinopathy, haemophilia, haemophthalmia, haemopoietic, haemoptysis, haemorrhage, haemorrhoids, haemostasia, haemostasis, half blood, have a touch of the tar-brush, haversian, headache, heart, heart-blood, hem-, hem-al, hemadynamics, hemadynamometer, hemagglutinate, hemal, hemastatics, hematal, hematemesis, hematic, hematin, hematocele, hematocrit, hematocytopenia, hematogenic, hematologist, hematology, hematolysis, hematoma, hematopoietic, hematuria, hemic, hemiptera, hemodialysis, hemoglobin, hemoglobinopathy, hemolysin, hemolytic, hemopoietic, hemoptysis, hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, hemosiderin, hemostasia, hemostasis, hemostatic, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, heterophil test, high constable of scotland, horse, hot-blooded, humectant, hyacinth, hydremia, hyperaemia, hyperemia, hyperinosis, hypertensive, hypervolaemia, hypervolemia, hypotensive, hypovolaemia, hypovolaemic, hypovolemia, hypovolemic, hæma-, hæmal, hæmato-, hæmatoblast, hæmatolysis, hæmatoplastic, hæmo-, immunity, impanation, in blood, inflammation, inheritance, internal respiration, 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phlebotomise, phlebotomize, phlebotomy, phlegm, plasm, plasma, plasmapheresis, platelet, plateletpheresis, plavix, plethora, poikilocyte, polycythemia, port-access coronary bypass surgery, portal circulation, portal vein, pressor, propinquity, proteid, pseudhæmal fluid, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, pulse, pulse-wave, purple, purpura, pyaemia, pyemia, pyrogen, pyæmia, quarter-bred, quintroon, real presence, red, red blood corpuscles, red-blooded, red-corpuscled, red-faced, red-wat-shod, red-water, reddened, reddish, reek, related, relation, relative, repleteness, repletion, respiration, rete, rh, rh factor, rh incompatibility, rh-negative, rh-positive, rhesus factor, ruby, ruby-red, ruddy, sacrifice, sang, sanglant, sanguicolous, sanguiferous, sanguification, sanguifluous, sanguify, sanguinaria, sanguinary, sanguine, sanguineless, sanguineous, sanguinolent, sanguisugent, sanguisugous, sanguivorous, sap, sapremia, sard, scalp, scarify, scarlet, secrete, secretion, sed rate, sedimentation rate, senegal, septicemia, septicæmia, seralbumin, serum, serum albumin, serum globulin, serum hepatitis, shed, shed blood, sheep-tick, sib, sibbe, sinus, sleuth-hound, spanæmia, spasm, sphygmomanometer, sphygmometer, spill, spleen, spodogenous, stanch, stasis, strangulate, strangulation, styptic, subpanation, surrogate, swoon, sympathetic, sympathetical, system, systole, tapeworm, tenaculum, testament, thane, thlipsis, thoroughbred, thrash, thrombectomy, thrombocyte, thrombocytopenia, thrombokinase, thrombolytic therapy, thrombopenia, thromboplastin, thrombosed, thrombosis, thrombus, tick, tie, to breathe a vein, tourniquet, toxaemia, toxemia, toxicaemia, toxicemia, toxæmia, trachea, transfuse, transfusion, transfusion reaction, transubstantiate, transubstantiation, trental, trichangia, trichina, unaerated, unbloody, unfleshed, universal donor, unoxygenated, unroyalist, uraemia, urea, urinaemia, urine, uzbeg, valve, valvular heart disease, vampire, vampire-bat, vampirism, vas, vascular, vasoconstrictive, vasoconstrictor, vasodentine, vasodilation, vasodilator, vasoformative, vasomotor, vein, vena, vendetta, venesection, venosity, venous blood vessel, venous sinus, venous thrombosis, vertebrata, vessel, warm-blooded, well-connected, wet cupping, white blood corpuscles, whole blood, yawning typos (*)