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A meta-analysis has been conducted of the effects of bicycle helmets on serious head injury and other injuries among crash involved cyclists. 179 effect estimates from 55 studies from 1989-2017 are included in the meta-analysis. The use of bicycle helmets was found to reduce head injury by 48%, serious head injury by 60%, traumatic brain injury by 53%, face injury by 23%, and the total number of killed or seriously injured cyclists by 34%. Bicycle helmets were not found to have any statistically significant effect on cervical spine injury. anoxic brain damage symptoms There is no indication that the results from bicycle helmet studies are affected by a lack of control for confounding variables, time trend bias or publication bias.

The results do not indicate that bicycle helmet effects are different between adult cyclists and children. Bicycle helmet effects may be somewhat larger when bicycle helmet wearing is mandatory than otherwise; however, helmet wearing rates were not found to be related to bicycle helmet effectiveness. anoxia symptoms It is also likely that bicycle helmets have larger effects among drunk cyclists than among sober cyclists, and larger effects in single bicycle crashes than in collisions with motor vehicles. In summary, the results suggest that wearing a helmet while cycling is highly recommendable, especially in situations with an increased risk of single bicycle crashes, such as on slippery or icy roads.

I was trying to look up some stats on the percentage of U.S. cycling deaths where the rider was wearing a helmet (or not), because I’ve come upon it before and know that it was 40% were and 60% weren’t. anxiety meaning in bengali If you ask me, a sometime helmet wearer, those numbers aren’t convincing enough to quite match the knowing absolutism attached to "always wear a helmet!!" especially when compared to the numbers you see when you, say, create dedicated or protected bike lanes.

But anyway I found something more concerning on the CDC website: "Males die 6 times more often and are injured 4 times more often on bicycles than females." I think it’s clear that the men on here need to send me their bikes. For your safety! For your families sakes! I’m going to call on my girls at WE Bike, Biking Betties, CycloFemmes, Black Girls Do Bike, etc. to join me in a safety campaign called "we’ll pedal that for you!" What do you think of the motto? Where do y’all want to meet up to give me your bikes? Can we start with the steel bikes? Guys, I just want you to know I care.

I have absolutely NO data whatsoever to back this up, but to ME, it seems my odds of crashing with no involvement by a motor-vehicle is MUCH greater than my crashing WITH motor vehicle involvement (of course, I do NOT live in a big city, so likely it’s apples and oranges). Yes there are occasionally vehicle/cyclist crashes around here every now and then, but I’d venture to say that someone goes down on a curve or pothole or slick spot/whatever around here at least a few times a week (I’ve personally been with a few of them). Been lucky enough to never seen/been involved w/ a car/bike crash (fingers crossed). anxiety attack treatment home remedies I do know bouncing my head off the pavement would likely really suck (I bounced my head pretty hard on the slopes snowboarding years back, quickly realized I SHOULD have had a helmet on…who thought snow could be so hard). One thing they taught in Motorcycle Safety that sticks is that for anybody who rides on 2 wheels, it’s not "if" but "when" you will go down. anoxic seizure symptoms And you won’t get to choose the moment, it will be chosen for you. I ride (both MTB and road) keeping that in mind.

Cyclists shaming other cyclists about helmet use is not helpful. I wear a helmet nearly 100% of the time, but also I race once or twice a week and ride fast on my commute. Its appropriate for me to wear a helmet because I like to get RAD on my way into work and hop curbs and potholes and get air off of speed bumps. The helmet is there to protect my head if I screw up and end up on the pavement, or fall in a road race where everyone is moving in the same direction, but its not going to save me in a head-on collision with a car (WHICH IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON ACCIDENTS).

So when I see some master’s racer chastising a young woman slowly cruising on a city bike for not wearing a helmet I tell them to shut their god damned mouths. Yeah man, you crashed once in some age-group road race and the helmet "saved your life" according to some non-existent forensic analysis. That has nothing to do with the risk factors of a person riding slowly near vehicles.

A 65 kg (around 140 lb) person traveling 7 m/s (~16 mph) has a kinetic energy of 1600 joules. nanoxia deep silence 4 mini Her energy from falling is around 1200 joules, if she falls while moving that speed the vector addition will result in an energy at impact between 1200 and 1600 depending on the incidence angle.

The helmet is there to help you in a fall. A car hitting you is orders of magnitude worse than a fall and your helmet is not saving you. Your only hope is that your other body parts take the hit from the car and you only dash your head against the asphalt, but you may be dead already.