Best of Winter Beauty! Style Your Senses anoxia

Good morning, friends! Fancy meeting you here after SUCH a long break. In fact, it may have been the longest break that I have ever taken from the blog! I’ve only written three posts here in the past 3 weeks and, oddly enough, I was totally okay with the silence. My brain is going anxiety depression meaning in hindi a million places a minute working on our new project and quite frankly I really haven’t been able to gather my thoughts enough to get excited about anything to share here. I try to follow the anxiety disorder icd 10 criteria rule of if I’m not SO excited to write a post and share something that I feel will make your life better or easier, then I just won’t share anything at all. That’s kind of where I was these past few weeks. Now don’t get me wrong—what we are working on behind the scenes has me the MOST excited, but I’m going to wait a few more days to start spilling the beans!

Stay tuned!

As I began thinking about what’s been top of mind for me lately, I got really excited to share my most recent and most adored beauty products with you! I’m not a beauty guru and I don’t try a TON of new things, but I do have a few new favorites (and some oldies, but goodies) that I thought were worthy to share in this winter beauty favorites roundup! Here are some products that I use nearly everyday and personally swear by! I hope that you enjoy and really brain anoxia signs and symptoms appreciate you coming back to hang out with me today!

If you follow along on stories you know two things 1.) that I use this palette DAILY 2.) that lawson mauled it to the point of no return. It says a LOT about how much I like it because I went out the next day and spent the money to buy anoxic tank retention time a new one. I do feel like it caters to brown, green, and hazel eyes and the shadows are super concentrated and last a long time. This one will be in my makeup bag for a long time!

I’ve raved about it before, but this dryer is a game changer. It eliminates the need for a round brush and really cuts down on drying time. Think of it like a poor man’s version of the dyson styler. I love it for day three or after workout hair too. I just spray some dry shampoo and run acute posthypoxic myoclonus treatment this bad boy over the rooms and–boom–I have volume and fresh hair!

This is a new addition to my skin care routine and WOW I really like it!! It’s a personal microdermibrasion tool that pretty much vacuums up your skin and sands off dead skin cells. I use it twice a week at night and it’s amazing what it does to help brighten skin and force a turnover of skin cells. It’s been especially amazing during the winter when my skin is a bit more dry than normal anoxia villosa. If you’ve been considering one it these—I absolutely love mine!

This one is so random, but I’m thrilled that I found it! It’s an exfoliating mitt that’s meant to help remove left over sunless tanner, but I use it to exfoliate my legs and arms weekly regardless of a tan. The texture anxieux is like sandpaper (which sounds grusome), but it works better than anything I’ve ever tried. Especially handy to slough off dry, ashy skin in the winter. Trust me on this one!

We got two of these for christmas and have loved sleeping on them. Silk pillow cases help to decrease wrinkles from sleep lines, reduce hair tangling and also not absorb your expensive facial products like cotton sheets do. I’ve been trying to sleep solely on my back (dan laughs at me), but sleeping on my back really has made a difference in how my skin looks when I wake up. I don’t have any lines or discoloration from sleeping and I think long term it will help to decrease the chances hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy nursing diagnosis of those annoying sleep line wrinkles. If you want a less expensive option that gets equally as good reviews, check THIS ONE out on amazon for under $25!

Speaking of silk for sleeping, another thing that I’ve been trying to avoid is sleeping with my hair in a true ponytail holder. My hair has been SO dry this winter and is pretty damaged on top of that, so I’m seeing tons of breakage. Sleeping with it in a bun on top of my head with these silk scrunchies has really helped to ease that and also hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy recovery doesn’t really leave any creasing lines, allowing me to wear it down again the next day without heat styling.