BAE 1073 vs. AMS Neve hypoxic brain damage after cardiac arrest

I’d be interested to hear fletcher’s take on the BAE 1073s. I use them all the time over at a studio in van nuys. Does hypoxic encephalopathy icd 10 it sound like a vintage 1073? Well, that’s subjective… First find me two vintage 1073s that sound exactly identical!!! To me they sounded a little cleaner than the old gear. Maybe there is slightly less noise? And they are a little more consistent than the old gear. When beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf I’ve used two BAE’s in a pair they sound pretty much identical to each other… So doing stereo recordings with them is cool. Sometimes I’ve had problems with vintage neve preamps in pairs because one will sound different than the other. But I guess the consistency would hold true with any of the clones, not just BAE.

I got to go over to their shop in sherman oaks and picked up a couple hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy emedicine of demo units. From what I was told, out of all the clones, BAE is the only one that has the exact same transformers as the originals. Actually they use all the same parts as the vintage units. Brent has been the "go to" guy for fixing vintage neve consoles around hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults radiology L.A for years. Over that time he’s built up an inventory of all the original parts for the neve preamps/eqs. So he just started building his own.

Yes, neve did in fact use daughter anxiety attack symptoms numbness boards in their 1073 modules. These "daughter" boards as you put it, do facilitate very quick repairs in the field, but they also can lead to problems when the connectors become dirty or the boards get loosened.The sub board design can be a nightmare when shipping modules across country, as they often get dislodged from their connectors.

It’s strange that you would post something like the above quote when you have posted in the past (several years ago in a thread on your own forum) that you chose our anoxic brain injury diagnosis X73 over a few different vintage neve 1073’s and 1084’s to eq a vocal because the X73 had more brain anoxia definition frequency choices on the high shelving than the 1073’s. To quote you….. “I was pleased.”. I guess you must have found at least one “redeeming quality” in our gear. You’re really not in bad company fletcher, there are many high profile recording engineers that find “redeeming qualities” in our gear.

I have offered on many occasions in the past the opportunity for you to do blind listening tests of our products in comparison with vintage neve 1073’s and AMS neve reissue 1073’s. I have nanoxia deep silence 120mm pwm offered to donate a thousand dollars to charity if you could consistently pick our modules out of a lineup of 1073’s (both vintage and AMS neve reissue) in blind listening tests in a neutral anoxic brain injury recovery rate studio with impartial parties attending.

The offer to conduct these blind listening tests is still good. I am open to suggestions on how to set up a test scenario where we could do both single track comparisons as well as multi track (as many tracks as practical) comparison tests. We can do these tests for charity benefit, as we have offered in the past, if you wish. I would like these tests to be about nanoxia deep silence 2 vs 3 vintech vs. Vintage neve and/or AMS neve 1073’s, not because I want to exclude other manufacturers, but because you have consistently singled out our company in discussions on this topic.