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ASTROSAGE QUIZ NO 10 WINNER – quiz 10 question:

Which event happened with the native (male) between 21-11-2013 to 10-12-2013? Explain with astrological reasons.

Best answer:

This time, 3 contestants gave answers according to the rules, but only one among them is to be given the honor of the best answer and this time the title for the best answer goes to dhirendra nath misra.


On december 4,2013 transit of planets is also very favourable to confer RSY upon native and as cluster of planets are forming many RSY in natal chart and as well as in navamasa chart.

From transit chart :

On december 4,2013 , 10th lord jupiter is in ascendant in gemini from where it is aspecting 9th house;9th lord saturn is aspecting 5th lord venus as saturn is deposited in 5th and 5th lord venus is deposited in 7th house.Anoxia at birth

Ninth lord saturn is aspected by 10th lord jupiter as it is deposited in ascendant.

11th lord mars is aspecting 10th house.Thus transit of cluster of planets is very favourable to native

From natal chart:

Atamakarak planet is mercury and amatyakarak planet is sun and along with venus both AK and AMK are deposited in 9th house.

Cluster of planets as sage parashar has delineated in BPHS point out many rsys in the natal chart as well as in navamsa chart of native and native seems destined to enjoy great raj samandh yog in life.

In the scheme of charkaraks atamakarak is most advanced planet in terms of degree in a chart and amatyakarak is the next most advanced planet .

In terms of political activities strong AMK indicates a minister to ruler and AMK should have connection with AK ,ascendant.Anoxia at birth


There is one thing also very remarkable rahu plays very important role when it becomes dispositer of planet (s) who are either promising many RSY or connected with planet through which many RSY are being formed .

It is also mentioned in BPHS that such a cluster of planets forming many RSY in a chart may not give a “rajya” yoga or government job to the native ,but can give association with “RAJYA”and maharishi parashar has grouped such combinations under a special category in the BPHS and he has named these combinations as “rajya sambandh yogas – RSY “ as referred above.

Applicable list of many RSY from BPHS are mentioned as below:

(1) chapter-rajyogadhyah:verse 1st – 9th lord SATURN is deposited in 5th house as EXALTED planet.Anoxia at birth

(2) chapter-rajyogadhyah:verse 21st and 23rd-these rules are satisfied as cluster of planets are forming many RSY i.E AK MERCURY and 5th lord VENUS are in 9th forming RSY.

(3) chapter-rajyogadhyah:verse verses 44 to 45 – all the benefic planets are either in kendra or in angular houses.

Besides above mentioned rules , special rules relating to many RSY are given in BPHS in verses 51 to 59.But here are relevant rules mentioned as below :

Sage parasara has mentioned a total fifteen rajya sambandha yogas, out of which four combinations involve amatyakaraka and are listed below:

If tenth lord is conjunct with, or receives an aspect from the dispositor of amatyakaraka, or even if tenth lord is conjunct with or receives an aspect from amatyakaraka himself, the native will be a chief in the king’s court.Anoxia at birth

1. Should amatyakaraka and the dispositor of atmakaraka be together, the native will be endowed with great intelligence and will be a king’s minister.

2. If atmakaraka is strong and is with a benefic or amatyakaraka is in its own house or in exaltation, one will surely become a king’s minister.

3. If atmakaraka or amatyakaraka is placed in an angle or in a trine, the native will beget royal mercy, royal patronage and happiness thereof.

In the present context, where ruling power is generally inherited through the democratic process of elections, parliament etc instead of the royal birth, it will be interesting to study how these yogas work.

On the basis of above mentioned rules it is clear that the 10th lord jupiter is aspected